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  1. Right-Wing Religious Conservatism has held back our species for far too long. Pick the religion- pick the Nation. They're all deadly in Conservative form, especially when they are allowed to herd up and kill people. They contribute NOTHING to human progress, and worse, are far too stupid to stay theF out of the way of their betters. If we could have purged religious Conservatism from America 100 years ago, America would already have colonies on Mars.
  2. We should have a live radio Call-In Challenge as we hang these buggerers, and have listeners vote on which Domestic Trumper Terrorist's neck made the most satisfying.... "SNAP!"
  3. Yeesh! Much Soviet Sperm Swallowing over on the QAninny Right Wing. There really is ZERO difference between KGB Anti-America Talking Point Propaganda and White Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican fear-mongering, as evidenced by their continual spewing of White Grievance faux-outrage. The RIGHT continually regurgitates the silliest abject nonsense on this Forum. Our resident Usual Suspect Verminous Trump Baboons rev themselves up into a constant state of hysterical panic attacks.......until the RED State Trailer Park Meth Dealer resupplies them, after which we us
  4. Late Term U.S. abortions are so few now, even you could count them. Thanks to the tireless work done by the PRO-CHOICE folks, and the decades we've spent educating YOUR kids about sex and PREVENTION.....abortions, teen abortions, and Teen Pregnancies are ALL at historical LOWS here in the U.S. Imagine how we'd have even FEWER abortions each year, if only the FORCED-BIRTHERS had ever lifted a finger to teach Americans how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Maybe we should just criminalize ejaculation. There. Abortion Problem solved.
  5. It must SUCK THE BIG CHOADA to have to accept that your Tribe is getting smaller, every day........and that "War" that you all want to fight now was actually LOST, about 40 years ago.
  6. I merely related the Biblical Story of Lot.
  7. Uh...no. No State, nor ANY governmental authority can criminalize what any man or woman does with their own body or organs or sexual and reproductive decisions, nor can these imaginary "authorities" force any person to reproduce against their will. It's called "liberty." Kinda sucks BIGLY when you Conservative Leviticus junkies can't ram your gibberish-based fantasies down your own fellow citizens throats, eh? Like I said in another post....maybe you Christian Crazies should emulate what your Imaginary God made Lot do.......to his own daughters. And I'm sure you'll get your rock
  8. Did your Daddy do to you what Lot did to his daughters?
  9. Action Item: Why not run back to shithole Western White Europe? Your degenerate kind invaded here, genocided everyone, spread 800 lethal diseases, and stole everything here that wasn't nailed down. And you degenerates had a pretty good 402 year run, too, while defiling our two American continents. Timing is EVERYTHING, Cupcake. Time for you to run back to where you came from. FACE REALITY: Your white sperm counts and sperm motility are already in the toilet..... FACE IT- we are breeding you out of existence. So...why not just GTFO, while the get
  10. I'm betting this person ^^^^^^^ has already MODIFIED HER BODY. Got any ink? Piercings? Has any "work" done to your body? Wear some weird breast-shaping device? Pluck your eyebrows? A Bikini Wax? Yep. BUSTED! You MODIFIED YOUR BODY. FACT: It's always the same WORST RIGHT-WING WHITE RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN VERMIN who blame other people for doing the EXACT SAME WEIRD, DEGENERATE ANTI-SCIENCE BODY MUTILATIONS that CHRISTIANS have been doing for 2000 YEARS. So....Absolutely! Who is gonna stand with me against the genital mutilation Christians, Islamist, an
  11. Hell? Yes, I'm sure that relegating Cuomo to some Bronze Age imaginary nonsensical religious "Bad Place" as punishment for his sexual misbehavior will fix things for the victims. Maybe the women should put a spell on him, too?
  12. Typical anti-semite. Is it the better Jewish brain or the superior reproductive equipment that makes all you sad little pencil-dick White Conservative Christian Terrorists hate Jews so much? Or is it because you idiots had to steal their Judaic religion and then write a bad sequel that pisses you off? White Conservative Christians. The worst vermin on Planet Earth. America should deport all of our self-deluded White Conservative Jesus Fanboys and Fangirls straight back to the Middle East, where the Copts originally yanked Christianity out of a Bronze Age camel's asshole
  13. Sounds like a Red-Blooded Proud American Patriotic Capitalist to me. WhatTF? You against capitalism, Commie?
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