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  1. Did you have some kind of coherent question to ask me? It remains unclear what I have to do with anything you were posting about. As far as posting graphic content and as to who should watch it.........my opinion is that every American kid and citizen between the ages of 6 and 106 should be required in the classroom to watch at least a dozen hours of on-scene forensic videos and morgue pictures after EVERY mass-shooting event, and that class on what American-style gun violence REALLY results in should be repeated every year from 1st Grade through 12th Grade. Our kids and all citizens living in our democratic Republic should REALLY understand and KNOW at a tangible, intellectual, and physical level exactly how much horror and terror and pain and misery is REQUIRED to keep the 2nd Amendment in place, and what TRUE costs our society pays, each day, week, and year to artificially mitigate the insecurities of our most fearful human residents. All Americans should experience EXACTLY what the mental, emotional, and psychological cost really is as we send 40,000 of our fellow Americans to an early grave solely to soothe the fragile emotional needs of tjose among us who see a weapon as an integral part of their own identity. Each Americans must be shown and KNOW at GUT-LEVEL what the TRUE SOCIETAL and SOCIAL COST actually is for our decision to continue to foolishly legalize murder-devices and hand them out to fatally-flawed primates. Our kids and citizens must see what results from handing out "tools" to everyone so they can wave them around and just pull the trigger when they feel the least bit depressed, angry, sad, fearful, or vulnerable. After all......its so easy to make all your problems go away with a gun, isn't it? Better than a pill. Better than a bottle. Better than a fix. These machines are designed and marketed solely to advertise their capacity to exterminate 50 -100 human beings, per minute. Let's make sure every kid in America knows what that MEANS, what it smells like, what it FEELS like, to see your own friends and your neighbors and your loved ones be mutilated beyond recognition, churned into hamburger and bone and laid out in neat little rows on the floor of a 1st Grade classroom, right next to Teacher and Nurse and Principal. Our kids must see what that human meat end up looking like after someone decides everyone in the vicinity must die in a hail of flesh-ripping, bone-crushing metal projectiles. . From youngest to oldest, ALL members of our own American TV violence-addicted society should be REQUIRED put down all their fascination with Hollywood CGI bullsh|t, skip right past their fake blood horror movie gore fliks, ignire all of their Grindhouse splatter Internet video collections and be subjected to what a firearm-supplied REAL HUMAN ABATTOIR OF CARNAGE PROVIDED COURTESY OF THE NRA AND WEAPONS INDUSTRY REALLY looks, smells, tastes, and squirms like. When the next Domestic Mass Shooter Terrorist tries for his 3 moments of glory, that crime scene should become a Theme Park where every local kid, parent, and area resident is required to wade through the human intestines, taste some of the shredded human muscle fiber, squish some of the shattered bone and gristle through their fingers Every American child should grow up with a 100% accurate mental muscle-memory of and an ingrained mental video playback of just what dozens of REAL bullet-riddled, slaughtered innocent little Kindergartners, grandmas and grandpas, public school students, college students, theatergoers, and bar patrons look like in ruby-red dripping color, with the tendons and ligaments and bowels hanging out and eyeballs and brains painting the walls, floor and ceiling after each successive gun addict creates another masterpiece creation using REAL Americans as his paintbrush and the surrounding building as his canvas. I suspect that once we start insisting that EVERY American be shown what the TRUE outcome is if we insist on giving guns to error-prone mammals that can't possibly make 15 or 20 consistent, accurate, lightning-quick life or death decisions with a firearm trigger really looks like. We need to SHOW our kids what happens when someone actually believes that he or she can accurately control who should die and who should be spared when under stress and under fire, using only a firearm.......no matter how many 100's of hours of training that Life Decider has undergone. Perhaps a Majority of our American citizens will decide that handing out mass-murder devices to anyine that can register a pulse really is NOT worth a pile of 40,000 dead Americans, year in and year out. .
  2. Q.: Remember when Obama took away all of our guns! Damn that guy! A.: Me neither.
  3. I did nothing of the sort. I issued a warning to protect Forum users. I publicly announced to everyone that I had electronically forwarded the NZ Snuff Film, the message board string, and this site's location to the FBI's ITL Terrorist Tip Line, just like any other law-abiding American Patriot would do if they observed any kind of obvious Terrorist content being spread around the Internet. See something, say something...remember? The system works well, except for folks who support Domestic Terrorists. No phone calls needed. Here's the relevant citizen education for the Federal Government's ITL Program info, courtesy of the FBI. https://www.fbi.gov/services/information-management/foipa/privacy-impact-assessments/tip-line I'm sure you're smart enough to Google around and eventually sniff-out where the FBI's ITL hyperlink can be accessed.
