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  1. The second new policy coming out of the repo blowout is the purchase of Treasury bills, with are Treasury securities with maturities of less than one year. The Fed does this to push up the amount of excess reserves at banks, in order to regain control over the federal funds rate and the repo rates. And the amounts have started to balloon. On the Fed’s balance sheet through Wednesday, October 30, there were $215 billion in repos, up from zero two months ago. They included overnight repos that unwind the next day, and 14-day repos. In addition, the Fed has started buying Treasury bills. And by now it is carrying $51 billion on its balance sheet. Those two policy-moves alone added about $260 billion in assets to the Fed’s balance sheet since mid-September. This is far faster than during QE-3. It’s a huge amount in a very short time. So who might the Fed be bailing out?
  2. poor woman..she cannot divorce a sitting president
  3. interesting !! i saw a poll of Nixon v trump...ROTLMAO
  4. ha yes...pumped up with debt steroids !! ribbed and mean ..till the day the dealer has a no show!!
  5. ha ..we live in a time of wrong polls... times have changed..no one gives honest answers anymore...look at the uk...referendum wrong....last election wrong...by a significant margin..politics is in flux...
  6. ha ha... the u.s economy is back on life support...without it..no economy...QE is back with a vengeance...keep the drip in nurse...100 billion of repo liquidity please nurse !! once a week till further notice!!
  7. yes.. i understand this... i am uneasy with Biden because he is So part of the old lobby system and tainted with the trump nepotism good old boys drinking whiskey and rye...warren is good that she is a woman and that is an antidote to the jock strap politics and her policies are something like medium radical which is what the u.s needs as it is stuck in a rut and change is needed..but she i slightly kooky ( but not way kooky like trump) ..I would need to see her team..i think that is important...if she can demonstrate she is a good team leader then yes !! but she is team leader in her marriage which is a plus ..Now Bernie i like just on the grounds he is consistent and just about the level of radical change needed, likeable and comfortable, and his rallies are gentle enough for birds to land at his rostrum..He has attracted a extraordinary bird in Aoc ..if he can team-build with her and others ..he can carry the millennium vote into the white house...but he has not used her enough...or others...if he can utilise the rising big names in the Democrats he can get momentum.So Biden needs to liven up and distance...Warren needs to come out of her rabbit hole...Bernie needs to grow some AOC balls
  8. okay...yes i agree! But i am a happy idiot !! or is better to be a sad Nietzsche fool!! bad news about the climate..are you pessimistic or in denial or are you opportunistic ' we can pull together type of guy ?
  9. yes...they killed his spirit...wow..imagine if had lived...he would make Einstein like an apprentice...he was a polymath of our age !! yet he ate that poisoned apple and to his comfort he had broke the bio code.... and placed the code in the system for the great liberation...
  10. some die sooner that others and live like zombies...no spirit !! dull eyes...not bright eyes...
  11. well lefty...you are in my ball park !! Nietzsche was a product of his upbringing and one he chose not to escape...a good study and a useful philosopher...one which Freud the fake tapped into ..however this is my quote.. Nietzsche is dead...says the Goddess!!! LOL
  12. actually Alan was extremely religious in a cool way...but Buddha was neared to Jesus in those days and he converted..i do not blame him...but he did die with an apple...what a statement !
  13. ha ha i live in Manchester...my granddad was a bio/valve engineer of the professor kind who happened to be a polymath Scot who loved the saxophone and played the jazz dives in Manchester who was also a good friend of Alan when a lot of others were not ..but us geeks..well ..ha ha
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