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  1. Hmm. So the CRAZY religious RIGHT thinks they can force America to remove all civil rights and liberties from American women? LOL? Here? In OUR America, the place where more than 70% of the Electorate demands that Roe v Wade remain the law of the land? I smell a profitable capitalistic opportunity and a HUGE new group of customers brewing-up out there in the RED States. Providing access to Termination Services to all those RED STATE-deprived women should be a relatively low-cost enterprise to fund and start up. All that you really need to start is a large, medically-equipped RV, 1 RN, 1 lawyer, and 1 competent, trained Pro-Choice doctor. Anyone want to guess how long it will be before you can get an simple app on your cell phone to summon a Mobile Pregnancy Termination Service van to come to your house and deliver any needed services, across the Red States? The same app could be used to schedule a quick boat ride out to International waters, to a waiting Medical Ship permanently stationed somewhere convenient off the coast of the Bible Belt could also become a resource for ladies caught in the crossfire of crazed, RIGHT-WING religious fanatics. A well-equipped 100' Medical Hospital Ship sitting about 13 miles off the Gulf Coast could easily offer low-cost 20 minute shuttle-boat rides to any women who need to access the services available on the Hospital Ship. Need an abortion, a vasectomy, or a tubal ligation? Need an IUD?
  2. So...... Calling me a bunch of infantile names is really the best you can do? No one is the least bit surprised that YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH. What a feckless little child you really are. YOU HAVE NO DEBATE SKILLS OR GAME. Why does it make all of you sorry little Conservative kiddies so angry when someone decides make you smell your own historically-abhorrent murderous list of crimes against humanity? You clowns are incapable of guilt, or remorse, or any sense of REAL shame. Why not just grow a pair, or display a spine, and WHOLEHEARTEDLY ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY, just like actual men would do when presented with incontrovertible evidence of their crimes? Pretending these events didn't happen, or that someone ELSE was responsible is just plain old bvtt-fvcking COWARDLY. I don't write the History Books. But I can read them, and they ALL point to religious CONSERVATIVE fanatics as the #1 prime drivers of almost ALL historical events of DEPRAVITY, MADNESS, MURDER, GENOCIDE, and the ENSLAVEMENT of innocent human beings. It's ain't ME who records all human history, tallies-up all the body-bags, and points the unerring finger of blame on the cult-like criminals responsible for the crimes. HISTORIANS record the Death Tolls, and tell us who OWNS the blame for the commission of those large-scale MASS-MURDERS. The Guilty Party AIN'T the bleeding-heart Liberals. It ain't the tree-hugging Greenies. It ain't the atheists It ain't the agnostics. It ain't the Hindus, or the Buddhists, or the Scientologists. It ain't the dope-smoking hippies, the LSD-taking Preppies, the heroin addicts, the pill-popping opiate freaks, or the toothless Meth heads. It ain't the Sierra Club, the backers of the Green New Deal, or PETA. IT'S ALWAYS THE HARD-LINER, RIGHT-WING, PATRIARCHAL, CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS WACKOS. History's plethora of murdering RIGHT-Wing Religious Conservative cultists have worked hard and worked long to EARN their Mark of Cain. Their crimes against Man and Nature will never be redeemed. If Imaginary Hell ever existed, it would be overpopulated with CONSERVATIVE crazies. We're DONE now. Maybe get back to me when you become mature enough to present ANY kind of coherent counter-narrative to ANYTHING I post.