  4. When the FBI decides they want to talk to you, they show up at your door. Knock, knock. The FEDS would NEVER shut down this Topic or this site as long as it provides valuable information about possible White Nationalist Domestic Terrorist threats and who is spewing dangerous White Nationalist Terrorist rhetoric. They're not as stupid as the ALT-Right. If they even showed that they were listening in, all of our resident sad little Lost Boy White Nationalist posers here would have scuttled away and crawled back to parts unknown on 4-Chan, 8-Chan, or hanging out in one of the Breitbart article comment strings. But of course, you know all this stuff, don't you?
  5. You seem to be confused. The 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment is what secures your freedoms and civil liberties. You gave away your own freedoms when you surrendered to the fallacy that somehow, owning or wearing a gun would keep you free. Sorry about that. No artificial device can do that. Your individual freedoms and liberties can ONLY come from freeing your mind from fear.
  6. I have an old picture of me looking just like Berenger, at 5 years old, with my two cap pistols and braided shirt and a cowboy hat. But dang it!...I had no boots- just my Black Converse hi-top sneakers. Thankfully, most little American boys eventually grew up and grew out of their fascination with wholly-fictional rootin', tootin' "Old West Days" mythology (which in reality, lasted all of about 40 years and only CRIMINALS ever wore guns.) And most little American boys grew up to be actual men, discarding their cap-gun-provided Imaginary Virility Card, right along with all their other childish toys that became boring and irrelevant after exiting puberty. You want me to check out your latest gun? Nah, bro. You want to check out some girls? Yeah! Well, one or the other, I suppose. If you're a REAL man, you certainly don't need to own or wear a firearm, or EVER brag, or ever run your mouth to convince some girl. REAL men don't have to attract attention or even advertise. They never WOULD advertise. 'Cuz the proof is right there, under the hood, bulging with power inside the engine compartment. EVERYONE knows when that quiet, sexy, confident, NEVER gaudy man strolls into a room and quietly surveys the crowd. The girls ALL know. The other guys ALL know. Everyone knows.....without a word being spoken. NO flash or dash or big wads of cash needed. Just a slight smile, open manner, and that obvious package. I freely admit right here that I still wear Black Converse hi-tops. And I own multiple firearms. But I'd never be childish or fearful or weak enough to consider carrying that little 442 around open carry or just stuffed down my Levi's front pocket, which is where it is designed to be concealed, because I was desperately hoping the girls would notice that revolver and conclude I was "a real man." That ain't the way it works, fellas. Time to growTF up.
  7. https://truthout.org/articles/off-the-charts-arsenic-levels-detected-in-western-pennsylvania-groundwater/ NOTE: This study and article was formulated and extracted from the Coal Industry's own published internal industry data. METHODOLOGY: 265 Coal Power Plants were monitored. The toxins found and measurements and tests were all extracted from the Industry's 4600+ strategically located surrounding Monitoring Wells. Interesting article with its included Nationwide Chart showing each State's Coal Ash Dump Freshwater Monitoring Well locations. Data showed that 91% of the wells tested positive and exceeded the SAFE RANGE for various life-threatening chemical toxins, poisons, and carcinogens. Odd Observations: 1) Looks like South Dakota either has NO Coal Ash dumps, or no monitoring wells. Did they wisely prevent the horrific Coal Industry from poisoning their kids, despite being right in the middle of coal country, U.S.A ? Maybe SD's Native American population somehow disallowed the ghastly coal processing Industry from contaminating their once-pristine Native lands? 2) Looks like California, Idaho, and most of the upper Eastern Coastal States either have no coal plants, no coal ash sludge ponds, or no monitoring wells. FACTS: The data became public for the first time in 2018 because of requirements in federal coal ash regulations issued by the Obama administration in 2015. The remaining plants not included in the report either closed their ash dumps before 2015 or were eligible for an extension. Q.: So... what will the Trump Administration DO NOW to protect American citizens from this nationwide freshwater and groundwater threat? Americans have to DRINK this water, especially in rural Trump country, where all they have is private wells! A.: This SHOULD be an easy lay-up for any SANE American President who didn't receive millions in bribes from his Coal Industry lobbyists and Campaign Donors. A SANE President and a SANE Administration who understood their own Primary Oaths of Office to protect Americans from DEATH would instantly mandate further study and immediately establish corrective actions safeguarding against any possible POISONING from this environmental Coal Industry-caused spill of deadly toxins. At a minimum, a competent, Constitution-compliant President and his Team would ensure that safeguards and a SuperFund Cleanup task force would deploy as an IMMEDIATE response to protect Americans. REALITY? Because he is 100% utterly-unfit to even work one hour as a Temp helping a 10 year-old man his Lemonade Stand without pissing in the lemonade, stealing the kid's box of quarters, and then having the kid victim silenced and buried somewhere out in the Nevada desert to cover his crimes, Trump will do only one thing: >> He'll use Twitter to call his own Administration and his own Coal Industry donors test findings, this Study and the documented test data "Fake News designed to embarrass me, the victim of those scary Democrats who hate America!" and then he'll sign an Excretive Order to stop this kind of critical, citizen-protecting, Coal Industry-exposing toxic Spill data from ever, ever, ever reaching the eyes of the American Public, again.
