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  1. Bias and aggressive attitudes are not necessarily based on high intellectual effort. Give Biden a chance. Shooting first and a patting one’s self on the back might be considered rash.
  2. Jumping on one economic detail to the exclusion of everything else. Biden’s bills logically address the pressing issues of the times. They would create jobs and deal with related issues, like child care and paid family leave. Its tempting to not see the forest for the trees when you’re defending partisanship, like Trumpism.
  3. Vulgar assertions and accusations, fortunately, don’t rule the Universe. Apparently, conservatives feel at home with foul language, as if it has a validating or truth-making effect. Of course, it does’t. It just spares them the toil of thinking and expressing ideas in an intelligent way.
  4. Biden inherited the Pandemic and the economic mess with it. I cringed at the Kabul disaster, but Trump was somewhat complicit because of his work on the matter. Trump’s economics we’re beginning to pan out, but mostly for the wealthy and large corporations. Biden’s economics are more inclusive and address aspects of America’s issues that go beyond a narrow tax cut for the wealthy. I look for a gradual ease of our economic burdens as the Infrastructure bill and Build Back Better plan take effect. More jobs, parents returning to work, etc.
  5. Should have put “mental infirmity” in quotes.
  6. MSNBC masters? I’m just addicted to solutions, facts and reason vs. Trump’s four years of blowhard nonsense and lies. Bleach, hydrochloriquine, the Pandemic will end by Easter, corrupt power grabs after the 2020 election, etc.
  7. Trump canceled medical supply measures to stockpile the country’s low supply.
  8. The Defense Production Act. Producing more PPEs and tests. Biden did so shortly after taking office.
  9. No one should be walking around unvaccinated. Whether it’s illegals or citizens, the end result is more disease and deaths.
  10. I’m suspicious of your decision to focus on illegals as a detriment. What about Trump supporters who refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated?
  11. COVID happened on Trump’s watch, and he largely mishandled it. The U.S. had one of the highest infection rates in the world, and Trump denied responsibility for it.
  12. Whatever MSNBC or CNN reports, it is done with objectivity and intellectual honesty. Fox News, however, panders to conservative partisans. They are more entrainment than reporting.
  13. Obama Care worked for millions of Americans. Mitch and the Republicans went into obstruction mode after that. I suspect their motive for block Dem agenda is not to give liberals a record of success and therefore popularity and winning elections.
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