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  1. he did his speech like a reluctant kid reading the role of romeo..but then we have BETO doing a classy from the heart speech like a true president who loves america and what it stands for...just saying..as a scot looking across the pond..
  2. the rule of law follows the old British system with the french revolution system..both of which the new aristocrats had took the bad of both....now you have ruled by the 3% and a king who is doing the deal of the millennium by grabbing powers to himself...it classic in the old European sense. i would agree democrats are not necessarily democrat...but AOC is a truly democratically voted in representative..
  3. may i remind you your revolution was part duex the french revolution that is still going on..except some of you guys are so British 18th century...and want a king..guess what..the British have moved on!! stop fighting the revolution and don't claim any honour from it..because you have none
  4. but your DNA and those of your ancestors may have travelled...some poor Mexican maid has an american child sir!! are you going to do the right thing sir!! i guess not
  5. ah the american healthcare feud..it amazes a lot of the world..one argument of Brexit was large amounts of money could be invested in the NHS..but now we find out to do a trade deal with america we would have to dump our universal healthcare so american drug dealers can make a huge profit...now the British people are livid..we are fighting tooth and nail against the russian backed Boris johnstone the trump poodle
  6. now that is a retarded argument..you identify with a grouping and seek to elevate your group by saying we was bad but they was worse..what do the Indians in Canada think of this i wonder..??
  7. afraid of the results? how about you get a DNA profile!! lets see what worms are inside you!!
  8. i say bring DNA profiling...if they have native DNA matching anyone in the U.s than they are legal.. native Mexican expulsions have happened for 100 of years
  9. yes in the sixties.. man.. chill out..debate the topic..what do you think about the C.I,A training Iranian Islamic socialists in the art of terrorism tactics...do you think the should train ANTIFA as well..
  10. well i am blown for words. AT this moment the CIA is training the next batch of terrorists in Albania THE Islamic socialist terrorist group MEK..well desperate times for the CIA..all the other trainees have gone amok blowing skyscrappers in the U.S
  11. i got the answer..your CIA ran out of Islamic terrorists of the controllable time...so you adopted these sick puppies that no socialist government would tolerate..
  12. i don't mean Jesuit socialism nor judah socialism or MEK ..the Iranian ISLAMIC socialists trained by CIA in ALBANIA to attack IRAN...you got some sick puppies ...how come you dudes are all okay with giving guns to Iranian Islamic socialist terrorist(triple oxymoron)....
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