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  1. I remember trying to ride a bike,but the prostate full pressure being to much.Would have to empty prostate,before I could ride. that's when I still had a prostate. had it removed 3 years ago,with Devinci Robotic Surgery.
  2. The real rise of the left was FDR being elected in 1932
  3. I stated facts,one glance you see he is fat.All the people who worked for him said he was dumb. His daily schedule shows he is lazy!
  4. I'm talking about Trump,and you keep making assumptions about a total stranger. that's call Trump deflection syndrome
  5. Would you walk around with your nose and sinuses full of snot? or would you blow your nose? same applies to your prostate,clean that baby out!Often! your prostate will thank you!
  6. Probably some truth in that,my view is you keep getting sent back to live another life here,till you get it right!
  7. Many on here claim Nazis are leftist. but yet they show up and support Trump at rallies. the photos posted here clearly show that!
  8. Tiger Balm works for me,in taking away the pain
  9. Once you hit middle age,it really helps the prostate to be clean out often!
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