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  1. chairmanOFTB

    Conservatives ONLY thread

    I thought that this thread is for conservatives only?
  2. ummm, I know what the word means, but you are saying Im presenting anecdotal evidence from actually being there, spending time there vs you who has never been there and relies on family who you claimed has been there You want to talk about fallacy, why don't you go there for yourself and then lets talk. No wonder the world think we are a bunch of arrogant pricks
  3. what is your point? Im appealing to anecdotal evidence? what exactly are you talking about? the population living on 2 dollars a day in the rural town is a Godsent ( pardon the pun) you have no idea how cheap it is parts of rural China, I went to Datong in the northern Shanxi Province , its the tier 5 city ,I spend the day there and I brought 75 dollars and ate out, visited the 9 dragon wall and the shadow caves, bought a bunch of crap and by the time we left we had under just under 50 dollars, that was between 3 people, that was 3 years ago, the lowest tier of all cities in China. I didn't buy anything foods from the market as its small coal city and not very appealing Ive seen what some earned on average about 2000 US a year, and some of them lived fine according to some of the folks, just outside of Datong, a town called Xiguancan( not sure if I spelled it right) if some of the workers earn 2 dollars a day they are in heaven. Like I said you have no idea until you see it for yourself and say thank God we live in America.
  4. bailing out any industry is a bad idea, Bush was wrong in bailing out Wall Street Obama was wrong bailing out the auto industry Trump was wrong bailing out farmers the agricultural industry in a America is a joke Congress and every Administration has been subsidizing the farming industry since the great depression , 3% of dairy farmers is responsible for 50% of the milk produce , how do you think "government cheese" came into existence?
  5. you've never been to China, try going there and visiting villages outside of tier 5 cities and some tier 4 cities you will see the real face of poverty try visit xinjiang and villages around Kashgar, and you poverty , its not or nowhere near to being eliminated. The truth is China was having problems, Mao's vision isn't working, the fact that Deng Xiaoping opened up economic zones saved china and one of them was shenzhen, during Mao's time it was poor as poor can be, after Mao died ( best thing that happened to China) Deng opened up the city and within 20 years it flourished, today its has over 18 million people, its rivals Hong Kong. Marxism is dying off as the new younger generation sees that its better to have some freedom than none like their cousins in North Korea, they see the differences between Seoul and Pyongyang, they see the difference between a Tier one city like Beijing, Shenzhen and a not so great capital city like Umanqi in Xinjiang and think nah, Marxism isnt appealing. I predict China will be a mixed economy and will lose the communist party and socialism to a degree when the old guards finally die off and the billionaires most of which is in the communist party will give their inheritance to their one child and that generation will transform China into what we see in America, that is assuming they have to political will to do so or maybe they will forged their own idea of what China should be
  6. I disagree Xavier, I believe the odds of him being reelected is great, the average voter is ignorant of politics, but since Trump has arrived on the scene more people are getting involved , since AOC has arrived on the scene more people are asking themselves what is government actually doing? But still the majority cares about feeding their families, how safe they are, and money in their pockets. What they see is the Democrats for two years said Trump colluded with the Russians, then they discovered Collusion isnt a legal term, that “coordination and conspiracy" is at play after two years he admits there wasn't any direct coordination and conspiracy but reasons for obstruction of justice For the everyday average layman, all they see is Trump didnt conspire with the Russians and now they are trying to nail him on obstruction and now Mueller refuses to testify this is what the average voter sees and they will vote for Trump again to show the Democrats this is the price you pay for preaching for two years saying he did, he did, he did, they dont care if he guilty of obstruction , just like they didn't care about Bill Clinton perjury charge and obstruction, and witness tampering. All they see is Trump is still walking upright trying to govern and the democrats attempting to nail him at every corner, threatening impeachment , I really honestly believe now that Trump is hoping for impeachment because he knows the Senate will never convict a sitting president of the same party, it would be the end of the republican party for decades.
  7. chairmanOFTB

    dear president trump

    hey brokeback mountain boy, where in the constitution does it say that post it here for us to see it
  8. okay, fair enough. so what is that makes you say that the republicans are hypocritical about? what are they doing that they complain democrats are doing?
  9. chairmanOFTB

    Nordic Socialism Is Realer Than You Think

    you're just playing games now guilluamezenz, I think you're being a troll now and doing it for sh1ts and giggles Maybe this is how you get off , trying to stir the pot Many folks on here have presented evidence, not just opinions , views or anecdotal evidence , empirical evidence disputing your claim and then you whine about nobody wanting to debate you and they are so mean towards you with the insults. If you're going to be a troll you will be treated like a troll
  10. I find it funny that you don't think it was politically motivated, I dont know if you're being disingenuous or naive Can you find me one person on the left that doesn't hate Trump or the current group of republicans?
  11. except the economist in me looks at that differently Peter, its kind of hard to compare times on that chart, between 1929 to 1944 the dollar was on the gold standard, from 1944 to 1971 gold exchange standard under the bretton woods agreement and then after 1971 Fiat money and that kind of effects inflation some what. as in for the we are in trouble because of the rising debt and Trump's high deficit spending, Im somewhat worried, but Im also not worried because of what China is doing and I think they will suffer a setback but that won't be until 2021 ish and hopefully he is still in office as he is the only president in modern time that has put the Chinese feet to the fire Im not going to bore with economic stuff.
  12. we haven't had a good "capitalist " economy since Calvin Coolidge was in the white house. All presidents since the Idiot Nixon puts on Fiat , policies is based on borrow, spend and lend. when does it collapse the moment we stop being the world's reserve currency
  13. Good, he is a POS, he is lucky he has is congressional health insurance to take care of his fat ass.