  3. Lying MORON Trump is so frazzled now he can't even remember what lie he told America an hour ago, yesterday, last week, last month, last year........ Here is his Tweet, claiming "impossible for me to know Flynn was dirty"......... https://theweek.com/speedreads/842073/trump-claims-no-told-not-hire-michael-flynn-obama-did Yes, Captain Odious. No one told you except everyone who told you. Except Obama, who warned Trump about Flynn being compromised by Russia the day after the 2016 Election....... https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/2093491/trump-warned-obama-about-hiring-former-security Except Chris Christie, who warned Trump about Flynn while Christie was Director of Trump's Transition Team, and then Christie was promptly fired by Jared Kushner, because Jared was still sulking about Christie putting Jared's Daddy in prison........ https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/22/politics/chris-christie-mike-flynn/index.html Except Sally Yates, who told Trump face-to-face that Mike Flynn was compromised by Russia, and had lied to Mike Pence..............and then Yates was fired for telling the truth...... https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/timeline-sally-yates-warnings-white-house-mike-flynn/story?id=47272979 VERDICT? Even Donald Trump doesn't believe what Donald Trump says. He's so hated by America and the World that he could commit suicide on 5th Avenue, and no one would try to stop him. Donald Trump, as the nice orderlies in white coats from the Sanitarium lead him off to weave baskets with the gentle people in Ward 7, at Bellevue: ""Waaaghhh! No one told me Mike Flynn was dirty! No one tells me anything! No one respects me or my Presidency! People take papers off my desk! My Administration is infected with leakers and RATS! Everyone hates me! The media hates me! 65% of America hates me! Mike Pence is scheming to take over when I get impeached! I want my Mommy..............."
  4. Genocidal leaders CANNOT kill anyone unless they are elevated, worshiped, and adored by a swooning population under their rule. And, as I said.......hate-spewing leaders are always POWERLESS, unless the religious RIGHT-WING fanatics who infect those same populations back that leader. Since NAZISM was created, encouraged, supported, and championed by CHRISTIANS, and CHRISTIANITY was the PRIMARY religion in NAZI Germany from 1933 to 1945...AND the 3rd Reich and Hitler were publicly blessed by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope...........how can Christianity separate itself from NAZISM? Why are there still NAZI Christmas ornaments available for sale right here in America? Why are there multiple home movies of NAZIs celebrating Christmas with their families? Sorry. ALL historical events of White Nationalist racism and White Power hatred towards minority groups over the last 500 years in Western Europe AND here on BOTH American continents were 100% powered by RIGHT-WING Hard-Liner CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS. FACT: When it comes to religious folks committing atrocities...it is ALWAYS the CONSERVATIVES who commit those crimes. The TYPE of religion doesn't really matter when it comes to hatred, mass-murder, genocide, or the commission of every horrific criminal abomination perpetrated against innocent human beings...but if we have to choose between PROGRESSIVE, TOLERANT religionists and CONSERVATIVE, INTOLERANT religionists, history makes it irrefutably clear which aisle side of the Church or Mosque or Temple you need to worry about, and where the DANGEROUS ones are lurking. Over the last millennium, there are NO historical atrocities tied to LEFT-WING, TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE Jesus-emulating Christians. In contrast, there ARE plenty of historical genocides and atrocities tied to RIGHT-WING HARD-LINER CONSERVATIVE Christians. Over the last millennium, there are NO historical atrocities tied to LEFT-WING, TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE Moses-emulating Jews. However, there ARE multiple historical atrocities tied to RIGHT-WING HARD-LINER CONSERVATIVE Jews...(like the U.S.S. Liberty attack on American sailors, or the Palestinian occupations and purges) Over the last millennium, there are NO historical atrocities tied to LEFT-WING, TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE Muslims. But we have all seen dozens of historical atrocities tied to RIGHT-WING HARD-LINER CONSERVATIVE Muslims.
  5. Uh...try to keep up. >> NAZI Germany and the 3rd Reich was created, nurtured, and encouraged inside a German society that was a 100% CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN culture. >> Stalinism occurred inside a Russian religious society that was almost 100% Russian Orthodox Christian CONSERVATIVE culture. >> The Confederacy occurred inside a 100% RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Christian culture. >> The Crusades were conducted by a 100% RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Christian culture. >> The Inquisition was conducted by a 100% RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Christian culture. >> The Burning of Witches in America occurred under a 100% RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Christian culture. >> The Mass-Murder and genocidal purge of the Native Americans and the evisceration of ALL North and South American continental ethnically-cleansed indigent American natives was conducted by 100% RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Christian invaders from Europe. Over the ENTIRE course of human history, LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE, pro-secular societies are responsible for a grand total of ZERO atrocities, genocides, and race-based Ethnic Cleansings. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. Try again. Sorry. Pick any historical genocide, and you'll find RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE Religionist fanaticism at the core.
  6. Well said. But applying economies of scale and effecting the mobilization of costs are always going to be part of any straightforward, long-term business strategy.
