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  1. So you just want to abandon giving Businesses EIN's?? Just fuhgedabout taxes and revenue from business being created bigsky.. they are saying the recovery form the shutdown is going to be very hard and could take months.. or even years in some functions.. (You must be glad about that.. think of all the spending we are saving.. meanwhile nobody has been watching the mainframe for a month.. except China and Russia perhaps) Maybe they sell powdered anarchy at walmart now.
  2. Let us not forget that Ann Coulter said Donald is the wimpiest President ever and his mushroom dick is a small mouthful
  3. The email and text evidence laid out in excruciating detail in the indictment is not open to interpretation. Just one example: On the very day that Stone testified that he had never sent or received emails or text messages from Credico, the two men had exchanged more than 30 text messages. Good luck spinning that. LMAO who is Credico?? Most folks are like "Who is Roger Stone?"
  4. Hey Pheonix.. can you slip Roger a mickey so he forgets to plead the fifth?? Let's get Chongo STONED!!! It would be fun.. we could LOL
  5. both of them Heather Heir has no regrets now.. her Mom does That guy was so afraid of liberal mental disorder he tried to run over it with his car.. James Fields of Dreams of penis in my azz
  6. Some of the folks in Charlottsville were good people.. Maybe like two of them
  7. some of those people in Charottesville were good people.. Most people know most of them do not reflect the real America gotta go get high
  8. aren't pretzels jewish?? Elton Johnson won't eat them.. unless they are made out of Borscht time for some cannabis
  9. You don't see an avalanche happening P?
  10. it must be temporary We need to photoshop it with something else.. Like a mushroom cloud
  11. as long as they are Trump supporters.. Please enjoy the kool aid
  12. The shutdown is going to affect millions of Americans for months.. and we could be back in the same place in three weeks
  13. Racism has resurged under Trump.. It is sad I love all the passengers on the spaceship
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