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  1. Well, you have made that very obvious, ShootingBlanks.
  2. We all already know what you are full of, ConWanker, no need to shout it out.
  3. Telling us what you like to sniff just confirms your reputation as a perverted imbecile, NeoNazi.
  4. Yup! Human caused, CO2 driven global warming and its consequent climate changes and disruptions are very definitely scientifically confirmed FACTS. Stop being a clueless retard, ShootingBlanks.....oh, right.....you can't. Too bad you are such a thoroughly duped imbecile.
  5. Nope! Repeating your insane conspiracy theories, NeoNazi, won't make them any less insane. The real "death cult" right now is your own little fossil fuel industry sponsored (for their own financial benefit) cult of denial of the scientifically confirmed reality of human caused global warming and its consequent climate changes......which is slowing, perhaps fatally, the effective actions needed to reduce the world's carbon emissions. You and your mindless cohorts who dance to the Koch brothers tune are evil idiots who will be partly responsible for the death of billions of people from starvation, lack of clean water, climate change refugee pressure, and wars over dwindling resources.
  6. And here comes the NeoNazi with another super crackpot conspiracy theory, full of lies and misinformation. None of his idiotic blather has anything to do with the actual need to drastically reduce human carbon dioxide emissions, which is sometimes referred to as reducing humanity's carbon emissions footprint to pre-industrial levels. No scientist or world leader has EVER said that this would require "the reduction of the human population to pre industrial levels". This is another denier cult fear mongering LIE. What is actually going to reduce human population, and probably quite drastically too, are the long term effects of the almost inevitable high end global warming (7 - 10 degrees in the tropics) and the massive climate changes and disruptions and sea level increases that mankind has already set in motion with our still accelerating carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Unless the world gets it together soon to deal effectively with this crisis, we are in for a long and very rough ride to a ruined planet, dead oceans, and massive and perhaps total extinction die-offs of almost all species, perhaps including our own.
  7. So, the JerkOff comes along and imagines that he will "debunk" a science article from the LiveScience website on the disruption of the Polar Vortex and its effect on our weather this winter, by setting the scientists straight on everything by using what he remembers from an old 1990s science class and imagining that he is way smarter than everybody else. LOL. Another tragic victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and general rightwingnut insanity. He is actually so clueless about science that he thinks science is political, a common rightwingnut delusion, because actual science so often debunks their ignorant belief systems, like the false belief in the existence of "different races and the inherent inferiority of other races" or "the universe was created 6000 years ago". In this case, he is too ignorant and confused to understand the fact that the 'jet stream' and the 'polar vortex' are NOT the same thing, and so he instead cherishes another crackpot conspiracy theory to the effect that his political opponents just relabeled the Jet Stream as the Polar Vortex. - "the jet stream that we all have known about before some Progs started calling it the 'polack vortex'" - This is in spite of the fact that he chose to quote part of the article I posted with a diagram of the northern hemisphere clearly showing the Polar Vortex and the Jet Stream as being two separate events, happening in different places and behaving differently. And thus he demonstrates his denier cult idiocy. Here are some excerpts from an article published by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, titled: Why the Polar Vortex Keeps Breaking out of the Arctic UCAR L.S. Gardiner December 9, 2016 Although those of us who live in locations like the United States and Europe rarely hear about it unless it’s heading our way, the polar vortex is around all year long. It’s an area of cold air with low atmospheric pressure over the Arctic. As with all areas with low pressure in the northern hemisphere, the winds of the polar vortex swirl counterclockwise and inward towards the North Pole. Around its outer fringes is the polar jet stream, a fast-flowing current of air that circles the Earth between the Arctic and the mid-latitudes. Typically, a large difference in temperature between the air of the polar vortex and the air in the mid-latitudes drives the polar jet stream. However, the Arctic is warming faster than other areas of the planet, which makes the difference in temperature less distinct. This causes the polar jet stream to meander north and south instead of making a beeline around the planet. The meandering causes the cold air of the polar vortex to wobble, and, like a toupee that goes askew, it can slip south off of the Arctic over the United States, Europe, or Asia. As meteorologist Marshall Shepherd noted in Forbes, "Ironically and counterintuitive to many, the strong polar vortex can be linked, in part, to warmer temperatures." Dark purple arrows indicate the direction of rotation of the polar vortex in the Arctic. The light purple indicates the location of the polar jet stream during a time when meanders form and the cold, Arctic air (white) dips down to the mid-latitudes. Credit: L.S. Gardiner/UCAR
  8. And another deeply confused, brainwashed and bamboozled stooge of the fossil fuel industry spews another of the denier cult's favorite myths......explain away all of the evidence and the scientific affirmation for AGW/CC with an extremely demented and very crackpot conspiracy theory. This has a big appeal for small, ignorant and frightened minds.