  8. Uh...maybe consider becoming atheists and agnostics? Maybe decide to NEVER leave your precious kids alone and vulnerable inside ANY religious organization's place where "adult Faith Leaders" can frolic and no monitoring or accountability is provided to safeguard your kids? Avoid ALL places where the number of religious "leader" pedophiles even outnumber the number of drooling pedophiles found on the Internet or at any Junior Miss or Baby Miss Beauty Pageant? These suggestion seem like something Captain Obvious might suggest.
  9. Well, I was hoping for an intelligent counter-argument that MIGHT exhibit some above-average critical thinking ability or better yet, some actual educated-guess type predictive vision, but as feared, all I got was a lame FAKE News grade-school hit piece on Liberals that anyone could cut and paste from any wack-job ALT-Right Conspiracy site or parrot after rotting their brain listening to the 12 hours of daily splooge that rots the airwaves as it's being peddled to Rube America on AM Hate Radio, 5 days a week. Sadly, it won't educate you a bit for me to dissemble all your illogical, ALT-Right trope and anti-Progressive meme-riddled nonsense that began at sentence 1-B in your first paragraph. Thankfully for RED America, until the Progressive AMERICAN LEFT decides it will NOT spend another 243 years carrying the water for the non-contributing Conservative RIGHT, Blue America will continue to power ALL U.S. innovation, ALL U.S. technology, ALL U.S. research and science, and of course, lead the World in producing all the salient literature, culture, and educational benefits. We will continue to LEAD America into the 22nd century. For the entire past 450,000 - 750,000 years since modern homo sapiens first descended from the safety of the treetops, ALL human progress and innovation has been funded with and founded by a constant barrage of future-defining PROGRESSIVE thought and ideas. And until we accept that Conservative America wants no parts in fashioning our species' future and we are forced to leave you stranded in your own ignorance and superstitions...I guess that your ever-more-efficient and capable array of machines and devices and infrastructure will continue to be provided to RED America, gratis by the LEFT, so you can continue to benefit. WHY Conservative America refuses to assist the LEFT in developing ALL forms of innovation and progress, and WHY the RIGHT continues to be completely incapable of even getting a seat at the Table of All Human Innovation and Creation will remain a perpetual mystery. A sane person must question WHY the RIGHT wouldn't want to throw in a few bucks' worth of change-driving ideas, once a blue moon, just to create a facade that they actually contribute ANYTHING to the American equation. Thankfully, you have about a decade to decide whether you folks want keep angrily and enviously watching the Future Train leave the station, or just clamber aboard and CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING. Until the Left is forced to deal with the limited financial realities that come with any entity that is constantly being asked to carry BOTH sides of America by cleverly using basic Economies of Scale and the Mobilization of Costs to reduce our burden, we will hesitate to leave our own forlorn Negative Bizarro-World Red State counterparts behind to wallow in your self-reinforced muck. But, eventually, unless Conservative World decides to finally summon the courage to escape the confines of your own Donor Class's waistcoat pocket, and develop the courage to just up and ditch the nipple of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big AG, and Wall Street.....the Progressive LEFT WILL have no choice but to depart, and create a new SuperNation that embraces science, discards all regressive Fairy Tales, and accelerates the