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  1. All conservatives are cowardly little bellicose LOSERS.
  2. ^^Typical weak-minded Conservative Xstain feeb." Are you angry, Daffodil? Go suck your Imaginary Jesus's little toothpick. I'm sure he'll make you a happy little feeb. Immutable Facts: White Conservative Jesus Fanboys are just too weak and pathetic to OWN the multitude of atrocities their degenerate, ugly. sadism, torture, and slavery-worshiping sad Cult has historically exacted on their 100's of millions of innocent victims. Conservatism + Protestant, Catholic, Fundamentalist, Evangelical.........yada, yada, yada (yawn.) All the same shit-swilling degenerates. Responsible for history's worst crimes against humanity.
  3. All human progress comes from PROGRESSIVE thought.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Nazi_Germany It's always been the WHITE Conservative Xstains behind the world's most horrific mass-murderous atrocities. 3rd Reich Religious Breakout by Putrid Religious Demographic: 54% Protestant 40% Catholic 3.5% "believed in (Abrahamic version) of God It's always the same Weak White Filth for Jesus who have mass-murdered the most people
  5. The 3rd Reich was 99% populated by CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES. All Conservative Religion is fascist. Don't you have some swastike Xmas Ornaments?
  6. That's no way to speak about Melania Trump. She's a well-paid 3rd World Eurotrash Whore.
  7. Hitler? His RIGHT-WING Conservative Christian Third Reich? The NAZIs were vermin, but they only maimed and mutilated people for 12 years. In stark contrast, the White Vermin that populated the Confederate Degeneracy made the Reich look like a bunch of naive unsodomized Catholic Choir Boys.
  8. Thankfully, the Caucasian vermin is dying out. Their sperm counts and motility are in the crapper. So called "white" boys will vanish in less than 15,000 years. Breed a white female before they are gone!
  9. I had the truth nailed at "far too weak." Because only Christian Mental Illness would conceive of chastity belts, thumbscrews, tongue-splitters, and Scold's Masks.
  10. Not being able to circle-jerk without an immediate SWAT Response and jail time would also start forcing all the Trump Incels to learn some actual seduction skills
  11. Those are all contemporary movies.........seen all of them, but "Bullitt" and "Duel" might be the most groundbreaking.
  12. Yes to both. Crosby and Astaire make "Holiday Inn" a much better movie than White Christmas.
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