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  1. I didn't support any political group back then. I was in young and didn't care about such matters.
  2. I agree, impeach him - even though pence isn't much better.
  3. TDS in regards to my post of hitler trump comparison you were being sarcastic correct?

    1. TDS


      no. not at all. I do hitler/trump all the time.

    2. Demosthenes17


      ok just checking 

    3. TDS
  4. Because back then it was a different Clinton and he was not as just as Hilary. Plus there were more options to vote for.
  5. Be a chooser you cannot disagree with the general census of the topic of trump's stratagem is similar to those used by people such as Hitler and Stalin. He is using the Mexicans and all non-white christian people as the reason for the problems of the U.S, as both tyrants above did.
  6. I don't support a last name like Clinton. I support a person for who they are. I don't care about Hilary's family being political potent, I care about Hilary being good.
  7. lol he is just trying to get your post history, he did he tried to do the same thing to me
  8. The biggest reason I supported the Clintons now is because she was the only one who could beat trump
  9. I agree with politicians, and people in general, using past sins to deflect those sins they or someone they favor committed. It is basically trumps whole strategy in campaigning - insulting others when given a question or insult.
  10. I didn't support the Clintons back then. I only do so now because she seemed to be trump's political nemesis at the time of the election.
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