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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/18/health/abortion-rate-dropped.html Progressives win again, as 4 decades of Left-driven Early Public School Sex Education and the LEFT's achievement of providing broad availability of Birth Control methods to our youngsters and women of child-bearing age begins to pay GREAT dividends. Imagine how few Abortions would be occurring right now, here in the States, if Conservatives and their USELESS Pro-Forced Birth morons had EVER lifted one finger to help educate our kids and empower our women! Of course....to be fair....everyone realizes they're MUCH too busy threatening, harassing, and intimidating helpless vulnerable ladies at Women;s Clinics and murdering people on cold blood to be of any REAL use to anyone....... .....and..Teen Pregnancies have been reduced to an all-time LOW, also due to the valiant efforts made by Progressive PRO CHOICE Movement.....even despite the Bible Belt still leading the Nation in knocking-up the most teenagers.
  2. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/09/pa-state-senator-arrested-charges VERDICT- NEVER EVER EVER leave a Conservative Christian male alone in a confined space with your vulnerable young children!
  3. Why are you whimpering? No self-respecting man or woman is going to ever sleep with you, Cupcake.
  4. ONLY men are responsible for unwanted impregnation. Making sure their sperm does not produce unwanted children is the man's responsibility. No women can get pregnant if the male ensures his seed is defunct. Thanks to the tireless work done by the Pro-Choice Movement, America has recorded the LOWEST number of abortions, ever, since we first began counting them.
  5. Really? Trump's public, documented statement to American Rust Belt autoworkers, telling them to NOT sell their houses because he was bringing auto jobs back to America has "nothing to do with Trump?" Christ. Talk about detached from reality! Trump statements have nothing to do with Trump? LOL. This fine example of a complete inability to grasp the simplest of algebraic equations, i.e., "A = A" explains just how some folks could have actually found themselves buttfvcking stupid enough to vote for The DILDOnald.
  6. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/09/caught-nc-senator-retires-after-hes-caught Just follow the trail of piss! It always leads to a Conservative Hideout. So I'm sure the NC Media will have little problem tracking down and finding this week's suddenly-retiring Republican Vermin. VERDICT: How sad it that all Republicans have to accept that the mere word "Republican" has been re-designated downward to 4-letter profanity status. "Careful, Honey! I just walked the dog. Don't step in the Republican!"
  7. https://crooksandliars.com/2019/09/trump-campaign-photoshops-black-guy-sell Hmm. Like the man said....we have a stolen-identity foreign Black guy being exploited to pretend to America that the Trump Party isn't just the Party of Angry Old Decrepit White people. So, let's examine the formula being presented to America by this latest example of Republicans/Trump/Conservatives being caught RED-HANDED stealing.....for the umpteenth time: 1 talent-less MAGA Marketing Team + 1 Faked British Black guy stolen from the Internet + 1 Chinese-made cheapo ball-cap + 1 Russian-installed President = Making America Great Again! Inarguable Conclusion: It seems apparent that our resident Conservative Trump filth is willing to violate any and all laws when it comes to outright property theft and blatant copyright infringement. Reaction: Official Presidential Statement from our Leader DILDOnald on Russian 2016 Election Interference: "I say if you can't beat 'em, bend, spread cheeks and co-join 'em!" Verdict- As I have said 1000 times, by "virtue" of their own genetic-level core deficiencies and their basic ideological tenets that REQUIRE them to adhere to "tradition" and despise those superior in talent and creativity, and the ongoing directive to "own the Libs" by vehemently resisting all forms of human progress and/or evolutionary change, ALL Conservatives keep reminding us that they have NO ability, NO talent, NO imagination, and NO ability to think creatively. Sadly, the RIGHT's innate fear of the World and suspicion that everyone else around them is FAR more able to adapt and thrive than they can dooms them to finishing Dead Last in all things related to progress. And because they have been programmed to abhor the changing World that surrounds them and the people that do NOT look, vote, think, act, dress, speak, pray, or react like them, all forms of change absolutely baffles and TERRIFIES them. Of course, the Fate of all Conservatism is unalterable. They will always find themselves behind the curve. And being the last to think, to