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  1. so whimpers the the dog who wishes the Bernie is more right wing and so dreams up stuff to make it so...blue-dog likes republican dogie biscuits he barks accordingly...AOC is the future...make it so captain !!!
  2. yes remember DR LI.. liberal chinese doctor who was told to shut up.. he died..authoritarian Chinese trump-like leadership..billionaires calling the shots.. and you trump suck ups making the world worse..democracy is dying..you are the virus
  3. yes..its the language of the yellow shirts in France and many nations..yes they u.s press likes to make some political capital on the hong kong revolutions but these are middle class revolts..across the middle east and south america...remember the u.s middle class is protected in some ways...if they are feeling uncomfortable ( with protected dollar) then imagine the sufferingof others across the world... imagine the hate since 2008..the hate is of american ignorance...
  4. yes...if Bernie is good now....then as the inevitable gloomy economics flows in he is going to shoot !
  5. yes a novel corona approach... like trump with his new un judged new crown
  6. i hear you...the bank of the u.s got a bail out and so did the paper rich like trump in 2008...bubbles everywhere..
  7. tip..you will find very little in business articles....you may find some in political articles
  8. okay smart arse...post the counter evidence...sorry that will mean a few hours research
  9. like i just said... you can disbelieve and spout non sense or you can do research...if you do not do research then you look like an idiot.. your choice... unless you want me to relearn for you and post hours of research,,,
  10. well cat breath... the EU economy is in lag for the bailout to Obamay that was not honoured by trump..we suffer in the EU for american capitalist failings...its quite a crap bag from you to blame the failings of u.s style of capitalism on global countries,, as we have seen by the 2019 civil disorders
  11. look gracious sir...the internet is a wonderful thing...it can enlighten the ignorant...its a super library..a liberator and a converter to socialism...my answer is, if you face an online argument is to gather facts...you are an intelligent person ..no insult intended.. i enjoyed some of your postings
  12. yes i agree..the whole american system is staying afloat by wives of stockbrokers......nothing else......thats why snake flu would devastate the u.s.... once the shopping stops..the whole ponzi scheme stops..rsvp
  13. then research... am i telling the truth or lying...you want me to spoon feed every article ? if you defend political rhetoric then at least be armed!! don't be a lazy mind..on the other hand you post and a 100 just read...i am blessed like Jesus to suffer fools ( no insult)
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