species into the future and through the nearest Event Horizon. And until that last day's final moment......you and your children will continue to adopt and mimic EXACTLY what the LEFT produces to fashion America's near-term and long-term future, and while we choose to keep tolerating the RIGHT's inability to think outside their own Box, we'll keep providing your RED State kids with Birth Control, a basic, remedial Sex Education, and some dim hope that we can somehow finally help the Bible Belt shed it's WORST National rates of STD transmissions, AIDS/HIV Infections, and Teen pregnancies. Yes, we folks in BLUE America foolishly believe that RED America might one day decide to become culturally and socially relevant, once again. Frankly, we're only human. We don't really want to keep carrying the societal costs of keeping your side healthy and producing your meager contributions. We'd prefer you excelled at something, rather than sicking hind-titty. But we'll keep demanding your kids get at least a 5th-grade Science Education that prevents them from impregnating each other by age 14, and give them a half-chance at thriving amid the ever-quickening changes that our society will HAVE to decide to THRIVE in or be BROKEN by. Your kids will receive the benefits of OUR contributory, endless, ongoing stream of earthshaking new societal and cultural medical cures and LIFE-EXTENDING benefits. Until we just give up and cut the cord. The FACTS do matter. I happen to OWN multiple guns. I am a member of a Law Enforcement family with multiple officers currently serving. Blue America generates about 2/3 of the Wealth in America. ...despite being outnumbered 5 to 1 when we divvy-up RED counties vs Blue counties among the 3100 counties in the Nation. The AVERAGE Blue-voting county in America generates NINE times the annual GDP an average RED-voting county generates. BOTH Parties have their elites and their impoverished left-behinds, but by far, because RED counties outnumber Blue counties 5 - 1, it is the Conservative RED State poor that MOST-burden our Social Safety Net and consume the MOST Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Welfare bounty. CA may have the most State number of poor folks loving among our astounding total 40 MILLION resident population....but the great majority of our # of poorest folks live out in Rural Central Valley RED California- but we couldn't possible equal the combined number of RED State America's Bible Belt and Antebellum South impoverished residents. Perhaps, just a suggestion.... your RED State governors and Legislative "leaders" should put down the Bible and adopt a Christian attitude towards providing your own captive poor with basic food, shelter, and Health Care benefits. That would be an important FIRST STEP towards RED America regaining any credible image of being a place where your poorest Americans could hope to be treated with any modicum of basic HUMAN decency and be allowed any basic human dignity. Summary- THANKS A LOT FOR PLAYING, Conservative Voice. At least you should be afforded some respect for stepping up to the bar and speaking out. I welcome all folks from Red America or Blue America who have the basic skills necessary to articulate a coherent, INDEPENDENTLY-created pro-Conservatism or pro-Progressive narrative or counter-narrative about HOW AMERICA is going to leap into and embrace the future. In the good olden days, back when we had ACTUAL Conservative contributors here in America.....they occasionally forwarded a GREAT idea, or two. After all, Blue Americans are not gods. We EMBRACE our mistakes, ruefully acknowledge it when the RIGHT does do something intelligent, and we at least try not to display any foolish male False Pride when we screw up and totally miss the boat. That is where all INTEGRITY is found. And I really miss those Conservative guys.