  9. Another moronic denier, Sockpuppet'scellmate, is so ignorantly stupid that he imagines that all of the world's scientists are as clueless as he is about the causes of previous natural climate changes in Earth's geological history.....and that they also don't understand quite well that it is the un-natural and very rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 levels caused by mankind's activities that is causing the current global warming and its consequent climate changes. Another delusional victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and a deeply flawed educational system that failed him.
  10. And there they go, the brainwashed and bamboozled stooges of the fossil fuel industry, endlessly regurgitating the anti-science idiocy and myths of their crackpot cult of reality denial. One popular myth among the cultists is the idea that cold weather events in the wintertime somehow disprove all of the scientific evidence of a rapidly warming Earth. The retarded denier cult troll BeALoser points to snow in LA and imagines that he's 'scored a point' against science. In reality, it is the twice-as-fast warming of the Arctic and the enormous loss of sea ice there that is causing the current disruption of the Polar Vortex that is driving huge masses of frigid Arctic air down into the middle of America. The Polar Vortex Is Collapsing — Here's What That Means for Your Winter Weather LiveScience By Tom Metcalfe, Live Science Contributor January 18, 2019 02:41pm ET A simulated image of the stratospheric winds over the North Pole Jan. 18, 2019, showing how the northern polar vortex has split into two major parts – one over Canada and one over Russia. Credit: earth.nullschool.net The blast of Arctic weather headed for the United States this weekend could be a first sign of still worse things to come this winter, with signs that a circular low-pressure system of swirling winds that normally keeps frigid air locked up at the North Pole has been disrupted and split into smaller parts. The disruption in this counterclockwise-spinning beast, called the polar vortex, is thought to be caused in part by a warm summer over the Arctic and a relatively cold fall over Siberia. The result for the United States and northern Europe? A severe winter lasting throughout February and possibly into March. Meteorologist Judah Cohen agreed that the breaking up of the polar vortex could be the culprit for the coming storm. Cohen, the director of seasonal forecasting for the weather risk management company Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), based in Lexington, Massachusetts, told Live Science that the coming snowstorms in the United States this weekend are consistent with weather models that predicted severe wintry weather to come in the coming weeks. The weather models suggested that the disruptions would follow the pattern of polar vortex disruptions seen during the northern winter last year, which resulted in freezing weather across the United States in December and January, and a severe cold snap in March over the United Kingdom. "This pattern looks much more active, [with] more winter type storms and Arctic outbreaks — I think I would attribute it to definitely being a polar vortex disruption, because it is very consistent with what we've seen in the past," Cohen said. Polar winds The northern polar vortex is a fast-flowing stream of air that circles the North Pole in the upper parts of the atmosphere, known as the stratosphere, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) above the surface. A similar polar vortex exists over the South Pole, but it is the northern polar vortex that can bring severe winter weather to the United States and Europe. When the northern polar vortex is strong, Cohen explained, it keeps most of the air cooled by the Arctic in the polar region, resulting in mild winter temperatures in the middle latitudes of the eastern United States, and in northern Europe and Asia. But when the polar vortex weakens, the once-trapped cold air can meander throughout the top of the Northern Hemisphere, bringing polar temperatures and extreme winter weather to lower latitudes, he said. This diagram shows the normal activity of the northern polar vortex (left) and what happens when the polar vortex weakens. Credit: NOAA "Think of the polar vortex as a spinning top, and where the polar vortex goes so goes the cold air," Cohen said. "A strong polar vortex is a fast, tightly spinning top centered over the North Pole, keeping all the cold air with it close by over the Arctic. [But] a weak or perturbed polar vortex is a spinning top that has been banged or bumped into an object multiple times … the top slows down and wobbles