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  1. My reply had nothing to with the content. Once again, content had nothing to do with my reply. Why do you insist on repeating yourself in the same reply? Your mother wanted me to show the forum some support. Take it up with her. Seems like you have a vocabulary problem. Compare-estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between . Seems like this place wants to pick and choose what applies to the first ammendment and what dosen't. .When in preschool, do as the school preschoolers do. My bad.... I don't know. Look how the teacher took a simple reply out of context and got his blood pressure up. O'my, really? What are you twelve?
  2. Most Bad worded up thing I have seen in a good while. I only watched segements to be able too compare this shooting to a majoirty of the U.s shootings. Dave is a sick Bad worder.
  3. Your link proves global warming is occurring. If we do nothing to curve the steady tempature rise and it keeps rising. Wjat is going to happen to us?
  4. One main problem is that we are using a nineteenth century enery source is the twenty first century. I have already stated two other reasons. ? When the public receives daily notices pertaining to air quality there should be a cause for concern from all of us.What is your excuse for not having concern or seeing the problem?
  5. The article is from 2013 as well that pew sited is from 2016. This is a link to page four of the pew study i sited. It is a page about social engagement. http://www.journalism.org/2016/07/07/social-engagement/
  6. Since you did not read through all ten pages of the pew study here is a link. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2013/03/18/pew-study-finds-msnbc-the-most-opinionated-cable-news-channel-by-far/amp/
  7. O-well, I watch all the major shill networks from time to time. To be honest a pew report found Fox to be the most accurate news network http://www.journalism.org/2016/07/07/loyalty-and-source-attention/
  8. I seen this talking point somewhere. Maybe the oan network...
  9. In his perpective, No, I would not give up one of the few things keeping my country from being invaded. If I woke up a Kim Jung Uh I would make plans to free my people from the tyrranical rule over them.
  10. Do you mean cwd? "Chronic wasting disease" It has hit deer populations in several counties around me. A deer spreads the disease by urininating on the soil around bedding spots and the other deer get around the contaminated soil becoming infected. What is going to have too happen since cwd is spreading so fast around here. Wildlife management is going to have to caputre a number of uninfected deer and pen them up until the epdimic is over.
  11. I was a kid when mad cow was going around. If I recall correctly they were feeding the the live stock dead cows . .
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