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  1. @blue devil and squatchman.... So y'all like glocks, huh? More than a sig?
  2. Actually vote drone it's the R team giving things away..... to foreign countries at that. And then there's sellin national monuments and federal land to cronies for pennies on the dollar.... Which team does that again? I think there needs to be a sub forum here for Jr. Vote drones. That way y'all can cheer your favorite teams without being bothered by things like reality.
  3. Quit listening to AM radio. Thanks to George Bush Sr. & Bill Clinton administrations. We were in the black. We even had a budget surplus at the end of Clinton's term. Then came Iraqistan. Then obamacare but after that stimulus Obama did in 2008 It worked to knock down the deficit again to where if that dumbfuck didn't pull that garbage with that very unneeded tax cut, we'd a been in the black again. You have no idea how bad that fucked this country cause they won't tell you. You wanna believe that nonsense R team propaganda, then go ahead. And Like I asked before. How is giving the rich a stupidly huge tax break and making up for the lost revenue by borrowing from foreign banks being conservative OR patriotic? That sounds more like selling us down the river to me. How about you? Or since the R team does that shit does that make it OK for you? And when you cut funding to things that are supposed to help the people, yet increase funding (with that borrowed money) to things that control us, how does that count as limiting government and promoting individual freedoms? You know, those other two things the R team lies about being for?
  4. I'll stick with a revolver. Murphy likes to hang around me too much.
  5. Sarah Palin. Can't say that I like her politics, but I like how she's got thick skin. I like how when she knew her last kid was gonna have Down's Syndrome, she didn't get an abortion. She puts her family before anything. I also like that she was open minded to sleep with a black guy and doesn't really hide it. Doesn't really brag about it either. He was a Houston Rocket basket ball player. I wonder how many R teamers would drop her in the grease if they knew that?
  6. Then Why did they run their own candidate? He was on the ballot. Are you a libertarian or not? Wanna get biblical with this? OK there's a verse in the book of Revelations to watch out for the people with no souls and false prophets.... That's Trump and company.
  7. Yeah. I need three.... one for a handicapped guy. And the ticket can be anywhere. One for the current Governor. One for the Lt. Governor. And one for the AG. And Again. I thought you said you were a libertarian, why are you droning for the R team?
  8. Before the pandemic hit, 70% of people on some sort of government assistance were FULL TIME EMPLOYED. Which means we were helping to pay for these employees because of low ball employers. I wouldn't work for those lowballers. I'd rather just rob them instead or use the job as a front and get their kids strung out on dope. I mean they exploit people, why not return the favor? I thought you said you were a libertarian? Why the fuck would you want to support the R team? They suck just as bad, if not worse than the other team. Still at a loss as to how giving the rich a stupid tax break and making up for the revenue loss by borrowing from foreign banks is fiscally conservative, much less patriotic. We had a chance to balance the budget when Trump took office. What did that dumbfuck do? What's the deficit up to now? Fuck the R team. And being from Texas, I think it's high time we get rid of the Texas Taliban here. They suck so bad, I'd vote for that AOC clown before I'd vote for those scumbags. And on a national level? I really don't like the idea of those goofball conspiracy nuts running (ruining) things.
  9. Hey. It's real nice you know Trump is a dumbfuck, But shouldn't we be focusing on how fucking retarded the current clown is?
  10. I came to this site looking for like minded individuals that identified as liberal or progressive. Most of them are having a hard time wrapping their head around the fact that I'm a RIGHT WING liberal (not libertarian). It doesn't fit in with the narratives the two teams pimp out. Would you consider Communist China as being liberal? They're worse than evangelicals when it comes to dictating morality. But I found a guy running for congress that has the same thoughts You and I do about this crap. Funny thing is he's an LOC liberal. There's a real simple way to get rid of this problem before it's too late. It involves redrawing ALL the districts and extreme campaigning reforms. Our districts here in Texas are so gerrymandered It looks like some idiot on LSD tried to make a jigsaw puzzle. We want the districts to be grid like as possible and based on geographic factors as opposed to demographic ones. We want to limit campaign contributions to where the candidates can only get their funding from supporters inside the district or state(senators) they are seeking office for. Let that sink in for a minute. There would not be any more candidates spending more money campaigning than what they'll make if elected. You'd still have parties and still have special interests and lobbyists, only they will be severely limited in scope and influence. I think he realizes the D team is gonna be on board with this as much as the R team will. But with the R team redrawing the districts to limit our election choices even further, I don't think he'll make the ballot anyways.