  7. Hmm. Google. Face Book. Hollywood. Silicon Valley. Bio-medical research. Climate Science research. ALL 22nd Century technological advancement, as the 4th Tech Wave arrives (Machine Learning and A.I.) and the 5th Tech Wave is already beckoning (Trans-Humanism, which will have our "Leftist" medical scientists extending the human lifespan to 130 - 150 years, via a permanent implanted hardware link to the Cloud to slow all cellular death....) Yes, the LEFT owns all of these cultural entities. The LEFT has ALWAYS been ahead of the curve, which is why the LEFT owns every single cultural awakening and societal advancement since the Dawn of Humanity. It's just how PROGRESSIVISM rolls...given that it is always the LEFT who challenges the status-quo, demands new answers, and has the courage to go where WEAKLING, traditions-anchored Conservatives fear to tread. The PROGRESSIVE SECULAR LEFT holds the keys to America's economic AND cultural future. This is why the 3 BLUE States of California, New York, and Massachusetts keep grabbing a full 50% of ALL Venture Capital investment in America, year, after year, after year, after year. In 2020, there will be about 22 - 23 BILLION invested into American business by Venture Capitalists. Those same 3 BLUE States will divvy-up 12 - 13 BILLION, and watch it pour into their business coffers, while RED America and the rest of America squabble over the remaining 9 - 10 billion. And Texas will come in at a DISTANT 4th place once again, getting less than a billion in 2020 VC. The other 46 States? LOL. They have to scrabble for the crumbs. No one is going to throw good money after bad. BIGSKY, you just listed where 70% of the ENTIRE economic growth occurs and what comprises the very roots of American culture and society. You know...where virtually ALL the money is being made, and WILL be made over the next millennium? Verdict- The words "capitalism", "free market", "profit", "corporations", do NOT appear anywhere in our Founding documents. It does NOT say "We the Corporation." It says "WE THE PEOPLE."
  8. "Trumptimus Prime?" Wow. LOL. Yes, we are dealing with children plaguing this Forum. Why am I not surprised that Trump Cult has "heroes" that come from Saturday morning Toonville? So....let me tale a wild guess: Do you have a Trump Action figure in your bedroom, right next to He-Man, G.I. Joe, Pokey, and Gumby? "Trumpformers! More than meets the eye!" Verdict? Mommy has sown-on your Batman cape too tight around the neck.
  9. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jack-renshaw-sentenced-life_n_5cdeb566e4b00735a91553a2 White, ALT-RIGHT Aryan Nation NAZIs are pretty commonplace down at the local Gray Bar Hotel, but convicted pedophiles aren't usually welcomed in prison society.
  10. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/05/watch-congressman-bawls-emotional-defense THIS sad display of cheek-spreading Republican subservience to CAPITALISTIC GREED is just one the horrific results of our SCOTUS passing Citizens United. Q.: Who is keeping the Republican Party viable? A.: Uber-wealthy CORPORATIONS. BIG Pharma. BIG Oil. BIG Ag. BIG Defense Industry Wall Street
  11. Stormy Daniels: "Faster, Donald! Faster! Faster, my Magnificent Orange Stallion!" Summer Xervos: "Harder! Harder, my love! Harder! Ooh, roger me in two with your mighty sword! Do it harder!" Melania Trump: "Hmm. Beige? Or Navaho White? Maybe Eggshell? Donald, we need to repaint the bedroom ceiling......"
  12. Sure about that? I guess that would explain why MAJORITY Mid-Term Voting Americans just out-and-out BRUTALLY Late-Term Aborted 41 Republican House Representatives, a mere 7 months ago.
  13. A Jizz Martini is proud to be........ drunk? Just trying to get into the spirit of your post, since you were on SUCH a roll........... Q.: What do you get when you turn an African American inside-out? A. An Irishman. Q. What do you call a Noir-Kappa-Phi fraternity Sausage Party when a bunch of drunk White underclassmen boys crashes the occasion? A. A Vienna Sausage Party. Q.: What is the thinnest ethnicity-based cookbook? A.: The British Book of Cuisine. Q.: Why aren't there any good jokes about the Jonestown Massacre and what crazy Christians did in Guyana to over 900 of their followers? A> The Punch Line is always too long.