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  1. there are higher rules....you cannot edit trumps post on twitter to make him out to be a homosexual and not expect consequences
  2. pride before a fall..a right winger buys a liberal forum and decides his law is above state law and international law...he fraudulently edits a user post to portray as a homosexual to encourage non liberals on a liberal site to attack...do you have a name and address ..or even a lawyer i can address these issues...send me a private post if you wish
  3. no like a body finds a virus..by attaching to the said bodies..the pathogens need only the signal...careful on the law...you have broken loads...dig you hole deeper...as all is logged..
  4. the owner decide to make alter my sleeve and post as a implied homosexual...as to allow homophobic attacks which are not limited..which is a question of trades description rights..ie liberal forum is label only...
  5. i can regenerate in another sleeve..but is your bank account safe...maybe someone can nip your funding off at source..maybe the ether cyber bio collective can change a zero to a one..maybe your bosses are not THE bosses..someone can change your entire life...within a nono second..if they decide your are a pathogen of the system..l
  6. Yes..honestly without prejudice..how different is trump from the Chinese position week 3 maybe...some of us already know that the u,s is using wartime rules on information..
  7. my sleeve is unimportant...can you comply with web site owner rules...homophobic rules and fraudulent libels laws...who is your host???
  8. the china lied position is stupid especially from trump right wingers on a china bash who in the same sentence say its a democratic hoax ...good luck on that...and it is luck in one of trumps casinos..if you are Russian gangster..you always in at trumps casino..
  9. i will take you withdrawal from a debate and a primal sexual statement as you have lost the debate and trying to out jock me...noted...do not beat yourself up..learn
  10. if i was you,,stay from the stock-market...they eat the middle class fools...its not a time to chase...to try to recover your losses by following a dead cat bounce..
  11. brexit was an English choice primed by u.s interests..but now the u.s has brexit by natural causes and trumps gluttony
  12. this is why you are an idiot like trump..you enter a debate arena without research...you got at your finger types a device that Neil Armstrong would swopped his NASA underwear for ! the process of learning is research...go find out the thesis and anti thesis of each argument...that is why being poor without need is the goal of all who seek wisdom..you cannot fool yourself
  13. mitch is a turtle on land and the senate...long weekend...while life saving bills wait till hes has eaten a giant cabbage for breakfast
  14. i think brexit bothers the u.k and everyone...all nations are in effective brexit...protectionism is the order of the day...closing of borders
  15. however..strange as it is...hiv drugs are effective against this virus..which coincidentally has immune system target genome in its Frankenstein make up..
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