and can meander from its location." As for what knocked into this spinning top, Cohen points, in part, to summer warming in the Arctic region and a relatively cold fall in Siberia. "I have argued that Arctic change has certainly been a contributor," he said. "The loss of sea ice, especially in the Barents and Kara seas, which are near Scandinavia in north-west Russia … and also an increasing trend in Siberian snow cover in October, I think that has also been contributing." Winter weather In recent days, weather scientists have seen the northern polar vortex split into three smaller parts, which have now changed into two giant patches of polar winds in the stratosphere — one over northern Canada and one over central Russia. Snowstorms have been forecast today (Jan. 18) and tomorrow (Jan. 19) for the central Plains and Midwest of the United States, as part of what's being called winter storm Harper; and the winter weather is expected to hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast of the United States later in the weekend. Cohen said these patterns followed the weather patterns seen last winter, which was exceptionally cold in the United States over the New Year and the first weeks of 2018. But he warned that a cold snap isn't a foregone conclusion; the winter weather could still turn out to be relatively mild if the polar vortex returns to its normal configuration in the coming weeks. "Right now, the weather looks like it is very consistent with our expectations of how the weather would transition following these type of events, but we'll see," he said. "These [weather patterns] tend to be episodic, so it doesn't come all down once … not every day will be below normal, and we will not have snow every day." Cohen added, "[But] I think at least through the end of February, and I would think probably into early March, there will be kind of a skewing of the probabilities or the frequency of severe winter weather."
  11. Human caused global warming is a fact. The world's climate scientists almost unanimously affirm this fact. Global warming produces climate changes. These climate changes are already happening. Another fact affirmed by the world scientific community. The only people trying to deny these facts are the people with a vested interest in the profits of the fossil fuel industry.....and their brainwashed and bamboozled stooges, who comprise the rightwing cult of crackpot climate change deniers. Here's a brief summary of the facts about what is happening even now.... Climate change and its impacts: 6 signs it is already here, affecting you too By: Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk Updated: Feb 20, 2019 Scientists first became aware of a potentially warming world as far back as the 1970s, and the alarm bells really began sounding in the early 2000s, but no decisive action by the governments of the world’s biggest carbon polluters, like the U.S. and China, was taken within the window of opportunity to either try to mitigate or stop the warming trend completely. More Climate Change News Related Headlines 2018 records: 4th warmest globally; Orlando also ties in top spot Florida's red tide problem: Not much we can do, at least in the short-term Florida's red-hot February: Valentine's Day goodies, climate Academic: Very few climate change doubters, issue now action FPL completes first solar power plant in Volusia County Warmer soil releasing more carbon, worsening climate change In fact, some energy companies, corporations and politicians spent years and billions of dollars in marketing campaigns denying the existence of climate change or global warming. They became what’s recognized today as climate deniers. Knowing that global climate change was now inevitable, scientists spent recent years researching how to keep the temperature from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century, with a more ambitious goal of keeping the increase below 2.7, which is what the Paris climate agreement seeks to do. The science is still out as to how best to reduce the impact of climate change on the largest scale and by the most cost-effective means, but what is known is that there’s no doubt among experts about when climate change may occur. It’s already here. Here are six signs Earth is warming more rapidly than even some scientists expected. Hottest years on record 2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record in almost 140 years, according to NASA, making the last five years the hottest in recorded history. The data also show that the warmest years on record have occurred since 2001, confirming for scientists that quickly rising temperatures in a short time span are caused by humans, and are very