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  1. Mostly peaceful protest? Tearing up shit, macing cops idiots in wannabe tactical gear, and not just that "martyr" Babbitt getting capped but another woman betting stomped to death by fellow vote drones chanting stop the steal, Kill Pelosi and hang Pence? Man, I'd hate to see what you consider a violent protest to be. Oh and the insurgency/sedition charges not being filed.... The for reason for that is so damned simple. To charge one person with that, much less 600 or so would be a huge amount of time and money. You'd have to determine who was actually committing the act versus who was just a brainwashed dumb ass and it would drag out forever. In most cases it would be like chargin a car with DWI instead of the driver. And unlike those morons rioting in Atlanta and what not, these fuck ups were deliberately trying to alter the course of a legitimate election. (I dare one of y'all herd animals to play the big lie on me) The way the R team tries to downplay this and how their herd of drones just nod along to whatever they say to downplay this is the reason I'll probably never vote for an R teamer again. Yall want me to fact check that nonsense about Trump offering to send 10k guards into DC? I can. Remember Fellow R teamer McCarthy begging Trump to do just that during the "mostly peaceful protest"? And what happened when the little bitch called Trump up? Huh? "It was a mostly peaceful protest with a few violent protestors. " If there was a contest for the most retarded comment, you'd be in the finals for getting one.
  2. Man.you are one serious vote drone, huh? Makes me wonder if you don't have some sort of Asperger's hard on for the R team.
  3. I like guitar porn myself.... but seriously. There's been all sorts of police, school teachers, preachers and Just about any other occupation you can think of getting into this crap. Years ago, back in the dial-up days, before there was google. I was looking up artwork on Japanese monster robots for a project. I would just go to someone's page Look at what they had. They usually had some sort of link to other peoples' web pages. I didn't have a clue what the links actually said cause everything was in that Japanese text characters. So I was just hitting random links go to another page, click another blind link there and so on. Everything was cool then I hit this one page. It was taking all day to load and it started playing a midi of a David Bowie song While it was slowly loading up went to go get something while it was loading. Came back and the page was full of photos of these little girls that were half naked and tied up. I freaked out and went into panic mode.. thinking that interpol and the FBI was gonna bust my door down at any second. I learned about how to wipe the C drive that day. Well I went to a LEO chat room and told them about it, hoping maybe they could launch some sort of investigation on whoever this pervert was. And just like calling 911 ln real life, they told me there wasn't anything they could do about it. This was before the Deep web. This was just straight up clicking links that were out in the open. They said the problem was decency laws vary from country to country. I know Japan gets into freaky shit, but this was fucked up. I wish I knew more about copying and pasting links back then cause I'm petty sure this was illegal there too. I dunno. Dirty pictures is one thing, this shit with kids is another.
  4. Ahem.... Oh you said "most" What about Benson? Is he a liberal or just really REALLY hates Trump? Doesn't he (the op) know he can post on the other side of the fence without worrying about y'all R teamers? They let me, but I think I scare them more than y'all do. Right wing liberal.... we're few and far between. When I meet another one, I don't know whether to give them a hug or whip out a sword and say, "There can be only one!". I dunno... it's more fun on this side of the fence. They're still stuck on outdated concepts and stereotypes. They can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that not every R team vote drones is a Bible thumping white nationalist or whatever.
  5. Nah he ain't a libertarian. I got that when he kept going on and on and on about supporting the R team. A libertarian wouldn't support the R team, much less populist/nationalist ideologies. I don't think he knows what true libertarianism actually is. Much less realizes there are both Right wing and left wing libertarians. Or even their stance on gay marriage, abortion and open borders. Hint - it makes AOC look like an R teamer. He's just another vote drone but obviously for the R team. Oh and contrary to D team propaganda and folks like this ojete, Not all Trumpkins are Racists. I live in vato land. It was a 50/50 split here between that scumbag and the other one. At least three of the Jan.6 rioters were Black and I don't know how many were Hispanic and Asian.
  6. Hmmm.... "A conspiracy theory would be an idea that the GMO injection was formulated by space aliens on a space ship and you have zero paperwork to support the idea." Oh. OK. I get it sorta like believing that zinc, quinine, vitamin C, vitamin D, ivermectin, ,cause of some self styled expert off the internet. You forgot the malaria medicine. None of those has been proven effective. But ilke I said, you wanna believe that, then be my guest. I don't rust anybody's stats. I know of twenty people that got it. out of those twenty, eight have died. All different ages. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-age.html Why is my CDC stats different than yours?
  7. Yeah... I thought that was a state thing.... maybe under threat of withholding federal highway funds, but I don't honestly know.
  8. LOL At the risk of sounding like some idiot that wants to see junkees behind the wheel..... Ever hear of a DOT physical? That's a federal mandate. "Also, most who believe that a cake decorator should be able to choose the cakes in which he wants to decorate would also say that a business could keep un-vaccinated people out of their business." Not where I'm from. I've asked that to my co-worker conspiracy nuts. LOL their responses usually involved a lot of stuttering followed by asking me if I'm a "dimocrat". The funny thing about vote drones. You give them a question that they haven't been told how to answer, then depending on the team that runs them, you're either a librul or a fascist. They never guess anti-social bastard.
