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  1. My reply had nothing to with the content. Once again, content had nothing to do with my reply. Why do you insist on repeating yourself in the same reply? Your mother wanted me to show the forum some support. Take it up with her. Seems like you have a vocabulary problem. Compare-estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between . Seems like this place wants to pick and choose what applies to the first ammendment and what dosen't. .When in preschool, do as the school preschoolers do. My bad.... I don't know. Look how the teacher took a simple reply out of context and got his blood pressure up. O'my, really? What are you twelve?
  2. Most Bad worded up thing I have seen in a good while. I only watched segements to be able too compare this shooting to a majoirty of the U.s shootings. Dave is a sick Bad worder.
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