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  1. If they can split the atom, there is probably a technology waiting for disposal with acceptable risk.
  2. Didn't know that about windmills. I could live with nuclear.
  3. This Christmas day brought a strong message for our President Trump. With temperatures in the 50's in our great country, God is providing us with a clear agenda: Build more windmills! Global warming is real! So what if the machines cause a few cancer deaths here and there. It’s better than the slow demise of the entire human race! OMG!!!
  4. I think you're missing the big picture. Trumpism is now a conservative compulsion. Authoritarian compulsion. He acted unilaterally and independently to betray our Kudish allies. Authoritarian abuse of power. Politicalization of the Cabinet. Authoritarian corruption. Deregulation favors big business. Authoritarian economy. A few hundred miles of land shifted to the states pales in comparison to the implications of Trump's authoritarian ambitions.
  5. That's gored. I have sampled Fox News on occasion, and I am appalled a at their right-wing prejudice and bias. No regard for the truth. It might just as well be called 'conservative porn..' Just what rednecks like to hear, diverted toward Trump partisan support.
  6. Typical conservative vulgarity. You have a mental problem, Taipan. You think life's issues have been resolved, by you. Everyone just needs to get on board with your ideology and agenda, and everything will be okay. Think again, you pin-headed bigot.
  7. I'm a liberal. When their was a wave of accusations in the recent Me Too movement, I in no way condoned harassment by liberal figures. They were wrong. They needed to be dealt with decisively.
  8. Fox News has been know to lie and spin for Trump and conservative agendas. Get real.
  9. Actually, it's the conservatives who are the traitors. They value partisanship over patriotism. Trump over truth. BETRAYAL of American allies, the Kurds, for Trump's selfish political gain. No morals. No pride. No patriotism. Just zombie partisan thinking. Sad.
  10. Drunkeness is no more virtuous than drug use or smoking. It's typical of conservative thinking to think so, however. A social meme that is inane and destructive of so many lives. Grow up, Taipan. Give up the liquid candy that only fools worship.
  11. Joe and Hunter Biden are used in a desperate ploy to give ammo to the Trump 2020 campaign. The 'scandal' has been thoroughly debunked, except by Trump and Fox News. The Republicans are grasping at straws. And the need to. Poll numbers are murder for conservatives, at present.
  12. No one who is 'brainwashed' knows it, or let alone cares. No one is a non-psychological mentality. Some more logical than others. But give up on mindsets that set in stone. However, it seems that conservatives are more likely to be biased, rigid mindsets than others.
  13. Total, blind bias toward conservative objectives, regardless of fact or reason. Too many are fixated from the beginning on, "I want this and that." No regard for honesty or fairness. Total reactionary mindset. The conservatives are what is wrong with the U.S., why division is a political fact of life. Liberals just want people to face facts and swallow partisan pride if the situation calls for it. But conservatives say "No way" to even the most rational approaches to solving our nation's problems. Just ideology. Just conservative partisanship. Just Trump.
  14. Thanks, I guess that addresses my confusion.
  15. Pseudo-intellectualism, I'm afraid. Disjointed terms and concepts. Basic incoherence. Sorry.
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