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  1. On your boat? I can't think of a more apropos place than where you are.....DEAD in the water, just like Tweety Twump.
  2. Thank you for providing the exact kind of magical thinking and circular logic that proves my point. The base-level roots of our U.S. Constitution and our form of a small-D democratic Republic predate the Magna Carta and can be sourced to MUCH earlier cultures. Both our government structure and our noble notions of "all citizens possess inalienable rights" more closely resembles the thinking and laws that ancient Greek and Spartan societies valued. I always laugh at the antics and mental contortions religious folks succumb to, as they try to rewrite themselves back into re
  3. When are the hordes of limp-dicked Trumpanzees going to start Civil War 2.0? We grow bored of their threats, and we tire of waiting. Start shooting, already. Let's get the 10 minutes of carnage over with.
  4. Dumbass pigs murder Black woman and immediately get off, just like every time during the last 244 years. It's time to burn all the Slave states.
  5. Trump loses in 44 days, and SCOTUS is expanded by Biden and the Democrat-led Senate to 15 judges. Case closed. Need a tissue?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turpin_case She wants to force American women to have children they don't want, so they can be caged, chained, and starved until they love Imaginary Jesus. That's the Pentacostal way to embed the "love" of Imaginary Jesus into the kids. Q.: Has any notorious mass-murdering degenerate lunatic religious cult of kooks in all of recorded history ever exceeded the unending stream of horrific mass-atrocities, the countless generations of slavery, and the overt, gleeful, sadism-driven depraved genocide and grotesque tortures that Conservative
  7. My kid brother is a cop, 18 years on the force. He and his buddies know not to fuck with me. 90% OF ALL Cops end up traumatized, which is why their substance abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, divorce, and suicide rates are so high. Their ranks are infested with disappointed little loser pussy-boy social rejects, who need a gun on their hip to feel "manly", or emotionally-broken post-traumatic returning combat veterans, who somehow think they can push the citizens around on their beat just like they beat-down the Iraqis during the Republican Party's total-failure Iraqi Mili
  8. FACT: America is a SECULAR democratic Republic. Want to subject sane Americans to the nonsensical babbling found in your favorite Bronze Age horror novel? Fine. GTFO, and move to a Theocracy. FINAL VERDICT: We honor and must ONLY be guided by the dictates of our cherished Rule of Law, not someone's mental delusions about Middle Eastern foreign Sky Fairy cartoon characters.
  9. Another Conservative coward issuing laughable threats? Go suck some cop dick. LOL. I ignore the cops. They represent no threat to me. If I need a dozen doughnuts delivered, I'll call them.
  10. Biden/Harris flags far outnumber the Trump rags here in Cali, even out in the Central Valley.
  11. Sorry, Cupcake. No one cares about your cowardly White racist fears, or your hatred that the MAJORITY of voters are not going to ensure that White people run this country anymore. Why the constant whimpering? You ass- clowns bigots had a good run inflicting misery on everyone else for the past 244 years, but now, you're going to share wealth, power, and influence. Don't like it? We expected you'd crumble at the first sign of ACTUAL equality taking form. Sack up.
  12. It is astonishing how many if our RIGHT-WING Conservative FAKE patriots are completely clueless about our U.S. Flag Code. FACT: Changing the colors of the stripes or field of stars is the same as setting Old Glory on fire. FACT: If you do this, you are DISRESPECTING OUR FLAG. I laugh every time I see another pro-cop abortion of our Red, White. and Blue American Flag. And how many of these idiots don't know that when displaying our flag, the field of stars mist ALWAYS show in the upper left corner....no matter how you display it? Verdict- No one was
  13. Looks like Kamala wears standard Black and White Converse low-tops..........like a REAL American.
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