  10. REALITY CHECK- It is pointless to respond to a bunch of acne-faced teenage basement dwellers, all pretending to be hard, playing their asinine Stolen Valor parlor game. Our resident dirt-clod slinging adolescents and their pom-pom waving section of Chirping Older Angry/Drunk Divorced White Guy Couch Tumors are nothing but a pack of sniveling urine-soaked WEENIES....TOTALLY desperate for negative attention....or ANY kind of attention. So don't waste your time mocking or feeding the animals here in our Political Conservative Petting Zoo! The truth is...displaying a complete lack of character, ZERO integrity, ZERO honor, and ZERO courage, and turning tail at the first hint of trouble is the core principle of Conservatism. Their entire Belief System 's Foundation Stone is clinging to FEAR ITSELF, and that self-applied tear-stricken fear is what produces these bouts of tantrum-throwing anger at all the OTHER FOLKS who they KNOW must have somehow stolen-away their one great chance at HITTING THE BIG TIME and getting that AMERICAN DREAM. VERDICT: What? Really? You DON'T THINK THAT Conservative Males always display embarrassing amounts of rank cowardice when any danger appears on the event horizon? LOL! Well, there are shining examples of Conservative COWARDICE all around us, just staring America right in the face, every single day. Just look at how "Mr. Brave Conservative and Constitutionalist Senator" Tommy Tillis just performed a hysterical and amusing trouser-staining AMAZING Congressional COWARDICE CUR AND RUN, by publicly doing a complete 180 with his vote in Congress. Now, after running his mouth for days, and publishing his front page WaPo Conservative Values Opinion Piece, demanding that all his fellow REAL Conservatives MUST vote FOR stopping the Bill that stops Tweety's FAKE NEWS Emergency Declaration.....his pants are down around his ankles, and he's running from the Press, shaken and terrified of getting a mean Tweet or FAKE Death Threat from the Trump Cult. Wanna find Tom and get his explanation? All you have to do is follow the little droplets of urine from that lead straight from Tillis' Senate Seat and right back to the GOP's Executive Honeycomb Hideout and Men's Bathroom Glory Hole, to find Tommy boy. That boy is PURE GOP PRIMARY DEAD MEAT. These sad little obedient RWNJ whiners aren't capable of throwing-down anything, other than throwing in the towel. Remember... the core operating principle of Conservatism is an IRRATIONAL FEAR OF THE OTHER. Like Women, especially child-bearing INDEPENDENT, ASSERTIVE women. And especially...those Big and SCARY Black and Brown men. you know....the guys with the superior GIRTH their White wives and girlfriends always dump them for. And anyone else who laughed and pointed at their pee-pee in Junior High gym class. Sad!. Does anyone here think that any of the Trump Kiddies on this Forum have ever even thrown down, on anyone??? Sorry...I don't buy it. They're all just like their Draft-Dodging coward Feckless Leader the Notorious Orange Sh}t-Gibbon. it is stupid to "debate" with anyone you KNOW is just gonna run and hide and piss themselves if you give them a mean look or call them on their sh|t. If any of this Forum's Trump Gimps EVER had to confront any REAL adversity, or respond to REAL physical danger an inch away from the safety of their laptops...they would react exactly like the "sovereign citizens" and backwoods "Freedumb Militiia" we all watched at the Cliven Bundy Ranch confrontation. What did that "Conservative Army" do as the Feds closed in on their little bar-b-q? What did all THOSE little "tough guys" do when the Feds ordered them to to disperse? Despite the fact that they were all armed and running their mouths like a pack of angry housewives....they did EXACTLY what COWARDS do when facing REAL men - THEY SHOVED THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN IN BETWEEN THE FEDERAL MARSHALS AND COWERED BEHIBG THE WOMEN AND THEIR OWN TERRIFIED LITTLE KIDS. LOL.
  11. Uh...Here's the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION's GAO REPORT......dumbsh|t. Ask Dad or Mum to read it to you. https://www.gao.gov/assets/690/683984.pdf IMMUTABLE, IRREFUTABLE FACTS: Since 9/11, 73% of all U.S. Domestic Terrorist attacks were committed by WHITE NATIONALIST ALT-RIGHT-WING TERRORIST MAGGOTS...in other words, your needle-dicked homeboys. 23% were committed by Jihadists. VERDICT- It is your prerogative to keep your azz (and that pencil-necked head of yours that I just stuffed up your azz) buried in the sand, Mr. Official White Nationalist Ditz Cracker. And by all means......stay buttfvcking ignorant of the facts....that's just how we like you: dumb, poorly hung, and full of cum. Now go masturbate with your snuff video, like a good little obedient Conservative cocksmoker.
  12. Poor red-azzed sh|t-gibbon. New Trump AG: "No, Mr. Presidunce, you can't use your Justice Department like you used to deploy that little bag of green plastic army men against your sister......"
  13. FBI 2018 Terrorist Data- 73% of Terrorist murders committed by RIGHT-WING White Nationalist Hate Groups 23% of Terrorist murders committed by Jihadist Sunni/Wahhabist/Saudi-funded Islamist Hate Groups 3% of Terrorist murders committed by LEFT-WING Black Separatist Hate Groups There's this thing called the "80/20" rule. This is why America and the entire Westernized 1st World will now commence hunting down and exterminating all members of the #1 most-dangerous Hate Group in the Nation: WHITE NATIONALISTS "Run, little White rabbit...RUN!" #PIGSTICKYOURLOCALNAZI
  14. Well, I couldn't access your link. When it just spins and tales that long...you KNOW it is trying to install a virus or some idiotic permalink to your PC. The silliness the RIGHT subscribes to is endless.......and hilarious! VERDICT- Don't quit your Day Job (are u even employable?) Mr. Armchair Psychologist. If Progressives want a nonsensical, quack-tastic Free Psych Eval, we'll give Lucy $0.05.
