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  1. This seems a really interesting read from the US gov OPM https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/workforce-restructuring/reductions-in-force/
  2. I forgot one to cut.... Public Radio funding....NPR. I like it but I think the time has passed where this is a government priority to have radio as a government funding priority.
  3. honestly, I copied one sentence when I looked up what the government subsidized. The rest is my own opinion. So if you can only cut people down vs engaging in a conversation then you can keep your comments to yourself. You are the loser for failing to engage people vs tossing out insults.
  4. In reality, the government will need to be in many things at some level (oversight vs control). But maybe not all things at the same level we have them today. I’m going to the other side of this discussion about what we should reduce or cut. I personally think that many of the education areas that the federal government is involved in should go back to the states. I also think universal healthcare is not a role for the federal government. I do think there are some major issues that our legislators can help with like limiting liability for medical professionals so that they can operate at a cheaper rate (liability insurance is unbelievable). I also think they can help to limit conflict of interest where medical professionals get kickbacks for referrals or use of medicines. I think we need to work on understanding what drives the costs higher and address those areas vs turning healthcare over to the government to manage. My comments are not related to medicare which has a larger funding problem. I can see the postal service going to reduced deliver service (maybe 2-3 days per week delivery vs the current delivery schedule). This is an example of a reduction. I don't think most individuals really need the level of deliveries we get today. Businesses may need the current level (maybe it is a premium service). I am of the opinion that our subsidies to farming help drive some of our national health issues. The US government currently subsidizes nine foods: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, beer, milk, beef, peanut butter and sunflower oil. Let me explain. Subsidies on corn drive corn costs lower. This drives high fructose corn syrup costs lower. This ends up making many foods cheap. People choose these low costs foods because they taste good and they are cheap. This also results in many of those foods helping to drive our national obesity problem. This in turn helps drive our national health care costs / person higher. …. And will somebody help me understand why we subsidize beer (I like beer, but don’t know why the government subsidizes it). End the ethanol program requirements for gas (it causes higher emissions, runs hotter in the engine, drives up costs, results in the government having to subsidize it). If you've ever played the game of risk, you know that you need to be involved in some of what happens around the world (or you lose), but if you focus on the world exclusively and don't manage things at home you lose. You stand the highest probability of winning if you strike a balance. Using this philosophy, I think we focus a little bit too much external with our military and funds going to foreign countries. Don't get me wrong, I don't think in any way that we should pull our military all home or no funds to other countries, but we need to swing the balance a bit back a bit from where it is today.
  5. Benson13, what should the federal government not be involved in or that they should allow states to regulate? Your comment makes me think you would like the federal government to be involved or to regulate all aspect of our daily life...
  6. I've often wondered what people's top 5 things people think the FEDERAL government should and your top 5 thing you think the FEDERAL government should not fund. . Education? national security? NPR? small business grants? Healthcare? The arts? Roads/infrastructure environment … ETC What are your thoughts?
  7. DemoMan, I realize Trump said those things, but as someone looking at who is working on a solution to the issue, it appears there are many standing the party line and also not working on a solution. They are part of the problem. It seems like blaming folks is not really helping solve the issue. It seems that the left is really only fighting this Trump's proposal because they don't want to give trump a victory that will hurt them in the 2020 election. I've seen the videos where Chuck, Nancy, Bill, Obama and others wanted a wall and improved security at the southern border. This is all about opposing Trump and that is why I say that others own this problem as well.
  8. Explain to me how food stamps are a subsidy for farmers. It seems more like a plan to help those going through a short term rough patch with employment.
  9. ConfusedVoter

    Trumps speech

    Personally, I think the Left, Right and Trump all own the shutdown for not working to find a solution. It is hard to say that Trump is the only one who owns it when Nancy says I won't entertain one of his main topics (security at the southern border). I suspect that the is not the only elected official that supports border security? They all own it....
  10. so are you for bigger or smaller government?
  11. maybe not eliminate everyone, but maybe reduce the size of some agencies??
  12. what specifically did he lie about? people coming across the border illegally where there is no fence? Drugs coming across the border where there is no fence Extending DACA by a congressional act ???? Help me understand better why you feel he lied in what he said?
  13. My daughter asked me if this could be a plan of the right to "drain the swamp"? Maybe Trump has a few cards yet to play.
  14. I'm wondering.....if after 30 days the government could start laying off employees on furlough?
  15. I just watched the address from Trump and it seems he is willing to reach across the isle to solve the budget and border issue. How could you argue that the president is not trying to seek a solution that will be a win/win? Now the ball is in Dems court to see if they will come to the table. Will our elected representatives come to the table to end this mess??