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  1. We all know Donald does Get the Sucka Open!!!
  2. Just heard on NPR from a caller who called in and said a suicide bomber in Bogata Columbia blew 20 souls into hamburger at the Police Academy Google says 9 currently https://www.winknews.com/2019/01/17/9-dead-in-car-bombing-at-police-academy-in-colombia-capital/ BOGATA, COLUMBIA (AP) 9 dead in car bombing at police academy in Colombia capital Caller must be wrong but the NPR guy confirmed 20 people.. Or maybe the AP is wrong.. Lies are the only facts now... Truth is We are damn stupid and weak A,merica.. I think all world leaders are and they are freaking out that al gores internet is taking over...
  3. Nitrous oxide would be a gas.. Maybe I will get a chuckle on the way to the "other side"
  4. death is inevitable.. unless they put RBG's brain in a goddamn box Lines and Circles will always be.. even if there is no universe
  5. after seeing my dad suffer they way he did.. I will get a helium tank and a mask someday if I get there
  6. we just accept that polls are useless and rigged.. Michael says he rigged them for Donald I trust Mike more than Donald
  7. I was mad at NPR this morning The opener said "Michael Cohen fears for his family" I listened to the show and the lawyer said "I don't see Michael Cohen being afraid of bullying to keep quiet" But the lawyers said he may withdrawal his offer to testify and he was thinking about it.. Trumpers can hope.. NPR usually doesn't pull cheap tricks like that.. at least that I recognize so easily
  8. you got a place to set up camp?? I like private property the best
  9. Cohens new favorite song.. Nobody will ever believe him again... He could say "I am only Human" Trump would say he is a liar Lets have a parody
  10. MEMEMEME.... meme me Benson.. Nancy is not flying the unfreindly skies
  11. Look on the bright side Golfboy... It does appear the Mueller investigation may be over soon.. You better hope it is stalled until 2020
  12. Are the Yellow Vests like Trump supporters?? Folks are arguing that they are nationalistic populists I did read they do not want to pay extra for climate change It is just the slow degradation of the globe.. Admiral Scott Stearney prosecuted the support of the war in Yemen for Prince Mad Bat Shyt.. He committed suicide.. no greivance from the cockholster in chief.. 16 million starving houdathis (a lot here say good!!).. neccessity is the mother of invention.. good and bad
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