  15. THE POSSIBLE COMING AMERICAN NATIONAL DIVORCE- OK. So here's what COULD happen, if the Culture Wars continue and America continues to try and co-exist without association with each other. It would take about 30 years.......as the two youngest demographic groups seize control of society. BLUE America will leave, seeking greener pastures elsewhere, and then create a massive new SUPERPOWER. The entire West Coast could convince all nearby PROGRESSIVE player-Nations and Blue States who want to separate to just consolidate our power and annex each other into a massive new SUPERPOWER Nation comprised of Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon, and Canada, and perhaps...all the Eastern Coastal States right down to New Jersey. One or two Great Lake States might think this new Progressive Super Nation offered a better deal than sticking around. I'm postulating that Hawaii would join, and Alaska would not. Yes, I know there are HUGE Constitutional constraints...but really...no one could stop this from happening, if the Majority Will of Progressive America just throws its hands up and decides to disassociate from the RED State South and the Red State parts of our Midwest. Since this idea involves a MASSIVE LIST of painful geopolitical reverberations, I'll leave my future posts on this subject to start fleshing-out the ugly details and obvious short-term negative repercussions......I just want to put this out there as a warning towards what MIGHT or COULD eventually happen, and what Old America would look like, and what the new Nation of "Canexana" would look like......a massive, encircling National Superpower that would appear on the World Map like a HUGE Nation, wrapping itself around Old America, like some WWII Axis Pincer Movement War Strategy. I can list the ENDLESS LIST OF BENEFITS a free-from-regressive constraints brand-new PROGRESSIVE Superpower would embrace...as Old Blue America threw off the shackles of religion, embraced science and technology, created new life-forms, extended the human lifespan, and reached for the nearby planets. But what fun is that? We are already poised to achive all thise thing now, even with Conservative America constantly throwing itself in front of all human progress. I'll save THAT list for a future post........... A SMALLER, TOTALLY CONSERVATIVE AMERICA- How comfortable would Old America be....with a New Superpower encircling it, completely cutting-off all Trade access to the Pacific Coast, stranding Alaska out there like an island, ripe for seizure from the Kremlin? How could Old America, RED America, compete with a Nation that had access to Asian, Gulf, and Atlantic Trade routes, all the power of our current military, triple the oil reserves, and double the mineral and natural resources? 64% of all U.S. GDP came from the parts of America that voted for Hillary in 2016....could Old America survive after losing that kind of National Treasury-filling economic wealth and job-generating power? Old America would lose 80% of all tech research, medical sciences and research, and bio-sciences. It might take decades to catch back up..if at all. RED AMERICA IS FREED! Oh...but the BENEFITS OLD, RED America could realize are almost endless! Old Red America would be 100% free and unfettered in their strange desire to control the reproductive habits and desires of its women and girls. Old America could return to criminalizing abortion, and revert back to utterly-failing to gain an inch trying to criminalize and use it's smaller Federal Government to pretend that they are controlling "illegal" substance use by their own insatiable, drug-seeking, drug-wanting needs of all citizens inside any liberated society with civil liberties.. Old America could fill a bunch of private, profit-seeking prisons and end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and make Health Care a privilege again for ONLY the wealthy. Old America could forcibly "teach" religious fallacy and Creationism as a substitute for actual Darwinian science in its Public Schools. Christianity could become the Federally-mandated National religion, and Old America could transform itself into a permanent, majority-WHITE ethno-theocracy and disband with masquerading as a democratic secular Republic. Jews? Muslims? Lol. They need not apply for citizenship. Sounds great for Conservatism, right? Old America could dump the 1st Amendment and criminalize all forms of "indecency and ban music, art, and literature that didn't represent "Christian values." Think Russian Orthodox Church. It could make the Second Amendment the dominant driving Constitutional precept, dump the 4th and 5th and consider reenacting slavery of all people of color. The possibilities are endless! All those other, later Amendments...bah, humbug! (to be continued........)