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  1. The WEAKEST males on the planet are ALWAYS our resident hordes of easily-duped Conservative RIGHT-Wing miscreants, and it doesn't matter if they are RIGHT-WING religious Christians, Islamists, or Judaists. These craven little sniveling, quivering cowards are permanent members of the Follower Class, and are always the last to leap into the breach, and always the first to blame others when they get caught with their grimy little pinkies stealing from the Cookie Jar. There is no such thing as an HONORABLE, ACCOUNTABLE Right-Wing Conservative. These quaky-kneed Nancies scare themselves silly with every bit of Internet butt-nuttery they can conjure-up and then embarrass themselves and their own friends and families with.....and without Conservatives, could proudly displaying a base-level state of ABJECT EDUCATIONAL IGNORANCE have become such a meritorious Badge of Honor in our culture, on the Crazy-Quilt ALT-Right? > Could the Jamestown Massacre even happen without his idiotic hordes of craven CONSERVATIVE religious-kook followers? > Could the inferno that David Koresh died in be possible, without his captive bevy of Religious Conservative Fundamentalist Followers, their "wives" and all the little girls that David raped while he stockpiled weapons and waited for his Imaginary Apocalypse to occur? > Could a Christian Cult all decide to put on their special tennis shoes, lie down in their Magic Bunk Beds, swill poison, pull the covers over their heads, and then perish en masse, waiting for Imaginary Jesus to come with a spaceship and take them away to New Mecca, without the abject IDIOCY always on display by the Permanent RIGHT-Wing Conservative Follower Religious Class? > Could the Jade Helm 15 wacko myth be successfully propagated without a bunch of gullible Conservative sheep that can be ordered to graze, on command? > Can a Pizza Parlor even be invaded by a crazed gun-wielding Conservative Trump Rube, demanding to see the basement, without a permanent stable of Republican morons who force-feed themselves on NewsMax, Breitbart, and RT Today? > Can a silly "shut down our airlines!" American Ebola scare happen without the average 4th-Grade education RED Americans love to proudly display here, every day, on this Forum? VERDICT- It takes an emotional and mental weakling to elect a feckless, buttfvcking-ignorant loudmouthed ignoramus.
  2. LOL. What a MORON you are. You should ask Mom or Dad to read the nonsense you post, before you post something that COMPLETELY steamrolls your incessant puling and whining and WIPES-OUT your feeble attempt to pretend the FACTS aren't FACTS. From YOUR posted info: "Overall, we rate the Daily Beast Left-Biased due to story selection that favors the left and High for factual reporting based on proper sourcing and a reasonable fact check record." You DO know what "High for factual reporting based on proper sourcing and a reasonable fact check record" means, right? The only places where facts and truth and retractions and corrections OCCUR, EVER are LEFTIST News sites, sonny. Which means they probably will have some "liberal bias." Verdict- Your dazed and confused strange little Orange Toddler is going DOWN, sweetheart. Sorry. Nothing you can do about it. Try to take it like a man. Best you stick to Breitbart and NewsMax and RT Today....places created expressly for RUBE Nation.
  3. Relax. Benji isn't tall enough to stand on a stepladder and reach up high enough to lick my balls. Which means no one is gonna take your job, for the time being.
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-impeachment-sondland-testimony-pompeo-quid-pro-quo-ukraine-a9210976.html Guilty as a muthafvcker, all of them. We're going to need a large bonfire to hog-roast Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo, and America better keep a fire extinguisher handy, because those two useless lard-butted Conservative vomit-bags each tipping the scales at 350 lbs of cellulite are gonna create a grease fire of YUGE proportions. Q.: How many Conservative Criminal Republican Trump Maggot Felons does it take to fill up a brand-new wing at Leavenworth? Bilbous Barr Mountain Mike Pompeo Rickless Perry Rudy Colludy Giuliani Mullah Mikey Pence Dear Leader DILDOnald Trump Let's hope Barr and Pompeo get shoved into a single 5' x 7' cell. I want to hear them argue over who broke the toilet. 'Maybe the Aryan Brothers at the prison will take them in..... VERDICT- Lock ALL of these despicable, degenerate LYING multiple felons up, then throw the key into a hole, and then throw away the hole.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/21/israeli-prime-minister-benjamin-netanyahu-indicted-for-bribery-and Rule of Thumb: If it's RIGHT-Wing, and Conservative, and Religious, any SANE Nation should immediately bear down hard, grunt as much as necessary, and then excrete that lump back onto the sh|t-pile it was birthed from to avoid the danger of toxicity and infection. I'm no spring chicken, but I'm pretty sure I can boot Benjamin Netanyahu cleanly through the goalposts from at LEAST 45 yards out.
