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  1. Taxes should be distinguished from fees (duties), the collection of which is not gratuitous, but is a condition for certain actions to be taken with respect to their payers. I always have a consultant in Financial Services Act! I believe that a responsible approach is always necessary!
  2. I think that only those who do not have broad knowledge say so. If a person traveled, communicated with different people, saw their life, was on the same wavelength, then he would destroy all stereotypes in his head. I studied for a long time at Italian language school. We learned not only the language, but also lived as Italians. And I will say this, people are all different and all beautiful.🙂
  3. I never liked to spend a lot of time on the phone, the computer! But my work is all through social networks! I have completely transferred my store to Instagram on the online platform. It is good that there are completely autonomous services such as https://zen-promo.com/instagram_auto_direct_message . Launched the service and forgot. The high speed of action allows you to relax and not worry that you need to constantly monitor the work online!)
  4. When I saw my Madame in a dress and red hat, I immediately suggested getting married. The guys https://bstars.eu helped in the organization, and the smam cake was baked and everything around her was decorated with her favorite pink roses.
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