  11. I turned down a job offer cause of people like that. The place was full of paranoid anti-vaxxers addicted to AM radio and conspiracy theories. During the course of the interview - after being temp checked and given a mask and all that BS, I stated I got the Vaccine. The guy doing the interview went off about the vaccines because of - "you know what THEY say" Garbage. I would like to know who the hell THEY are. I'm sorry but I know a little about magnets. They don't make one powerful enough to stick a stainless steel fork on your arm that's small enough to fit in a syringe. These idiots should've known that too. And the guy was a little older than me. He had to have seen Uri Geller (fake psychic) do the same trick in the 70's. Besides. If they did have some sort of high powered microscopic magnet, how would it go through the syringe? It would stick to the side of the needle! Like I said. I don't care if you get the vaccine or not. But I ain't gonna live under a rock just cause you won't. And I damned sure won't wear a mask in 100° + temps when I know I don't have to.
  12. Uhh it's more like SEVERAL groups of elites, fighting against each other Trumpkins and Bidenettes are just two factions. And you're right. they HATE the system. Best to play the motherfuckers against each other. Which is why I can't stand these goofy gerrymandered districts. If you wanna know the truth, Biden strings the progressives along like what Trump did with the evangelicals. And yeah... they ADD pork. It's how their team gets everyone on the same page. I didn't say it was OK. Only that it wasn't socialist. The R team is concessions and earmarks. Oh and getting back on Topic. What has Biden done that's "GOOD"? I don't know how to make the cricket sound with my keyboard.
  13. Biden bumblefucked the Afghanistan withdrawal.... yep No argument there. The dude's a moron. Biden has more COVID deaths WITH vaccines than Trump did without them.... Uhh you can't blame or credit either one of those dumbfucks for that. You can thank those goofy assed anti-vaxxers texting each other about tracking chips for that. Biden is trying to usher in Socialism under the guise of "infrastructure"......?????? how's that? And try to answer that with real facts and not conspiracy theories. If you're talking about all the pork the D team adds to bills, well that's just how they do their shit. They been doing that since before the dixiecrats switched parties and actually before there was even a concept of socialism. How is grabbing a piece of the pie socialist anyway? That's straight up capitalism. Biden is an installed puppet with dementia that does what he is told...... See. It's garbage like this that kills the credibility of the R team. All that deep state nonsense and George Soros and whatever conspiracy theory that loser that lives in his mom's basement called Q comes up with.
  14. Yeah? Maybe for him. But for the rest of us it's just one asshole replacing the other. What happened to legalizing weed?
  15. Saw it. Yeah. To me, it's like a cross between the running man and Big Brother. We liked it. Beats DWTS.
  16. I dunno. I look at this from two points of view. I agree with whiteboy, Somebody messes with you, mess with them right back. And if screwing with them back makes you money like this dude? well then it's all good. I mean if some dumbass fucked with me, it justifies whatever I want to do in retaliation. And that should be for everybody. And seeing that you can't really pistol whip a corporation, then sue the hell out them.
  17. So are you telling me if they make some sort of gun control, it's gonna stop you from having one? The way I see it, it just limits THEM from having one..... Is that such a bad thing? LOLOLOL
  18. I read some magazine article about them. They experimented with several calibers. I think they did a 9mm prototype too. I just remember the .30.06. It had a more straight butt and from the photo, looked to be as long as a BAR. I wonder what they were thinking.
  19. And as long as we keep giving that idiot attention, he will. I think we need to focus on the current dumbass. Does him being a Chinese puppet somehow make him better? Until we get rid of the team sport mentality and stop being vote drones, we'll be stuck with dipshits like Trump and Biden. Oh well. Don't blame me. I voted for Kanye.
  20. Right now, the current clown has managed to lie as much as the last idiot. What I like about the current asshole is this recent purchase of surveillance drones from China. You know, I used to say that we need to replace all our politicians with illegal aliens. I'm beginning to think that really might not be such a bad idea.
  21. You know, the funny thing about Israel and Iran Is how many Jewish folks work for Iran and how many Muslims Work for Israel. Nobody talks about this. I guess if more people found out, it would mess with everyone's little narratives.
  22. Whatever dude. You gotta take any pro or anti-weed "findings" with a grain of salt. It's all biased and slanted. The best one is the old John Hopkins garbage. It got the goody two shoes into a reefer madness mentality.... Til it got pulled apart. Yeah it's their bullshit that taught me that you can manipulate data to get what you want. Or in their case the clowns that funded the research. All I know is thank God the government dumbfucks created the war on drugs. I didn't do too bad with it. ;)
  23. Yeah it is. Both teams are screwing us over. And until the people stop being vote drones, it ain't gonna stop.
  24. Smaller? I hope it's the same with mine. Mine's a lawsuit guitar. I really should measure them. I can make another pickguard pretty easily. Have access to laminated plastics and a laser cutter.
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