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  1. President Birther Baby finally melts down under pressure and vomits his race-hatred all over his complicit White Nationalist Republican Party, and brands every Republican a racist. Ok. Hands up! Who didn't predict that The DILDOnald would eventually blow hos last gasket and show his true NAZI colors? LOL. It's too late, Trump Monkeys. America is now officially a BROWNING, mixed-race, mixed-ethnicity, mixed-religion Nation. FACTS- in THREE Years, All American citizens under Age 30 will be a MINORITY White caucus. All Americans under 21 already are a MINORITY White caucus, right now. In 21 years, ALL of America will be MINORITY White caucus. Note: In 1976, 8 out of 10 American citizens identified as WHITE Christians. In 2019? Only 43% do. Ouch. Thank you, Jesus.
  2. Nothing more lethal than an educated, armed, angry woman of color. If it wasn't for a Black womb...humans wouldn't exist.
  3. Too bad all the Capital Investment in America continues to go to the Nation-leading, economy-driving BLUE States, and to the BLUE suburban cities scattered within the RED States. This is a Business Investment Trend that has been in place now for 3 decades. Soon, the left-behind Red States will be as immaterial to this Nation's creation of wealth and American GDP as their obsolete belief systems and backward cultural ideology already is. FACT: Approximately $24 billion in Venture Capital will be invested into America in 2019. $6 billion will go to California, alone. $1.6 billion will go to New York. $1.4 billion will go to Massachusetts. And where will the remaining $15 billion be invested? Texas will limp in at a Participation Ribbon ranking of 4th place, and get about $900 million........thanks to the burgeoning PROGRESSIVE Tech Centers in Austin and Dallas. The remaining $15 billion will be the crumbs that the other 46 States have to divvy-up. Dang! No wonder they keep complaining. No one wants to throw good Growth Capital after bad.
  4. Is little Rubber Ducky gonna quack, quack, quack threats all day long, or are you EVER gonna nip me with your cute little bill? Conservative White boys. Whatddyagonnadoaboutit? They're so small, witless, and weak, they can dance in a teacup. Come get some, Ducky. Make sure you bring Nancy and Becky and Billy-Sue for backup!
  5. The smaller the penis, the larger the gun collection.
  6. That's interesting about Tennessee. I suspect we would find similar stories like that from the Civil War, across America, places where brother fought against brother, and where Union soldiers secretly took mercy on Confederate soldiers, and vice-versa. I hope to Hell we don't EVER fight ourselves like that, again. We wouldn't survive a second Civil War, as a Nation.....
  7. The Native Americans had it right: It's clear. We must run all the murdering White European Nationalist filth right back to sh|thole Western Europe, where they were originally cast out from. And let's send Presididn't Babbling Birther Baby Tweety right back to hos home town of Sphincterville, U.S.A., his official birthplace. That stinking orifice where he originally clawed his way out of his Mama's bunghole. It's calling to you, Donnie!
  8. Don't use up all the available prison term years, Judicial Branch! Save a couple hundred for the filthy White NAZI Supremacist currently sh|t-staining our White House!
  9. I love ancient history too.....but all 3 of the Abrahamic religions are founded upon superstition, Fairy Tales, and scary handed-down campfire stories.......NOT historical evidence. No sane historian would use any religious tome as a historical reference. The Torah and Talmud are NOT historical reference books. The Bible is NOT a historical reference book. The Qu'ran is NOT a historical reference book. This is why all religious scripts are filed and found ONLY in the religion or fiction aisles at Barnes & Noble, and at our Public Schools and college libraries.
  10. From the moment the Internet was birthed and I began using it........I have never shunned, banned, or blocked anyone, ever, on any site. You must be confusing me with some other coward.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/20/end-of-white-christian-america Suggestion: Read the linked Guardian Article. Review the results of the exhaustive Pew Research Poll that questioned over 101,000 Americans from all 50 States. Poll Bullet Points- > In 1976, almost 80% of Americans identified as White Christians > In 1996, that % of White Christians had fallen to 55% of the populace > Only 43% of our current 2019 American population are White Christians > Only a quarter of Americans age 18 - 29 are White Christians > American Catholicism has almost reached racial parity between Whites and Hispanics > White Americans are now a minority in our Elementary and Junior High public schools How Did This Happen? (excerpted) The big picture is the steady erosion of America’s White majority. Due mostly to Asian and Hispanic immigration, and the consolidation of already established immigrant populations, White people will be a minority by 2042. This will be true of under-18 Americans as soon as 2023. According to Pew’s projections, between 1965 and 2065, white people will shrink from 85% of the population to 46%.
  12. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-great-conservative-suicide-pact?ref=wrap At least the pachyderms found in Africa will continue to visit their own sacred graveyards and take time to grieve for their old, their sick, and their recently-fallen comrades, as they face their own species extinction with honor, grace, and sorrowful reminiscence. Their behavior evidences a true, respectful heightened awareness of their own mortality. But, as our own rapidly-obsolescing Conservative White RIGHT-WING Christian Male elephants found here in America face extinction and rejection from our culture, they are already cannibalizing each other, demanding Ideological Purity litmus tests, and are openly defecating on their own fallen members. Their behavior evidences only anger, fear, and abject COWARDICE and an inability to face their impending societal demise.
  13. How is this a "win?" The CONGRESS decides who gets taxpayer funding, not the crazy guy ranting behind a podium and poop-Tweeting in the wee hours. REALITY? The moment Trump tries to withhold one penny in legislated Congressional budgetary funding, the city he targets will just withhold all Federal tax payments to the Treasury. And I wonder....who will blink first? Who always caves like a little bitch, folds like an accordion, and then scamper off to sulk on the crapper and rage-Tweet about it? LOL.
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