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/lev-parnas-helped-rep-devin-nunes-investigations Another day in America, another criminal maggot is separated with a crowbar from a Conservative Congressional coward wanker.
  7. Did Obama tale away all of our guns, yet? Howz that Pizzagate thingie workon' out? Maybe another Benghazi Investigation would work? They say 18 Investigations is the charm, right?
  8. Screw ALL Right-Wing religionists, regardless of what color footie pajamas their imaginary Sky Faeries wear. Screw Netanyahoo- Lock that criminal Conservative little runt-bitch up. Why don't all the Sand Religion Abrahamic vermin run back to where their myths and superstitions were created? The Middle East is nice this time of year. America is a Secular Nation that worships the Rule of Law, over all other things. Abandon All Hope, Ye Religious Kooks Who Enter America. Ye Will Be Schooled.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/17/us/politics/louisiana-governor-trump.html The cure to the T-Virus is Voter Turnout. This latest embarrassing public humiliation and resounding political beat-down of Mr. Donald McFondle sent him straight to the Psych Ward at Walter Reed hospital. Let's all send thoughts and prayers and hope that his Emergency Hysterectomy was successful.
  10. Michelle Malkin, Jeanine Pirro, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin........do these 4 dried-up, repulsive and rabid Conservative Propaganda Whores represent the best the ALT-Right can offer? Talk about INSTANTLY realizing that you have landed in Hell....is waking up and realizing one of these drip-dry skanks has somehow begged and pleaded and/or Rufied her way into your hotel room. I ask all the Conservative laddies here on the Forum: Is it the very thought of having to bed one of these poisonous scrunts the REAL reason you guys always try to hook-up for a piece in the Republican Male safety of the closest airport Men's bathroom?
  11. Sadly, there just aren't enough "I'm a Pufter Conservative Marshmallow and I Wanna Pretend to Be a Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy!" Dude Ranches, or enough extra pillows to end the corrupt, degenerate, rotting plague of Conservativism that befouls America.
  12. 'Twas The Night Before TrumpMas 'Twas the night before TrumpMas, when all through our Town, Not a MAGAt was stirring, nor any a s s-clowns. Our Uzis were hung by the front door with care, In hopes that DILDOnald would dare to pass there. Our college-age kiddies all snored in their beds. Visions of the edibles danced in their heads. The wife wore a 'kerchief, her head in my lap, We'd just started-up a scheduled a s s-tap. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, We sprang from our bed to tend to the matter. Now armed at the front-step, and staring downrange, We wuz ready to 2A some political change.. When what through my wandering sight did appear, A derailed GOP Klown Kar stuck in overdrive gear. A braying-a s s driver towed a caboose full of fools, I knew in a moment they must be GOP tools. More drunker than Palin they veered down our lane. They whistled, and shouted, and yelled-out their names: "Hey, Donald! Hey, Ronald! Hey Gerald and Nixon! Hey Georgie, hey Shrubbie!" The usual Trump Sh|t-Show and that stupid blond vixen. I said to the wife "This is almost like Christmas!" She said "It's pretty damn late- so shoot straight and let's get some." From the top of my porch Took a bead on them all. Then blast away! Blast away! We blasted them all. I saw the strange orange one take two to the head, Trump's bluster and blubber stained our 5th street dark red. And I laughed when he fell, saw the fear in his eyes. Of this untimely end to his mountain of lies. He collapsed in a heap and whined like a bitch. Choked out his last words and rolled into the ditch. We heard that last whimper, "But... I'm not such a bad guy!" I heard God snort over that one more Trump lie. The noise settled down, this Eve's wet-work now done. It was over so quickly, it had awaken no one. So I grabbed my old shovel and her, the pick-ax. And we bagged up the bodies to cover our tracks. We dug quite a hole out along our back fence, 3 yards of fresh top-fill covers all evidence. 'Twas the Night Before Trumpmas, And all through our Nation, We ended America's T-virus infestation.
  13. For the same reason that the tiny portion of (about 1/6th, or 500 out of 3100) all U.S. Counties that voted BLUE in 2016 keep creating 2/3 of ALL American GDP year on and year out? Yes, there is some life happening in the TAKER Red States, way far outside of the MAKER Blue States where all human progress and the future is constantly being reshaped and re-imagined.....but that RED State life is just a bunch of less-evolved, lower life-forms.
  14. Kathy Griffin could behead the impeached President of the United States on 5th Avenue, and 67 million American Voters would just step over the body and call for Animal Control to come clean up the roadkill.
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