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  1. Woodstock....the first Zep Album.......Melanie's "Lay Down"........ the Doors, the Stones, the Byrds.......Janis Joplin.......and what we and they were ALL saying is as clear, true, and resonant today as it was then.......way, way back in 1969. Yes, Time and the Tides do move on, but the crass, selfish, greedy, basic primal faults, failings, and follies of human natures do not. Perhaps a little Soul Sacrifice would do America some good.
  2. ALL human progress come from PROGRESSIVE thoughts and ideas...and this concept founds the LEFTIST's unrelenting desire to continually challenge the status-quo, as a means to drive constant improvement and advancement of the species, as a whole. The RIGHT sees the LEFT as a threat to "their" traditions.....and their refusal to even participate or ask for a seat at the Table of Humanity's Future shows just how dangerous their irrational, envy-driven hatred of all progress and all evolutionary cultural changes really is. If America was TRULY healthy as a society, with an evenly-balanced Yin / Yang or Left / Right battle for the best ideas....then sane, sober, fact and science-driven Conservative thoughts, ideas, and actions wouldn't present any kind of threat to our small-d democratic Republic. But now, here in 2019, after we finally elected a non-White Minority President, and have moved to achieve Marriage Equality, and the New Rise of the Women;s Movement beckons and TRUE Gender Equality is knocking on our cultural door...... the RIGHT now sees it faced with a LOSING battle, and is claiming ALL societal change is Evil. They are so angry now, after losing EVERY single Culture War issue these past 50 years that they have become purely reactionary and mercenary, to the point they are completely denying the inarguable threats to America that are present, all around us. The RIGHT sees no solution to being on the wrong side of history outside of an all-out Civil War 2.0 to attempt to FORCE America back into the old White Male Christian Patriarchy they hold so dear, a time when America was truly "great"...but only for White Christian males. The RIGHT is also hopelessly infected with the worst Neo-Confederate / Pro White Identity vermin in all of America, the angry descendants of all the original Civil Rights Era Pro-Segregation advocates and the other present-day current proponents of White Supremacy. When our current 1/3 of America that actually still idealizes White Identity beliefs originally was cast out of Eden and instantly scurried over the the GOP after and angry Lyndon Johnson booted them out of the Democrat Party, way, WAY back in 1968, the die was cast. The Republican Party welcomed those all that regressive vermin and took their first step towards the Abyss. Now, the chickens are all home to roost, and the GOP, along with Steve King, can no longer deny that every American Klan Member, every StormFront supporter, and EVERY member or supporter or advocate of all the Neo-NAZI / White Identity / Right-Wing White Religious Conservative Hate Groups out their in the hinterlands supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party ideological Party Platform. White Power Hatred has a Happy Place, and that Place is the RIGHT. Will America's two sides ever come back and reunite as a whole, outside of being forced back together to fight as a pair of co-joined twins to face-down some future REAL existential threat to our Nation? I seriously doubt it.....and sadly, I think the only peace we will ever achieve between the Progressive LEFT and the Regressive RIGHT will have to be a Carthaginian Peace. They may have the guns, but we have the numbers...as Jim Morrison once wisely opined. By the way, is it hard for anyone else to believe that it was 50 years and 4 days ago when this seminal, Rock and Roll-changing album first dropped? I was all of 14 years old.....
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/16/politics/syria-attack-us-patrolled-city/index.html Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the Trump Cabinet just claimed, less than two weeks ago: "We have defeated ISIS." Let the 13 House Trumpghazi Investigations begin! As Kevin McCarthy openly admitted on Sean Hannity's show about why the House Republican started so many Kabuki Benghazi Investigation of Hillary Clinton: Look how we've brought down her numbers!" LOL. I LOVED that episode of Hannity, as those words prevented Kevin McCarthy from becoming House Speaker, and the GOP losers got stuck with Paul Ryan, who will be remembered as the WEAKEST House Speaker in American history.....and Kevin McCarthy now has to kneel before Speaker Pelosi.
  4. COMPLETELY Wrong again, as expected. California doesn't even break into the top 25 in AIDS risks. Why am I even wasting my time posting inarguable, statistical FACTS for a delusional Trumpanzee? Does anyone know if Koko the Signing Gorilla can translate the factual information below into fingers, toes, and bananas, so the Trump Cult can understand reality? 21st Century FACTS about AID / HIV Transmission risks, STD Infection risks, and Teen Pregnancy risks: Q. Where do we find the highest incidence of per-capita AIDS / HIV Transmissions in America? A. The tiny "state" of DC and surrounding area of Maryland is #1. The tiny geographic blot around DC is also #1 for STD risks. But outside of DC, which other States pose the WORST chance of contracting AIDS, or a STD? And which States pose the greatest risk for unwanted Teen Pregnancy? After DC, the worst places in America where you have the HIGHEST risk for getting AIDS, HIGHEST risk of getting a STD, or face the HIGHEST risk that your own 12, 14, or 16 year-old daughter gets herself knocked-up is the ENTIRE RED State South, from Texas to Florida. Next.
