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  1. Just walk on by. Leave Beach Oozer alone, so he can secrete in the privacy of his Special-Needs Sand Castle Ivory Tower.. And, for goodness'sake.!!!.. don't step in his slimy secretions!!
  2. How many six-packs have you already drank tonight, Drunky the Ducky?
  3. There is nothing in my post about loving or hating America...which means your perverted bromance with The Donald is so deep and so delusional now you actually have yourself believing that Trump IS America. Trump is the shit I scrape off my boots. He isn't fit to lick Lady Liberty's balls, and neither are you.
  4. Go Fu ck a Ruptured Duck, i.e., like yourself.
  5. I said nothing about affording it. Can we afford a military Jobs Program 5x larger than we need? Trump is going to OWN 10 TRILLION dollars of Federal Debt, borrowed from China, in only 3 years, But once you give Americans a freebie...like gettin' money for sluffin', or get sick for free...the guy who takes it away becomes very unpopular. How's that "We Will Repeal Obamacare!!!" thingie working out?
  6. Of course the virus is going to affect the places where all economic activity, GDP, and Capital Investment is happening.
  7. How'd she get a DUI if she isn't a round-heeled bar bimbo lush?
  8. Your FAKE President has no power to stop or start anything. He gets a Twitter account and a podium. That's it. America has already been changed forever...and all it took was the FEAR of a nasty little bug. Now we have a Republican President being forced to do as the Progressive scientists direct him to do..starting with free healthcare and Universal Basic Income. You think the Federal payments are going to cease? You think ANY company is going to be allowed to NOT pay for their entire payroll's Health Care, anymore? Or the homeless are going to go back out of their federally-funded trailers and motel rooms? Lol. Look how close to insolvency we have pushed the fossil fuel industry, right now. Health Care will now become universal, permanently. Bottom Line: NO ONE IS GOING BACK TO WORK...UNTIL THE PROGRESSIVE SCIENTISTS TELL US THE VIRUS IS 100% GONE. Period.
  9. That prayer and $5.25 buys a Starbuck's.
  10. Hey moron! Your Jesus just infected 71 people on Sacramento, with one dead already. This is now the LARGEST VIRUS OUTBREAK IN AMERICA. So, how can I put this delicately, so I won't offend your delusional state? >> Fuck your imaginary Sky Daddy, and fuck you plague-spreading suicidal assholes. There are now 70 people walking around Sacramento, spreading this plague.
  11. Your Jesus just infected 71 people in Sacramento.
  12. Not at all. Unemployment Rate is now 4.4%, so we are back to Obama's Economy. Stay tuned. By next month's Report, we'll be back in Bush Economy, with a UE Rate around 15%
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