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  1. On January 6th, 2021........the White Nationalist Right-Wing Conservative Christian Bowel Movement issued a FattyWa to all Cult Members and declared a HeeHawd on the United States of America. Few were amused, especially the FBI. Now, both run-down Slave State Crack Shack trailer parks and some of RepublicanVille's finest uppity White Folks gated communities across America are getting Wellness Check Visits from FBI Agents. Damn. I bathe in the tears of scared Conservative Traitors.
  2. All of the White Republican Right-Wing Conservative Christian Trump-supporting Segregationists have now PERMANENTLY censured themselves from American democratic society, and as of the first moment they stepped past the barriers and breached our Capitol with their attempted insurrection, driven to lynch the Vice President, execute all Democratic leadership, and violently topple our Republic, they MUST be considered Enemies Of The State. This mad rabble, along with their felonious leaders on Right-Wing Hate Radio, FOX News, Breitbart, InfoWars, NewsMax, Parler, GAB, etc., and whom currently
  3. Thank you for self-identifying yourself as a Treason-inciting Conservative.
  4. The Twelve Days of Trumpless On the first day of Trumpless My Country sent to me: A lame ass in a hairpiece. On the second day of Trumpless My Country sent to me: 2 rubber gloves And a lame ass in a hairpiece. On the third day of Trumpless My Congress sent to me: 3 Twitter friends 2 rubber gloves And a lame ass in a hairpiece. On the fourth day of Trumpless My Congress sent to me: 4 Appalling words 3 Twitter friends 2 rubber gloves And a lame ass in a hairpiece. On the fifth day of Trumpless My Congre
  5. That is 100% correct, and those Democrats were 100% White Conservative RIGHT-WING Christians. Thank Imaginary Jesus that the Democrats flushed their Party toilet back in 1965, and sent all that Conservative White Christian RIGHT-WING sh|t straight into the Republican Party's punch howl.
  6. Frankly. all White Conservative Christian Trumpfederates should be thrown in chains and their families enslaved for generations, as JUSTICE and payback for their degenerate ancestors pointing to their Holy Bible and enslaving human beings.........but you can't always get what you want. I can settle for them just working on a Chain Gang for a full decade.
  7. "We?" "WE?" So....you're not hard enough to take me on, all by yourself? Like I said a million times.. you weak-sister Trump morons are only dangerous when you herd together for safety. And you just CONFIRMED that fact. We're done now, Trump vermin. When you become a man, get back to me.
  8. I'm right here, angry scum. So.....you gonna stepTF up and bring it and bite me like a Big Boy, Little Maggot....or are ya just yip-yip-yip all day long like a little doggie? (crickets) Yeah. I thought so. Best you run back to your Mommy's nipple now...... before someone's big sister ruins your Miserable Sniveling Little Bitch day.
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