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  1. MIND you the Zionist newspapers in Palestine circa 1946 were fox news blushing.. Indeed the execution of british soldiers in Palestine provoked fury upon the Jewish shops in the UK that would match the night of crystals n Germany .. This was 1946..
  2. it is the right wing thing , find a group and blame..hug other folk who talk the same.
  3. The poles fought heart and soul against the nazis..i Find it one of the worst crimes of the zionists..Indeed without doubt by most historians the polish squadrons in the battle of Britain won the second world war..that would mean the jews in Palestine would have been wiped out.
  4. no.. the evidence needed to impeach the president is a lot higher than for cohen and cohorts... the were the snakes body but he is the snakes head...the evidence is there but it is not sufficient in the case of a president, so the case is still open ..
  5. I think it is better for the voters to remove him..cleaner less fuss and we do have to come into this forum to hear red-necks for eternity whining ! omg
  6. you have taken a snapshot that pleases your political persuasion.. what is clear is that there is evidence that would send a non-president to prison but the evidence to prosecute a president is SET VERY VERY HIGH.
  7. The bit for me that stands out is the white house lawyer who resigned rather the commit a crime on the orders of trump..obviously a better lawyer than cohen
  8. All the dominoes have fallen..Just one last big fat domino to fall but so many try to keep that domino up
  9. Mueller is smart. he is covered by confidentiality., but WHEN he is called to answer questions before a government committee he can Really open up. it is not over till the Fat guy sings
  10. As for investigation this is not the end but the end of the beginning. The Mueller report in nutshell is that the case is still open its up to the next guy.
  11. Mueller has sent a lot of guys to prison. If trump was not President he would already be in prison however the legal bar for the president is a lot higher ( no pun intended on BARR ). TRICKY DICKY took a long time before he walked .
  12. ACT II scene 3 is the only thing that is over. The questions have been left hanging in the air..mueller has left the bat and filled a few bases..the next batter approaches. A lot of other different investigations are going on . This looks like an epic in the making..
  13. buy back..April 11.. fast work kiwis.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-47648549
  14. I would like to see his feet X ray.. and his parents probably brought his academic qualifications.. some poor kid went to Vietnam in his place..and may have died..people die and go to prison for this crook..
  15. well trumps likes to piss on Bammy bed and now he pissing on dead republicans