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  1. Then Bloomberg should be a shoo in to win the Democratic nomination then right? Not so fast. Trump didn't spend as much as the Democrats in 2016 because he learned from Roy Cohn the master on how to keep his name in public when vying for the public's attention. he didn't buy any votes, he manipulated people and that is his specially if it was really about the dollar and the elites, there is no way Obama would be elected twice.
  2. rachel maddow isn't a journalist, she is a political commentator and a television host, just like Hannity They are both in the opinion business not journalism business. Maddow or Hannity as far as Im concern , their opinions minus facts distort the truth or anything useful to say or add, they are just pom pom cheerleaders for their sides.
  3. chairmanOFTB

    Time to impeach President Trump.

    Some Democrats wants open borders Democrats socialists for the most part agrees with open borders Some Democrats do care for national security and was for a wall at one time but now that their enemy wants a wall, they want a fence Some democrats wants a secured fence and a one time allowance for DACA to become citizens 90% of right wingers, republicans, Libertarians want a wall to keep the riff raffs and illegals out and wants to deport all illegals. Country club Republicans like McConnell, Ryan, Flake and other don't really care about the wall, they care about their status. Trump does want a wall but not for the reasons we thought originally.
  4. I would say on the most part they do The problem is Trump doesn't understand how the senate or congress works, and he is making rookie mistakes, and some of it is going to be costly. so answer my question , is America a democracy?
  5. Impeach her for what? saying what is on her mind? So what that she said Impeach the mother fukker..... its free speech. I say let the voters decide in her district during the next election. We are wasting our time battling this woman, the battle should be for the Wall, not what some idiot freshman congresswoman says, or her thoughts on Israel. Why do we on the right care about some nobody twat in the Democrat party, she will go to far and voters will vote the twat out.
  6. chairmanOFTB

    "Creative" Accounting

    Its funny when Obama did it with Employment numbers nobody on the left seems to mind ,or care or just didn't notice Nobody said anything when Obama did not use GAAP guidelines and fudged his numbers to show the economy was doing well, but that was okay. but now everyone on left is scrutinizing agencies during Trump's presidency. Hypocrites to say the least.
  7. chairmanOFTB


    As much as I despise the Democrats and this woman That picture was taken in 2016 as she was one of 14 protesters who was kicked out for heckling then candidate Donald J. Trump she as you know was elected in 2018 to congress, so this is just another one of this misinformation out there. I rather attack her for her policies and shenanigans she is doing while elected and calling out Impeach the mother fukker and the democrats especially that inept dirtbag Pelosi excusing it but supports GOP foes for coming down on steve king? Hypocrisy
  8. more immature memes, I take it this is your platform to unleash your creativity which most of us just rolls our eyes. Given your compulsion to respond without ever defending your own position or showing anything wrong with mine, you're not fooling anyone ... except, perhaps, yourself.
  9. I cant stand Hannity so I couldn't care less what he says or hasn't said I don't watch Fox news because they are too rah rah for Trump I don't watch CNN aka at the Clinton News Network they are too rah rah for the Democrats, Obama and Clinton. I swear more liberals watch Hannity than they care to admit.
  10. AOC isnt the most dangerous, I disagree with Woods Her ideology is quixotic, which makes her more of a moron than dangerous. Most folks who understands finance and economics don't take her seriously, she is eye candy for some, and an inspiration for the right wing movement. She's inspired me somewhat , she inspired me to become richer because her ideology will make people poorer and less free. to that I thank AOC.
  11. chairmanOFTB

    Casinos --

    A lot of posters on both side made some salient points, this is one of the better threads where both sides of the political fence made some great points. Casinos are bad and good, good for the area as it brings in money and bad because it feeds people's addiction and some of these people need help, but then what happened to personal responsibility. Look forward to reading more of the posts on this topic.
  12. I bet you AOC can make a mean dirty martini, such great qualifications to sit on the financial committee for democrats along with her other dumber sister Maxine waters.
  13. At least Palin was a governor , AOC was a bartender I believe?
  14. chairmanOFTB

    The thing about wealth redistribution...

    another bump oh drvoke where are you lad?