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  1. Can you imagine where this country would be right now if hillarious was in the WH? I shudder. I shudder to think what will happen if joey bider gets in. What a painful day that will be, but alas, I do not believe that can happen. So I can still breath at least today.
  2. So I haven't read the transcript. Did Flynn have an extensive discussion about the sanctions?
  3. At least one penalty she is paying is having to live every second of her shiittty life remembering that she lost to Donald Trump in the elections of 2016 which she thought she should hae won 100 to 0. She has headaches and stomach aches every minute over that fateful day. She is also the butt of thousands of jokes every day. Her own party hates her guts for losing to such a loser. So in some ways she is paying a penalty.
  4. You will find that Trumps genius response to the virus against all advise from everyone, saved this nation from millions dying. If hillarious clit would have been president the borders would still be open and no drug available like HC which has saved thousands of lives. We would be comletely shut down and no sign of opening soon. IOW complete economic catastrophe. Believe me, you should be on you knees to thank God He has Trump as His president of the United States, or the United States would be another Venezuela by now. BTW, the first amendment does not allow you to burn, and break and enter, and steal, and murder, and cause all manor of chaos. Does it?
  5. I won't forget it, but if the fbi says Flynn did something wrong in Turkey, I would not believe it at this point. Was Flynn actually taking money from Turkey? Do you have to register as an agent for Turkey if you are friends with an agent in Turkey and talk to him once in a while? Was he giving advise and was he an agent for Turkey and should be registered as such? Was he taking money after Trump chose him as his NSA? Lot of questions that need to be answered. Could be a complete smear tactic by fbi and doj? Here is what I say too: If he is guilty of being a paid agent and should have been registered as an agent for Turkey and did not do things right, he should be paid back the money he lost on the fraudulent case, and then go after him for Turkey wrong doing. If that means he goes to jail, he goes to jail. But I do understand that 3/4 of Washington swamp is agents for other countries that are not registered either. So if you prosecute Flynn, you better prosecute the Padesta brothers, and 3/4 of Washington for doing the same thing.
  6. Since you don't seem to want to respond to a simple question, let me ask another one: I also saw on "Witch Hunt" that Flynn's useless lawyer, Powell, brought so many questions to the case, that Barr at the doj decided to bring in a special propsecutor to review the file. It is because of this independent review that Barr decided to drop the case against Flynn. Is that correct?
  7. OK dipwad, I heard on Fox news that in Flynn's case the doj has filed a petition to the court to dismiss the charges on Flynn. Is this correct?
  8. What your supervision? You can't even look at the mountain of exculpatory evidence for Flynn and against the fbi and come up with a sound decision. Your TDS gets in the way, so you are no person anyone should ask about anything Flynn. Nobody. You would have had him sent to jail, and on the way shot for trying too escape.
  9. Per the prosecution, it is off the table. The doj and the defendant have agreed to withdraw the plea. The judge is trying his best to continue even though he has no plea, except the old one that is now off the table. He will get hammered and let go and then go to dog catcher bench to judge the best wash jobs for dogs.
  10. Oh, BTW, I did watch "Which Hunt" the very first time last Sunday. It was the best. You should watch it more often to see what Fynn's useless attorney is doing now to get a higher court to come down on a lower court and take the case up the latter and then get it dismissed. Great show. Oh, and yes, the plea is off the table. Now the judge has to decide how to wrap up the case.
  11. Are you deaf, dumb, and blind. It is because of the mountains of evidence against the fbi, that the plea is being withdrawn. The last hurdle is the tainted judge who does not want to give up because if he does he will look real, real, real bad, and will probably be sent down to judging things like should a person be charged for not washing their dog enough.
  12. The problem for slim is he does not understand that the plea has been terminated by the very folks that thumbscrewed his fingernails to get it. The plea is gone now. Sorry, no more plea.
  13. and If I had to respond to RichClem, I would have done a little finding facts out about what power the judge still has left, and presented that instead of going to name calling. The judge may have some trick up his pantleg, but I think he is running low. He only has another 6 days to tell the circuit court just what the hell he is doing. That report will be interesting to here what the judge says. I hope this man gets impeached or removed in some way, I think he is a menace to socieity to have that much power and be willing to screw with people this way.
  14. You mean the same justice dep. keystone cops that used the dirty dossier to go after Trump and russian collusion? Those guys? And exactly how did these good doj lawyers secure the guilty plea? Did they threaten Flynn that if he turned over dirt on Trump they would allow him to plead to a lesser plea of lying to the fbi, and go to prison for a few months. If he didn't turn over the dirt on Trump they were going to bury him in many ways, and put him in jail for a long time, then go after his children and drag them through a long process that would bankrupt them etc., etc., etc. Are these good cops the guys you are talking about? What a wonderful Amercan justice story.

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