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  1. Not only is he no friend of Trump, he hates Trump and everything he stands for. So this statement shocked me and is in stark contrast to cuomo's attitude right now with everyone, including Trump trying to come to his rescue. He will be the one to be held responsible for New York, not Trump. That is why he is trying to shift blame now to Trump because he knows he is the one that refused to prepare for this day. Too bad, people know the truth.
  2. Has china got it under control, dumbhead? I'm sure if they say they do, you will believe every word they tell you. Good comrade for china.
  3. They don't care that much. All they care is that this coronavirus is so bad or looks so bad that they think they can use it against Trump in the elections, or sooner in a repeat of the impeachment1 hearings train wreck, and now addy shiffty wants impeachment2 hearings about how Trump has been negligent with the virus situation. How bout that in the middle of the greatest crises in America in the last 50 years. Got to give them credit for fearless, shittllesss, brainless efforts to get rid of Trump. All they will do is get rid of themselves as people realize how obnoxious they are, even their own conservative party members who are walking away.
  4. cuomo is in control of the information that goes out about New York. Are we sure he is not doing what the chinese did and is manipulating the number that died, to make it look worse?
  5. Where was addy shiffty, head of the house intelligence (oxymoron) committee? The intelligence community was picking up vibes of the virus in December. I am sure addy shiffty and his committee were given information. When has he ever done anything about the virus? Oh, I'm sorry since it came from china, and the whole house is in bed with china, I would not expect anyone in the house to be useful except to scam America first which they did. Now addy shiffty is doing something about the virus, he is going back to some beginning point and putting information together to show that Trump was negligent and is going to use that information for impeachement 2. How bout that. In the middle of the biggest crises that has hit America in the last 100 years, your adddy shiffty is more interested in gathering information to get rid of the sitting president, rather than use his intelligence committee to gather information about how to help Trump and America to get rid of the coronavirus. What a man, what a dem party. They are pathetic.
  6. Notice is took the dems until 3/7 before they figured that there was something wrong, and then drafted their bill that scammed America first. What a joke.
  7. I have seen the true timeline. The timeline that Trump was working on the virus problem while the dems were busy trying to impeach him. Get the true timeline dumbhead.
  8. Has any one told you that your words are very closely associated with the picture you portray yourself as. It is so funny, thank you for being here.
  9. Alex Jones does not have a major talk show on any of the networks, like liar maddow. Jones has a podcast that he produced on his own, he is not a major main stream media talk show host. So no comparison.
  10. I would not take that bet. She has been the stupidest show host of all of them. Her TDS is unmanageable, she needs to just quit.
  11. Why don't you take a time out? This may baffle you, but I believe what you are saying is true. Every atom and it's parts (the atom is not the smallest thing in existence) has intelligence. The atoms that make up a rock, and the atoms that make up a human brain, all have intelligence. There are levels of intelligence, hence the level of an atom in a rock has less intelligence than an atom in a tree or grass, that has less intelligence than atoms in a human brain. OK, I know it is far fetched so don't unload on me. God is the most intelligent of us all, hence he is omniscience, omnipotent, etc., etc., etc., and can organize, and manipulate the atoms throughout the universe and they obey Him, as the One having the most intelligence, and uses that intelligence for the highest good throughout the universe. So if God wants to create another earth, he organizes the elements (atoms) that make up the core of the earth and those elements that go on top of the earth all the way up to his highest creation, the human man and woman, who have intelligence's far superior than a rock or tree or a deer. But God is the highest of all.
  12. I will continue to pray also, me and my family for everyone, even sick dems.
  13. Wow, you are going back to this topic? Trump and his family were in business to build major hotels and golf courses. They got loans from many sources, even in Germany. That is not going to be his undoing, even if he fudged his underlying assets a bit. Won't hurt him. Go on to another topic that could hurt him. Oh, can't find one, then stop so you stop looking stupid, and your TDS takes its toll on you.
  14. Worry about the deficit, ask nan pelosa about that with all her money grabs for elite projects in the time of an emergency? Please ask nan about the deficit?
  15. What would you do shitttthead, if you were president now?
  16. No my dear, polusa screwed the impeachment scam so bad that Trumps ratings all went up. It is polusa that is crying herself to sleep because of the state of her dem monstrosity party. That is the reason she had a tuck on her face.
  17. Go incognito as a conservative and try to hold a rally on the campus somewhere. The same places that young democrats hold their rallies. See how for you get before stones are thrown, and you are ushered off the campus. Good luck, farthead.
  18. Screw you, go see what kind of free speech people have at 80% of our colleges. The founders would be astounded and probably bring arms and take over the school, dismiss all teachers and administrators and students and either level the place or start over again.
  19. I have now read your diatribe of godless rubbish. YOu are a shittttheaddd of a person, just know it. This man has as much right to free speech as you have, so zip it. Finally, the reason that Trump had him on TV is to announce that his company is going to retool to do precious masks for our coronavirus problem. YOU FORGOT TO SAY THIS, WITH ALL YOUR GODLESS RAMPAGE. DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT THIS MAN AND HIS COMPANY ARE TRYING TO HELP IN A TIME OF NEED? OR ARE YOU JUST STUPID. How could you rampage about his faith in God, and not recognize he is helping the people of the United States to make masks for hospitals etc. What a low life you are. Your TDS is showing in a real shittty way. Buck up and get a conscience.
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