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  1. Do you know the difference between a racist scumbag and a douchebag who think he is funny and informative?
  2. and on that list provided by you gov you forgot to mention that the scum Vladimir Putin was ranked number 10 and Donald Trump number 14 Erdoğan from Turkey number 19 By the way Melania Trump was number 19 and Pope Francis was rated below Putin I noticed Justin Trudeau wasn't on the list, or AOC, or even Sanders?
  3. Ive read the reports and the financials Im not sure what you're seeing, as Non-Cash Impairment Charge on LATAM Assets in the tune of 50 million dollars is a little concerning You think this stock will double? Im betting more it will be taken over either through a hostile takeover or merger. im curious have you read the financials?
  4. and this is fascist? Ive shouted lock up Antifa members too, am I fascist? LMFAO his exact quote was There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too. Can we be least honest for once Caring about America is fascist now? wow. my God you must get riled at sporting events when they play the national anthem before each game when did he say that during the campaign? how is that fascism? I fail to see the correlation , but then Im just a right wing dummy right? and you know it was taken out of context, please He was referring to those who were there to protest against the taking down the statue of General Robert Lee and those protesting to take down the statue And Trump also blamed both sides for the violence Why cant you people honest for a change and report what was actually said vs cherry picking Trust me there is enough stuff Trump said and tweeted about that can be picked on in its entirety I honestly dont care if you hate Trump but tell the goddamn truth for once please.
  5. Its so dumb that you cant answer it, come on xavier explain to us right wing dummies how is facism worse than racism and what has Trump done that is considered "fascist"
  6. Battle of the neches? what is that the Inbred hillbilly racist redneck games?
  7. because they don't want to labeled as racist if they criticize them see how hypocritical the left are?
  8. Ive always gone by the classic term of racism/racist those that hate others, those that believe are superior over others I dont believe Trump is racist, he might be bigoted towards Obama yes, that I will agree on he dislikes the man for whatever reason. Targeting one man over a race isn't racism yes you will mentioned the central park five and how he took out a front page ad asking the courts to execute them only to find that the central park five were innocent. now was it a question because they were black or a question of it was it was a high profile case and the public was fascinated and outraged. Fair point, and I don't agree he is unfit to be president, I can point out a few men who were president did not deserve to be President , but it's irrelevant to this conversation I'm curious , do you think John McCain was fit to be president?
  9. It was a stupid comment as only one of them was born outside the U.S. he should have known that before he opened his mouth. But having said that I get what he was attempting to say so I agree with him that if they can do a better job show us . I think he could have said it better in my opinion.
  10. Irrelevant Mussolini used Acerbo law and intimidation to seize power in 1924 Hitler got the most votes and then burn down the reichstag and was appointed Chancellor Trump won the electoral vote as stated by our constitution , so how is that the same? what does that mean?
  11. 4 women who constantly attack Trump Come on Trumpbegonesoon, you know what Trump is like, he is the type of guy if you attack him he attacks back You cant call these four women "innocent" shall I bring up tweets from them regarding Trump? Im not saying what Trump did was right, lord knows he says things that makes me shake my head Im sure if Ted Cruz attacks Trump , Trump will do the same, look at the republican Justin Amash , Trump attacked him after he attacked Trump
  12. Fred his father took the brunt of the accusation not Donald, Donald was president at the time how does that make him a racist? did he say anything about Hatred of Obama and black people? My point was they were part of the klan and forgiven, Trump was never part of the klan is linked to the klan because they supported him so you say, I want concrete evidence Funny , anyone with more than a modicum of intelligence read the entire tweet not cherry picking As in Trump not owning Miss America, well a faux pas on my part, Ive never watched Miss AMerica or Miss universe so fine, I stand corrected
  13. point being what Harry? Do I support what Trump said? no , I think it was a stupid comment do I think it was a racist or fascist comment? no I don't Its just another line of inane comments, when he makes them I will criticize , as I'm doing now but to call it racist? sorry not buying it
  14. nothing in that tweet was racist, fascistic or even bigoted. It was a inane comment made by an inexperienced politician who believes if he speaks from the heart that people will understand Anyone with more than a modicum of intelligence saw it for what it was, just an attempt to insult those ladies who have no clue about how to run a country
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