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  1. uh huh point out where I said I wanted them lynch, talking about me trolling, I said it was a hot contentious situation then and as the truth came out and their innocent was proven no sane right winger wanted them harmed, only jack off racists I know Trump hasnt apologized for it and he should be held accountable for that incident, but show me a phucking pattern of racism. now you're trolling obviously
  2. actually there are more, I can include Rev Jesse Jackson too look, you haven't proven sh1t, you leftist make up sh1t and expects everyone to believe you? please Wanting to have the Central 5 lynched isn't racist, I like to see Islam extremist castrated , that doesn't make me an islamophobe or do you not get that? when you come back with actual proof that Trump is racists something on the lines of I hate black people, despise them or any other rhetoric I will be the first to join you to tar and feather him, but don't count me if you're going to go with propaganda because you despise the guy
  3. chairmanOFTB

    ‘How To Spot A Jew’

    A right wing newspaper??? good Lord You mean alt right, why cant MSM get these "labels" straight Right wing isn't concerned about race Alt right is concerned about race ans focuses on race I dont know why you leftists cant grasp something so simple
  4. no, sometimes people make silly analogies that makes no sense.
  5. New Zealand is a beautiful country, Christchurch and many other cities are spectacular, I was there a year after the earthquake, the color containers downtown was interesting to see as they were rebuilding I love the garden city as its known, and most people including muslims are friendly there, Im sickened that a azzhole Australian did this damage to a beautiful city
  6. no, its asinine to compare two outstanding members of the african american community to a serial killer Absurd is comparing a white national scumbag killing muslims in New Zealand in 2019 while since the beginning of 2000 how many terror attacks have there been committed by muslim extremists? Are you going to blame Trump for that too?
  7. I misread that , I thought you said you don't have to be racist to be in the klan, my apologies your point being?? jim crow was a Southern Democrat feature , and the southern strategy is irrelevant and that makes him a racist? try again and you forgot to mention the mosque shooting in Quebec Canada, so you have a white nationalist making headlines for shooting a mosque, but of course when Islam extremist kills innocent people you overlook that right? as long as its a white nationalists its a bad thing you make no sense. because if you voted for Hillary who says racist things and Bill Clinton had multiple affairs but people forgive him
  8. sorry I missed this one that makes no sense, I dont even know how to respond to this? Ted Bundy ?? and comparing him to Alveda kIng and Lonnie Bunch Do you know who those two are??? sounds like you're showing your racism card Jrock? I thought you were better than this.
  9. but Trump's dad was never in the Klan, or was approached to be in the klan. ummmmm, you might want to re read your post. To be a member of the Klan you have to be white, european descent and apparently have no jewish, african,mongol or non white blood and you believe your race is superior and most of them hates non white, that is racism my friend ummm calling Trump on racism, the democrat party from the get go was full of racists Omarosa the liar and Cohen a convicted liar no credibility there. so that makes him racist wanting 5 black men accused of committing a heinous crime? wake me up when he says he want to gas all black people like the Klan and other creepy organizations stood for in the last mass terrorist attacks , who committed those acts? what exactly did he say, post it here, or I will Did you side with Bill or Hillary Clinton? did you vote for Hilary? some of them or all of them? how many weapons did the other side bring? no, people should oppose violence at every turn, there are tons of black people who didnt like me when I dated a Black girl from Jamaica 8 years ago and some threatened me, some harassed me, should I have asked my congressman to intervene because they hate me? once again I said earlier, countries in the African Continent or former soviet republics that list you provide most are from the former soviet republic , and you've added some soviet puppet regimes in Poland, Macedonia from Yugoslavia days. thank you for making my point.
  10. I don't hate warren for it, I just question her hypocrisy, she cant accuse others while she has a stain on her record, she should have address this concern years ago when it was brought up when she was running for the senate. Its like one of the right wingers on here bringing up Robert Francis "beto" criminal record, I said this, Who cares, he addressed it, he didnt duck it, it was a misdemeanor and it shouldn't be a story as he owned it If she owned it perhaps I wouldn't look down it, just like Beto, I dont look down on him because he did what he did, he owned it, he manned up and that is fine in my books,lets talk about what he stands for. perhaps so, as I dont read all threads especially from known trolls. But since Im in this one, I will address Trump's quotes, what he said was dumb, he knew he phucked up after but that is what to be expected Do I believe Trump loves Nazis and bigots? Hell no. Do I believe he will say dumb things? yes I do, while the white supremacist will love Trump, but he certainly doesn't love them back, I think he was trying to play the cool headed negotiator he doesn't realize he is not a smoother talker or a great orator like his predecessors in Obama and Clinton, those two were the master. I know exactly what he said and what he said after, if people who hate him want to make up stuff, I say go for it, just dont be surprised when its turned against their favourite politician running The door swings both ways. Like I said earlier there are many reasons to hate Trump and I dont blame most, but saying he loves nazis and white supremacists is B.S.
  11. a case of they said he said, I dont believe it as there was never any record of Trump's dad being involved, associated or even attended a klan meeting I was just referencing real klansman not pretend and accused to be a klansman no , I was pointing the hypocrisy of the left and democrat party I love to see evidence where Trump used the N word. just pointing out the hypocrisy that was the point, but again what he said during the Central park fiasco was directed at those boys not the entire community if he said the entire community I would be the first to condemn his ass. he just wants the vetting process to be properly done so we know who is coming in , the san bernadino killing is just an example, or the two jerk off brothers in the boston marathon bombing. I did address many times, he blamed both sides and said there are probably some good people on both sides, how does that equate to all nazis being good people., he was talking about those who protested in peace no matter what their beliefs are. I happen to agree with that, if you hate another race that is your prerogative, you can protest peacefully but the moment you start or instigate violence they should have their asses locked up. As much as I despise Nazis, they do have the right to protest, if they get out of hand and attack someone , then the gloves comes off, plus you cant legislated people not to hate, now back to Trump, and experience politician would have defused this situation, Trump and Im making any excuse for the guy phucked up, he should not have said what he said as tried to clarify his initial response. I'm going to cut him some slack (but not much) as he isnt an experienced politician, now after he wins re election and he does that again, then its time to call him out on it. oh my, so he retweeted about a muslim migrant beating up a dutch boy, now that video has been questioned for authenticity, and some of the re tweets are from groups that has a disdain for muslims and islam Okay we can talk about that one, I can see both sides of the issue on this one. like what? which country that is predominately white are poor and sh1tholes The top ten poorest countries are in the continent of Africa and a couple of former Soviet Republics and they were backwards to begin with Sometimes the truth hurts he's not racist to me, when Lonnie Bunch and Alveda King publicly say Trump isnt a racist, that is good enough for me He is a lot of things, a dirtbag, a cheater, narcissistic , bully , egomaniac and not the most honest person, but a racist? no A misogynist? no Xenophobe? no says dumb things? yes. yes I do.
  12. Jrock, youve address every single point , nicely done and without the animus and trolling like some of your leftist compadres very nice, youre okay man So I will address yours now.
  13. exactly, Biden is safe, he has some baggage but nowhere the stuff like Hillary Like I said earlier, Warren is the smartest of them all, but with the native indian controversy it will weigh her down Sanders is just too old and too nuts Harris dark side has emerged and her past will haunt her Robert Francis aka Beto, is 5 minutes news Booker is a joke And the rest dont have national appeal, Biden is the safe bet and the best chance of upsetting Trump