different from the changing climate during Earth’s prehistoric time or during the later ice age. Rising sea levels Sea levels have been steadily rising over the last century and, in 2017, global levels were 3 inches higherthan the 1993 average when satellite record-keeping first began, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And 2017 also marked the sixth consecutive year of rising seas, with increases during the last 22 out of 24 years. Read: Climate Science Special Report released; key findings of Earth's health Nuisance flooding is now 300 to 900 percent more frequent in many U.S. coastal communities than it was 50 years ago, and scientists now predict global sea levels could rise as much as 8 inches, but no more than 6.6 feet by 2100, NOAA reported. Permafrost stores billions of tons of carbon, which is at risk of being released back into the atmosphere as permafrost melts. Photo: Pixabay Thawing permafrost Permafrost, ground that remains frozen for two or more consecutive years and is 3 to 4,900 feet thick, is already thawing in some places in Alaska and the Arctic. This is a huge concern for scientists because they estimate the world’s permafrost holds 1,500 billion tons of carbon, almost double the amount now in the atmosphere, according to Columbia University’s Earth Institute. When permafrost thaws, it releases carbon into the atmosphere and could accelerate climate change. Polar bears depend on sea ice for hunting. As the warming planet reduces the amount of annual sea ice, the polar bears' long term survival is in jeopardy. Photo: Pixabay Melting glaciers and disappearing sea ice A warming world is causing mountain glaciers and large ice sheets to shrink, which in turn impacts water resources for people who depend on them and contributes to rising seas. Wildlife that depends on ice for survival are also impacted by the diminishing sea ice in the Arctic. Melting fresh water from glaciers can also alter the ocean by pushing down heavier salt water and ultimately changing ocean currents. Most people will notice climate change in the form of more intense heat waves and longer periods of droughts. Photo: Pixabay More extreme weather As the global thermostat rises, the planet is already seeing extreme and unusual weather events. Heat waves and droughts are the main way people experience climate change right now, according to the U.S. Global Change Research Program. “Over the past 50 years, much of the U.S. has seen increases in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, heavier downpours, and in some regions severe floods and droughts.” And those conditions are worsening. Impact on animals and marine life Climate change is already having an impact on the world’s animals, some worse than others. A United Nations report in 2014 found at that time that the warming planet was already having a “widespread and consequential” effect on plants and animals. Species already in decline due to rising temperatures include polar bears, coral, North Atlantic cod and Adelie penguins, to name just a few.
  12. Oh yeah......almost forgot the other main identifying characteristic of the mentally deranged Trumpanzees..... Enormous amounts of totally braindead racism and bigotry filling their very tiny little diseased brains.
  13. How To Identify A Teabagger/Trumpoid/NASCAR-Fan? Actually, it's pretty easy, and usually takes only a minute or two. Their identifying characteristics pop up in just about any conversation. Primarily, a pathetic level of ignorance and ingrained rejection and denial of science and evidence, a baseless crackpot belief in deliberate misinformation and deranged rightwingnut myths, coupled with moron level intelligence, produces in them a tragic gullibility for whatever con-job their rightwing puppetmasters choose to throw at them. So....massively ignorant, extremely stupid and very, very gullible. These are the necessary traits an American must have to support an insane pathological liar like Trump for President.
  14. And the MentalMidget spews more braindead nonsense, as usual..... As he partially quotes from an article I just posted......which actually states..... Solar power increased by 16 percent to 45.7 TWh [TERRAWATTS] due to a prolonged hot summer, while installed capacity expanded by 3.2 gigawatts (GW) to 45.5 GW last year, according to the Fraunhofer data.  The wind power industry produced 111 TWh [TERRAWATTS] from combined onshore and offshore capacity of just under 60 GW, constituting 20.4 percent of total German power output.
  15. More lies and idiotic twaddle, coupled with a moronic attempt to change the subject, since skank's previous braindead post got thoroughly debunked as just more mindless blather.