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  1. These damned Trump Drones and their fucked up nonsense. Using a little common sense, you can easily disprove every conspiracy theory they claim. But it don't do any good. You burn their one theory down, instead of catching their snap, they just flock to another stupid theory. They are so brainwashed they can't even imagine the concept that TRUMP LOST. There is quite simply no realistic way the D team could have stolen the election. Especially when nobody even knew Georgia and Arizona would turn into swing states a couple of weeks before the election. And just how do you coordinate thousands of people on a dime and still have all those people keep quiet about it? Y'all can keep arguing with these herd animals if you like, but may as well argue with a brick wall.
  2. Ehhh... I'm tired of fire arms. I don't care for bullet hoses - so called assault style rifles. I don't care if anybody else wants one. I just don't have the need. They are fun to shoot and all, just not my thing. And I'm sorry but if I remember right the original Garand - sucked. The damned thing was a bitch to load. Weird clip. I was told the later models fixed that problem. And the older one is more valuable! I almost bought it anyways cause It's a Garand! I have a broom handle. It's 100 years old this year. I haven't fired it 20. Aside from a few differences, like caliber and loading it really ain't that different than a Sig or a colt or a whatever. I dunno.... It's 2021. Isn't it time we moved on? I would like to see more advancements in air powered arms. Wouldn't you love hunting geese with a rail gun with smart rounds?
  3. There isn't any "muslim state" And Israel is going to be linked up with the Saudis, Moroccans and Jordanians. Nobody likes the Iranians. And everybody is burnt out on Palestine. It doesn't help that Official Palestinian stubbornness and corruption is a big part of the internal and regional problems these countries are having either.
  4. I've met quite a few Jewish folks. They're good people. My only real complaint about Judaism is pickled herring. I don't have a problem with Israel being a country and I don't have a problem with helping them out. I just tired of how it seems their government just takes us for granted. And I have noticed that Jewish folks think that way too. So there's no anti-semitism from me. I just wanna have a little more accountability.
  5. LOL you fall for that garbage too. Know how many Muslims are in the IDF? How many Palestinian CHRISTIANS killed by IDF? Know how many Jews are in positions of power in the Iranian Government? How come they never tell us about that? You didn't know that, huh? Most people don't. They think it's all poor little Israel surrounded by blood thirsty islamofascists. They are encouraged to think that way. That Crusader crap is propagated for a variety of reasons. Mostly to justify us blowing our tax dollars on that tourist trap. And of course suckering in people that all this is fulfilling some sort of Biblical prophesy.
  6. Yeah. I kinda lean that way too. I do wonder why there's a billion dollar price tag on this dome. When we first bought it for them it only cost 250 million. And that was only about 12 years ago. I get tired of when Israel shows up with a blank check and if we don't sign it fast enough we're somehow anti-semitic. We REALLY ought to itemize every last little thing they want. We do more for them than we do our own citizens. But this isn't really about that. It's about AOC putting career before so called principles. But then again, hanging out with a bald chick and a couple a muslim girls only gets you so far.
  7. Hmmmmm..... so you're saying she's like the Donald Trump of Millenials? Know who she reminds me of? Rand Paul. Like that dickhead, she comes across as an idealist being all for the constituents, but at the end of the day just another career scumbag selling out for the party.
  8. LOLOLOL Of course they want that. And things like these so-called voter reform laws cropping up by GOP state legislatures will ultimately play into that for them if the democrats overcome the obstacles put up against them in statewide elections. Go to California. Mass. and New York. R teamers don't get very far in those places, huh? You seriously think it's cause those places are just that overflowing with democrats? No. It's similar to here in Texas. Only its rigged for the D team.
  9. Yeah. Republicans are nazis. Everyone knows that. And democrats are communists. Who doesn't know these things? Almost as dumb as saying the water is wet. Y'all know what a libertarian really is? They're a republican that smokes pot! Do y'all know what a Green is? Those are democrats that don't take baths!
  10. Did these people pay cyber ninjas to audit their post election results too?
  11. Texas R teamers.... We have a problem with the D team here. They don't seem to understand this is Texas. So we're stuck with Abbott, Patrick and Paxton. Yeah. I don't know why the R team is wasting time trying to put up restrictions and gerrymander districts here. They don't need to. The D team just can't seem to get it together anyways Everyone and their sister here wants to see McConaughey run. Even Republicans! And who are the Democrats wanting to back? Why the tried and failed Beto O'Roarke! His little remark about grabbing guns may not have been taken seriously elsewhere, but here? He'd a been better off exposing himself at rallies. He'll be lucky to get Humane officer for Austin after saying that.
  12. May wanna rephrase that.... They're trying to get I.D. of everyone that voted and who they voted for. Which is actually scarier than personal info. You can get that with a simple donation box at a convenience store counter. The drones for the R team need to wake the hell up on this. This crap doesn't benefit them at all. It only benefits the party. When a party becomes the only game in town, who is the candidate gonna be more loyal to? The voters that don't really have a choice? Or the party and its donors that DO have a choice?
  13. Hey vote drones! Did y'all know that going out and getting the vaccine drastically INCREASES your chances of getting involved in an auto-pedestrian accident as opposed to sitting on the couch, scrolling through anti-vaxxing stories? Why ain't THEY telling us about this? Sure. THEY go on and on in the fake news about illegal aliens hanging out under bridges and designer dogs being left in hot cars. But not that statistic. Why is that? What is it about auto-pedestrian accidents and the vaccine that THEY are hiding from us? WHERE IS THE TRUTH?
  14. They were supposed to be releasing documents back in August.... I think I read that article you're posting about. I also think that these cyber ninja morons and the clowns that hired them should face some sort of punishment for their stupidity. They should get hit hard for whatever they didn't do as agreed upon. Send them a bill for compromising the voting machines.... Allow citizens to sue them for invasion of privacy... Anything anybody can think of. These clowns need to made an example of. Or else we'll be seeing this nonsense just about every election where the losing candidate is a sore loser. You know, I think I agree with the R team and it's concerns about election integrity. After all the crap they pulled with this audit and are trying to pull with voting restrictions elsewhere, I don't think I'll ever fully trust an election again. Especially ones that they win. And if the R team keeps pulling this crap and allowed to get away with it, I think the D team won't be far behind.
  15. oops... yeah. LOL that would explain somethings when I googled parts for it..
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