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  1. I think it is very dangerous that we can talk to ourselves and walk around like basket people and mumble teacher.. 1 user per ip is very important This proves it amigo
  2. 1. captcha befoe sending confirmation email.. muy importante 2. limit one user per ip address ( so no one can'open 100 accounts at once) look man.. I just expose the vulnerabilities.. I do not take advantage of them and I have no revenge to score with anyone stop fighting yourself.. take the blue pill You know I have other ideas on how to attract folks.. and not Duck615's and J Turds.. you really need to clean the place up dude
  3. LOL.. Now that he is born again I believe him Trump loved his scumbagginess for a decade The Great Fake Scumbagius Orange Turdamus is really really bad for America.. If there was a way to fire him he would have been gone a long time ago Rippy.. He doesn;t trust our governments intelligence.. only he knows what is right.. and everybody knows it is wrong
  4. Why North America has been blessed with that blue spot for two years is strange to me.. Perhaps our lower emissions keep us cooler?? This is last ,month.. this month should be released..well damn.. it is on the cuspo of the month.. Feb 1 won't be released until March 15 Actually Jan should be appearing.. guess the shutwon has impacted the analysis and reporting This a fun link if you explore the search capabilities.. can't wait to compare winter of 78 with 18.. I bet the Cheseapeake is freezing over https://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/maps/
  5. Unity?? Is that the new Trump brand of vomit bags and other eldercare products?? Made for a woman.. but a 400 lb hacker fits too.. at the same time
  6. You goona make me put my headphones on?? It is quiet here right now..
  7. be done with it you outed me dude.. take it down.. you are drunk cmon man.. I am not trying to win or lose.. just playing the game you can't stop china from blowing up your server if they want.. I am chicken shyt to what could happen
  8. And is kiiling Americans at a much faster rate than illegal immigrants Warmth is coming to your neighborhood for the superbowl!!! Largest swings in temp in a longtime about to occur Did you hear there was a tornado in Cuba?? First in long long time
  9. It is called each living creature must negotiate existence.. Some are better than others.. Yes Sole.. Reality is for sale to dumbfolks who think they can buy it, Joel Osteen makes a killing
  10. Investment clue: sustainable materials.. check out Sunstrand LLC.. bet they will get an ipo soon hemp got me interested.. but it turns out flax is a faster growing biomass and we use it already
  11. I agree with that.. We used to cosume 25% of the worlds harvested resources.. 300 million out of 5 Billion folks I have always been of the opinion that Americas are wasteful and obnoxious gluttons There is a limited supply of prposperity and horders serve no purpose Any way.. our downward movement is inevitable.. We have held ourselves up on a pedastel for a century at least
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