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  1. If the debate is an indication, Trump will win the election handily if bloomburp is the dems candidate.
  2. You have to always remember that it was obama and biden that cozied up to putin. Remember when obama said, tell your boss putin that I will be able to work with him closer now that the elections are over. Tell him to look forward to being able to invade the ukraine and take 1/3 of the country. and tell him to look forward to taking Malta and crmeia area so he can get a seaport for his nuclear navy. And tell him he is soooooo welcome. Remember this conversation shiiiiittttrag, or do you forget this love affair?
  3. Good question, what should brennan do? A mental midget like brennan will not know what to do becuase bernie is on his side? So no brennan will do nothing to him. But the interference continues bernie.
  4. Did brennan give any particulars about the crises? Did he give evidence that there was even a crises? Or did he do what most dems do, cry wolf for the 500th time since Trump got elected? Go away Brennan.
  5. No shiiiiitttttt sherlock. That's all obama did in 2012 against Romney, a few points here and a few points there and we could have been saying President Romney.
  6. Both are going to bankrupt the country. But the dems will do it by 2030, and the Republicans would do it by 2050. That is the only difference. If Trump had his way, he would have already had a balanced budget, but he is pressured every time money comes up with the closure of the government, so he is forced by the dems to give up on his balanced budget. and so the deficit continues unabated. Some day the dems will have to come to grips with the deficit. Probably around 2030 when it is too late.
  7. I can't believe I am going to agree with you. But I agree with you.
  8. Sure, if that was Trump, you would be yelling like a banshee wolf in heat. You are so stupid. If the candidate is not healthy we need to know? Don't you think so, or are you a bernie boy and don't want people to know he has a large heart and it may not take the pressure of the campaign?
  9. Did the butthead let Trump know that there was going to be a briefing of congress? Did the butthead tell Trump what evidence was being presented of russian interference? Probably not so he got his butt shiiiiit canned. YOu would do the same thing. Bernie has denied it and you are all ok with that, but let Trump deny it and you don/t believe it, why not. Nobody has investigated bernie, but the whole national security forces of every dept in the gov. has investigated TRump and come up with nothing. So tell what evidence they have that russia is helping bernie and Trump? If you can't articulate the evidence, then just shut you mouth.
  10. You always resort to this rhetoric when you are put in a perfect corner and you are so dumb you cannot come up with any other response than this. Guess neoConvict is right. Sander is being backed by russia. Hell that is no surprise, he is a full on communist with love ties to his mother country russia. Wow, what a problem for you dems. Right?
  11. Yeah, letfwinger, what do you say about this russian interference? Talk it up if the nation is in such danger.
  12. After that debate, I would start practicing on different kinds of projectiles if I were a nutwack dem.
  13. Any body in the WH saying that Trump is putting our nation in danger is talking smack, just ask booby and addy shhiffty. No crimes from any of them, no collusion from any of them. So who do you talk to for your keystone cop information, dummy.
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