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  1. It is erroneous and meant to be an insult.
  2. So keep up the insults and watch them give way to facts and common sense.
  3. Right. Yea rah Trump. Pour on the vulgarity and insults, and listen to the mob's cheers (and hold the concrete ideas).
  4. Knock yourself out. Ideas have more power than mindless insults. At least, among those with enough intelligence and character that matters.
  5. Stinging intellectual rebuttal of the actual text. I guess I will have to save up my pennies so I can vote.
  6. No, Donald Trump probably never actually said that, but he might as well have. His tenure in office has been mostly self-serving. At the expense of career public servants. At the expense of American farmers. At the expense of an American ally, the Kurds. At the expense of national security, siphoning off Defense Department funding to fulfill a campaign promise, to build the Wall. At the expense of stability in the Middle East, with the cancellation of the Iran nuclear agreement. At the expense of trust and respect in America, among our allies as well as our adversaries in the world. And recently, Trump is trying to corrupt the Justice Department to exonerate a veteran political ally and friend, Roger Stone. All this and more, just to promote his own personal and political agendas. Trumpism is alive and well because his supporters live in an alternate universe in which black is white, night is day and 2 + 2 = 10. To Trump’s base, fiction is truth, facts imply ‘treason,’ conservative partisanship is somehow justified, morality is a dirty word and logic is a hopeless pipe dream. This is the diabolical state of mind of roughly forty percent of the American electorate. They are stubborn in their views and positions, and laugh at any rebuke or argument. So what is America these days? Is it still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Can the world still send us their tired, their poor, their huddled masses, yearning to be free? Or is America, thanks to Trump, now totally self-serving and locked into Trumpism? Is she immune and apathetic toward justice, real freedom, and the rights of everyone, not just one’s partisan clique? People that are weak-minded and ill-informed (i.e., Fox news, et al), desperate to be proved absolutely right in their beliefs, are vulnerable to the lies and rhetoric of demagogues, like Trump. He has been using their ideological sentiments and emotions to gain and maintain his political power. He just goes along with their state of mind and attaches his own agenda to that state of mind. He feeds their emotions, and they give him the country. Trump’s base seems oblivious to the dangers of authoritarianism. Millions of Americans have fought and died in efforts to contain and defeat dictatorships. Will his supporters actually hand their freedom, and that of the rest of America, over to a man like Trump? Do they know the meaning of a big word like Tyranny? Or are they content to exist in their intellectual coma, and pretend God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world? I mean, give me a break! And the Republicans in Congress, voting on Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. Except for one brave and honorable Senator Mitt Romney, those cowardly politicians were absent from the battlefield of American politics. In total retreat. After all, it’s only our county’s democracy and rule of law, right? Tyranny should not take root in any country, certainly not the United States of America. But it might.
  7. I wouldn't trade a few economic percentage points for Conservative tyranny. Trump is a power monger and he doesn't really care about your ass. As Patrick Henry said during the Revolution, give me liberty or give me death.
  8. Conservatives never acknowledge the 8-year recovery of our economy during Obama. Nor do they mention the obvious corruption of Trump and the Republican party (Mitt being the exception). All they do is throw verbiage at the issues hoping some of it will stick. The Right is wrong.
  9. If they can split the atom, there is probably a technology waiting for disposal with acceptable risk.
  10. Didn't know that about windmills. I could live with nuclear.
  11. This Christmas day brought a strong message for our President Trump. With temperatures in the 50's in our great country, God is providing us with a clear agenda: Build more windmills! Global warming is real! So what if the machines cause a few cancer deaths here and there. It’s better than the slow demise of the entire human race! OMG!!!
  12. I think you're missing the big picture. Trumpism is now a conservative compulsion. Authoritarian compulsion. He acted unilaterally and independently to betray our Kudish allies. Authoritarian abuse of power. Politicalization of the Cabinet. Authoritarian corruption. Deregulation favors big business. Authoritarian economy. A few hundred miles of land shifted to the states pales in comparison to the implications of Trump's authoritarian ambitions.
  13. That's gored. I have sampled Fox News on occasion, and I am appalled a at their right-wing prejudice and bias. No regard for the truth. It might just as well be called 'conservative porn..' Just what rednecks like to hear, diverted toward Trump partisan support.
  14. Typical conservative vulgarity. You have a mental problem, Taipan. You think life's issues have been resolved, by you. Everyone just needs to get on board with your ideology and agenda, and everything will be okay. Think again, you pin-headed bigot.
  15. I'm a liberal. When their was a wave of accusations in the recent Me Too movement, I in no way condoned harassment by liberal figures. They were wrong. They needed to be dealt with decisively.
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