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  1. I think Elton and RR have strong personalities so its easy to see why they clash both can articulate their positions in my opinion.
  2. I respect his views, we dont always agree but he can articulate his position along with a few others like Olivaw and such. I appreciate opposing views without the animus
  3. good for you do you dont believe in the markets , got it who are you to say who wants or needs what? are you Stalin, Mao or Castro's descendant? LMFAO, you sound as paranoid as the conspiracy buffs out there.
  4. depends on who are they? Norwegians arent flocking to our country, except to visit the sunshine states or the big apple and other tourist spots Illegals from Mexico and surrounding are looking for a better life yes, as they want to take advantage of what this country represents but that wasnt the point, many people born, bred and living in their country believes their country is the best and I can find tons of a happy people there that was my point.
  5. Not as you see it huh. Okay then and comparing me to all other right wingers?
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/venezuela-s-violence-seen-killing-carolina-herrera-s-nephew-n761201 Venezuela gun crimes is on the rise
  7. see below isnt this an example of an insult or condescending comment ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. I would think that most Americans wont or want to emigrate to Norway is because of the language barrier and the Weather (except those that live in an northern state) Southern folks used to the sunny weather wont find any Scandinavian countries weather appealing
  9. LMFAO okay, professor , thanks for enlightening us. Ummmm, I hate to break it to you sport but happiness is subjective everyone thinks their country is the best I bet I can find happy people in Zimbabwe and Siberia too.
  10. Its funny that when Chavez was running things and the economy was good , every one including Sanders was praising him and the country A decade later after his death everyone including Sanders is distancing themselves from Chavez legacy and such. I wonder if you folks will turn your back on AOC when she falls?
  11. and you have stats to back that up sport? and nobody says or most people dont believe that guns dont prevent crimes are all crimes, it can save you from a particular crime
  12. every three weeks or so you post the same thread about Norway and the Scandinavian countries You cant come up with new material Im sure we will see more They have the best healthcare they have less gun crimes they are the happiest people in the world blah blah blah. I like to know why you havent moved to one of the countries you admire? you said you lived in France and I think the Netherlands, and course Canada.. right
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