know, to act, and to execute means only ONE thing when they are tasked with something that requires innovation, execution, or productivity: > JUST GO OUT AND STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK. Hey....it must SUCK to always be completely devoid of ideas and creative ability. But what else CAN they do? They HAVE to steal someone else's work, or thieve someone else's talent or product. It's either steal, or FAIL to execute the task. Now...before thy doth make an a$$ out of thyself by responding like an angry whiny little BITCH to this post, Trumpanzee....THINK, child! Can you THINK of any thefts that Trump has made, over the last 4 years? Really? You got nothing? Sigh. Do I REALLY need to give examples to underline everything I just said, above? FACT: I can EASILY list over 100 outright THEFTS of other people's work output, or thefts of their documented public statements, or thefts of their personal copyrighted property, or the thefts of their original innovative ideas that were directly and brazenly ripped-off by Team Trump, or by Team Trump's Core Group of Higher-Up, Muckety-Muck, Inner Circle Non-Fire-able Personal Anal Suppositories and Familial Incest Nepots, such as Ivanka, Jared, Eric, and Runt Trump. Not to mention the outright thefts that have been committed Leader DILDOnald's second-level Team of Trump Apologists and Spin-Doctors. People like Mike Pompous A$$, Rudey Ghoulinani, Sean Insanity, and the 3 Leaky Douchebags on a Couch from FOX and Fiends TV. Or the RIGHT-Wing Hate Radio threesome; Savage, Limbaugh, and Levin...where you will get nothing but an endless Anti-Reality Rant interrupted by silly JUNK-Medicine advertisements for Snake Oil Magic Health Royal Jelly Wrinkle Smoothing Authentic Paint, Bath & Body Shop Quick-Acting Skin Bondo, Coral Calcium Supplements, and ED-B-Gone! Miracle Boner Pills. Conservatives have NEVER expressed an original thought, about anything. This is WHY they HATE Progressives! They are just Trained Monkeys reading from a prepared script. There just isn't a creative bone or ounce of creative brain activity to be found anywhere among that entire group of Trump Filth, and virtually every single day, America watches them regurgitate from someone else's hard-earned work product.......or worse: > they waste our time and insult everyone's 2nd-Grade acquired intelligence by just making some REALLY stupid sh|t up. But, I am not going to waste MY time listing all the oodles, kits and kaboodles of outright thievery committed by Trump and all Conservatives, in general. EVERYONE already knows that Conservatives will ALWAYS be the very last to charge out of a foxhole or to dip a pinkie toe into that scary swimming pool. The LAST to exhibit any courage, valor, honor, or merit. CONSERVATIVES are UTTERLY-INCAPABLE beings. They just aren't innovators. They just aren't creative. They have nothing ORIGINAL to contribute. They are thieves of OTHER people's hard work. They are at their very core- COWARDS. And when they combine their limited "talents"....they succeed ONLY by EXPLOITING the blood, sweat,, and tears of OTHER people, or by leaping onto the backs of those in need and grossly EXPLOITING those people in need's desperation and their need to believe in a miracle that never comes. They are ambulance chasers. Dirt-peddlers. Payday Loan business owners. Retailers of el -cheapo, low-rent rotten food products designed to overcharge and under-deliver to the customer. You know the scum. The guys who make bank in evicting people and closing their mortgages and seizing their houses at a great profit. Tenement Slumlords. Vulture Capitalists. "Catch and Kill" newspaper guys who peddle birdcage-liner and fish wrap. If it involves shady scofflaw exploitation of desperate Americans who are so down and out they become Easy Marks....there will be a gaggle of Conservative Trust-Fund Babies ready to leap onto that poor schmuck's back and take him for that last dollar. Just like the Money Lenders described within the Imaginary Bronze Age Book of Jewish Fairy Tales, America's nest of Conservatives will NEVER be the geniuses creating great works of art or music or science or literature or physics or biology....they are the guys who are funding the anti-science Mob, asking for donations that will never go anywhere but into their Cayman Island Second Summer Estate and Retreat Tax-Avoidance checking account. So...in the interests of brevity, I'll just toss-up a few well-known THEFTS made by Team Trump....the ones they were IMMEDIATELY caught for: > The THEFT of the picture of the Happy NAZIs waving goodbye on the Train that Trump put on his Official Trump Campaign website.....before the media pointed-out that Trump had stolen Public Web Content listed under "military picture" from the Internet, and stupidly chosen WWII NAZI soldiers waving