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  1. It's obvious that many replying to this thread haven't read the article that was posted. Nor do they realize they are doing the exact same things that the article points out. Case in point. People ranting about Venezuela's economy while ignoring similar plights in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador who all have people who are suffering but without crippling US sanctions effecting those economies. The fixation on Venezuela is completely hypocritical and driven by the intent to gain access to Venezuelan oil. And unfortunately many conservatives AND Democrats have bought into it hook, line, and sinker....
  2. Some people understand the difference between a Democratic Socialist and a socialist. Others obviously can't manage to comprehend the difference.....
  3. Yes. Bolton made it perfectly clear that US oil companies will get to produce Venezuela's oil once the regime change is done. Venezuela was producing it just fine without America. It's the severe sanctions that are crippling the country.
  4. The Trump administration is putting Elliott Abrams who plead guilty to lying to congress during Iran Contra scandal in charge of our efforts to bring Democracy to Venezuela
  5. Amazon walked away from $3 billion in tax incentives. Their employees and the rest of NYC tax payers would be the ones picking up that tab. Google is also building a campus in New York that will create thousands of jobs. They aren't asking for tax incentives they don't need like Amazon. It's pretty obvious which deal is better for the citizens of New York.
  6. Did you forget Bush left this country in the beginning of one of the greatest recessions in US history? The US was losing over a half million jobs per month the last 4 month Bush was in office. Million lost their homes and jobs. That's the mess Obama had to deal with coming into office. And Obama chose not to HIDE the costs of war like Bush:
  7. Everyone knows this is about the oil. Bolton already let the cat out of the bag: Meanwhile the US Envoy to Venezuela who is suppose to bringing aid and democracy to the country is none other than Elliot Abrams of Iran Contra fame
  8. One can make their case with fact and figures from well vetted sources based on the context that exists. While some facts may be open to interpretation such as who one considers wealthy, the math behind behind the facts remains less open to interpretation. When many sources across a variety of societal backgrounds provides similar results for the mathematics claimed it gives greater validity to the statement made. While perpetual change exists and modifies context, context in the here and now in and of itself is not without merit. Adding historical empirical findings adds to the validity of this context. Based on the context given and the case made for said context the statements made do echo the ripples that emanate throughout the here and now and most likely the future state of things should all empirical evidence remain constant.
  9. Actually there is empirical evidence that has been included that backs up exactly what has been stated but your concerns are duly noted.
  10. Another thing I try to remind people is that the tax cuts that help the middle class the most expire in 2025 but the tax cuts for corporations don't expire:
  11. Always good to keep people informed. Those refunds are what happens when tax payers thought they got a big tax cut but it was smoke and mirrors....
  12. With tax returns down an average of 17% I'm sure plenty will be waking up.
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