  9. Country clubs.... Don't know, don't care. All I know about are bike clubs. Its segregated and not segregated at the same time. I bet the caddies and whatnot make a bundle selling them dope.
  10. Nah.. I think it's more like vote getter politics. Both teams pull that crap all the time. Useless feel good laws and politics that tries to convince the drones that they are actually doing something. It won't get anywhere. And I doubt it's intended to either. It's like those abortion laws and those stupid forensic audits, they know they'll get shot down, but their herd thinks they're actually doing something other than wasting every ones' time and tax dollars. All I know if blocking the screening that would happen with the mandate or even without one is because it infringes on personal choice, then shouldn't we scrap drug testing? You know for those people that make the personal choice to be a heroin addict. I see a lot of double talk and hypocrisy coming from both sides on this issue. Like why is OK for a cake decorator to refuse to make a gay wedding cake, yet not be ok for them to keep unvaccinated people out of their businesses and vice versa? Or like those people that wanna defund the cops, yet go straight to 911 when they have a problem with somebody.
  11. You know if covid was along the lines of polio or I dunno... The Black Plaque, then mandate away. but it's not. I was vaccine hesitant. When I noticed nobody was dying off from getting the vaccine, but people I knew were dying from the covid, I got the vaccine. I got the Johnson and johnson one so if it was to get in my eyes, it wouldn't burn. Like I said before. I don't know who is more retarded when it comes to covid. The conspiracy nuts and their nonsense or the chicken littles and theirs. I think people should get the vaccine, but that's not my choice to make for anyone. And some folks out there? I don't think they should be allowed to get one. I have a friend in Australia. In Australia, they do the vaccines differently. You have to schedule an actual doctor's appointment. Not zip thru a stadium parking lot like how we got ours. He wants to get the vaccine, but he can't. Know why? Cause those goofy assed anti-vaxxers call up all the clinics and book appointments to bog everything down. What's the latest conspiracy theory on the vaccines now? Growing a second head? Demonic possession? I just wanna know one thing.... When those anti vaxxers start off with their crap, they almost always start off with, "I dunno. You know they say...". Who the hell is They? I've asked them. Most don't know.. Or they mumble off about some self styled internet expert. If they're really retarded, they ask if I'm some sort of democrat and avoid the subject altogether. Yeah. Not really a big fan of empathy. More of a crash and burn type. You refuse the vaccine, get the virus and die? Oh well. Sucks to be you. I'm not gonna twist your arm to get one. Believe what you want. But I'd advise to not listen to "they". "They" don't give a fuck about you either.
  12. I dunno. You sound like pretty little homo to me boy. Y'all know Mirabeau is cajun for takes it up the ass, right?. Don't you boy? Is that why you have a thing about the brothers, boy? I just hope you dan't start cutting yourself or some other weird assed shit.
  13. I like both of them knuckleheads. Oh well.... I wondered what that hell section was for
  14. Damn! You vote drones will politicize anything, Huh herd animals? Nah you vote drones wouldn't do a damned thing if this happened in front of you. You'd be too busy trying to determine who the people vote for. Wanna know what I woulda done? Yeah. Me too. I know I wouldn't be recording it on my phone though.
  15. My problem with this is he was just a kid. A not very bright one at that. Who gave this kid a gun? Who let this kid go out of state? These protesters and counter protesters at these things are usually from out of state. I think the correct term for them is Agitator. Not protester/counter protester. What's really sad about this is nobody seems to care about what the protest was supposed to be about. To them it was a chance to screw shit up, A fashion statement. Or a photo-op. Now Rittenhouse is gonna have to live with that no matter what his legal outcome is. And the people that helped put him in that position get to walk away scot-free.
  16. You know since joining this forum, I am beginning to thing Trump isn't so much some sort of politician as he is a phallic symbol.
  17. Hey. I bet if we get in good with that clown, he can set us up with a vacation deal in Cancun. Man, that clown sucks. Too bad the D team is stuck on that idiot Beto. If they'd pimp out anybody else, that Canadian scumbag would be toast. I still can't get over how that spineless little queer let Trump totally dis his dad and his wife, yet turn around and kiss his orange ass. If that had been me in that debate or any other self respecting Texan, I'd a racked up another assault charge. He's a big pussy.
  18. I know several people like that. What was it? Crappy plea deal or crappy lawyer? or both? Please tell me they didn't use a public defender.
  19. Hmmmm...... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/10/18/fact-check-california-cargo-backlog-not-due-trucking-regulations/8456582002/
  20. Off topic, but I have one a the best lawyers in the world..... And I pay for it. Thanks to him I learned it doesn't really matter if you're guilty or innocent. All the system cares about is the money. You know that story about how incarcerated inmates all claim to be innocent? LOL half of them probably are. They took a bad deal. Having a good attorney is better than having a gun.
  21. They wasn't worried about nukes. They were worried about chemical weapons. Particularly mustard gas and phosgene. The scary thing is, there might actually still be chemical weapons laying around over there. Maybe not. Probably not. But we'll never know for sure.
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