good-bye to their loved ones to try and paint himself as Pro-Military. Remember? Remember how Trump got embarrassed, and then when he couldn't spin his way out, just blamed it on the now-infamous "mystery Team Trump intern?" > Melania's TOTALLY-plagiarized speech that she thieved from Michelle Obama. And when caught like a little THIEVING BITCH, Melania blamed her speechwriter. > Melania's claim to be a College Graduate. Talk about Stolen Valor! It might have been better if she had just ransomed her way to a 4-Year Degree, after realizing she couldn't fvck enough Night Deans to get that Diploma, like Ivanka did. Or, she could have just paid other students to do ALL her assignments, just like her husband did, since all of America has now seen and been convinced that TweedleDumber is COMPLETELY incapable of writing ANYTHING close to what would get a D- Grade in College-level written content........on any subject, in any context. > Trump's rank, putrid, ongoing, anti-democratic "The media is the Enemy of the People!" blabbering at every Rally. STOLEN straight from Der Fuerher's ugly gob....as Hitler railed daily against "Der Lugenpresse! Der Lugenpresse!" from 1933 through his Bunker Downfall in 1945. > Make America Great Again!" Stolen directly from Reagan, and earlier politicians. > EVERY word, thought, and idea in "The Art of The Deal." As anyone who has done even a few weeks learning or working in Sales knows.....everything in Tweety's ghost-authored book is the basic First Day in Sales stuff EVERY salesman HAS to learn in the first 3 or 4 days, just to survive...every word in that book can be found in the pamphlets found inside your local neighborhood's FREE NEWSPAPER "Start Your Own Business! newsstand....from Overcoming Objections, to Not Overselling the Deal, to Walking Away from the Deal, to Closing the Deal. EVERYTHING. Trump's entire "secrets to selling" advice and "Expert Trump-approved Business Counsel" can be found on every AMWAY Tape ever sold to a Distributor....and in every Mary Kay New Day One Sales Trainee's notes, or in her New Recruit notes taken from her first Distributor Meeting or Down Link Seminar. > Trump University Course materials and curriculum. Ditto. See above, under "Art of the Deal." "Thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves. You hear it from his victims and the people call them thieves, thieves, tramps, and thieves." ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> POSTSCRIPT So.....since Team Trump is on a roll, what's gonna be the next promo coming from our brilliant MAGA Marketing and Russian Propaganda boys? BREAKING: It's Offal! Kelly-Anne Conway will moonlight a new paid gig as Rogaine's Official Hair Regrowth Spokes-Douche, sporting a photo-shopped Bolton mustache and braided armpit hair.
  8. FACT: Obama saved the American Auto Industry, and it only took 34 months for President Pu$$y-A$$ Bitch to destroy it, and raise gas prices. Trump, to General Motors autoworkers: "Don't sell your houses or leave the Rust Belt! I am bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.!" Autoworkers: "Yes, sir! And we hear Golden Eggs fall out of your butthole, too!" REALITY: 10's of thousands of autoworkers have LOST their jobs under Dear Leader DILDOnald, and auto plants continue to close and move outside our Borders.
  9. I own guns myself, Sweetheart. What I said is that human beings are not capable of using guns to adjudicate life-and-death decisions without making mistakes, and each one of those mistakes = DEAD INNOCENT PERSON. I know you're waddling as fast as your little webbed feet can go, Ducky, but try to keep abreast of the current narrative if you insist on quacking-in from time to time.
  10. The Founders had no knowledge of anything more lethal than muskets and cannon balls, so pretending they would support arming civilians with anything more complex than black powder and a few B-B's is just inane.
  11. Really? Is there anyone on this Forum intelligent and informed enough to present a viable counter-argument to anything opined in my posts? Perhaps they're just hiding, and waiting for that prime Golden Opportunity to chime-in with some kind of brilliant rebuttal. Or........not.
  12. ....an argument or counter-narrative that actually contains some evidence, theory, or actual facts that dispute anything I posted. Or...you could just keep posting nothing of substance beyond "wow, you are so wrong......." like the average schmo who can't think of anything to post, when challenged.
  13. Well....sorry I challenged your reading acumen, comprehension, and retention capacities. My bad. In the future, I'll dumb it down to 4th Grade level so you have a fair chance at assimilating some REAL knowledge. And male sure you get back to me when you can formulate
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