  5. Fit2Serve

    How To Deal With Jerks

    There are only 3 options in dealing with Trumpanzees- 1. Like the wiser heads here have already suggested, conscientiously choose to disengage, and then completely ignore the following attacks. 2. Politely inquire as to what SPECIFICALLY is causing the particular jerk's obvious societal / cultural / ideological mental instability and/or irrational behavior, and if the inquiry only results in continued a "jerk-ass" attitude, emotional outbursts, displays of gibberish, or direct personal attacks...then disengage. 3. If you insist on pushing back...offer NO QUARTER, NO MERCY. Just curb-stomp the offender by any means necessary, either as a necessary push-back defensive posture, or as part of a larger corrective action that seeks to reestablish some sanity to the debate. THEN disengage. Remember, ALL RIGHT-Wing / Conservative / Republican / Trump Cult debate methodology" is always the same: 1) Constantly lie, employ silly diversionary arguments, and obfuscate the facts. 2) Deny, deny, deny. 3) Revert to personal attacks, ad-hominem nonsensical statements, and Whataboutism. Progressives are often faced with infantile displays of societal ignorance and a low-level grasp on facts, indicative of a lack of education, or just irrational nut-job anger that has been programmed into the jerk by self-immersion into FOX News, Breitbart, and/or the 4 maggots spewing hatred 12 hours a day on AM Hate Radio. Or an ugly combination of all of the above. I would suggest that any Progressive seeking to understand and be able to fend-off EXACTLY what all the FAKE Conservative Trump Cult freaks are going to be yapping about here on this Internet Forum today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter can ALWAYS be anticipated and then nipped in the bud by simply checking in and listening to 10 - 15 minutes of what Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin are spewing about this week, every week, all 5 days a week. You can bet the entire farm that it will be instantly regurgitated here on this Forum and everywhere else on the Web within 12 - 24 hours by the Angry Right. I see this happening constantly, like clockwork, so KNOWING the next asinine "argument" you will be seeing in print here is a valuable tool. Head's up. >> This week, Savage is openly calling for "Violent MILITANT Action" from his Believers as a "last chance to save America." Those are his direct words, not mine. >> Mark Levin has been whimpering all week and last week about the FBI being "a group of dirty cops and out of control Trump Haters." His words, not mine. >> Limbaugh has been taking calls from all his listeners and Bad wordtoheads trying to rally support for Trump. Pathetic, really. NOTE: Don't EVEN waste any of your precious daily seconds tuning-in on any of Sean Hannity's nonsensical radio or TV shows. Even Rush, Levin, and Savage have all publicly remarked that Sean just regurgitates whatever he can steal from the other 3. Sean is incapable of any individualized/ original thought, and always steals directly from the other RWNJ AM radio haters. What Mike Savage is screaming about today will be Hannity's show, tomorrow. THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE. If you are arguing with Trump Supporter, you are arguing with an irrational person. Thusly, YOU SHOULD OFFER NO QUARTER TO THE FULLY-COMMITTED TRUMP FOLLOWER. NO MERCY. You guys may see my commentary as aimed at the Conservatives on this Forum as being HARSH, and WAY over the top. Yes, it is. It is that way BY DESIGN. The ONLY thing they run away from is a DISPLAY OF POWER. The reason? >>>> THERE REALLY IS NO CURE FOR THE T-VIRUS! NO WAY that you or me or anyone will ever create or cause them to change and rejoin the sane, decent rest of America. NONE. The ONLY way ANY Trump Lover will or might eventually recover and re-assess MUST come from within THEM, on their own time and in their own way. They are beyond being receptive to OUTSIDE THE CULT influences. Again...THERE IS NO CURE FIR THE TRUMP VIRUS. We started with about 63 million voters being afflicted back in November 2016......and now, the Cult has shrunk to about 50 million supporters. THERE IS NO TREATMENT WE CAN OFFER. They are ALL in so deep now there is NO WAY THEY CAN TURN BACK. As a result...as the Trump Train crashes and burns and is reduced to ashes....they will all go down with him, and they will go down HARD, and nasty and angrier than they are right now. Like any other group of addicts.....we must stand back and hope they find a bottom, and begin the INSIDE JOB that all recovering addicts finally choose as a path back to sanity. Remember, about 1 in 5 alcoholics and addicts actually come back, long-term. The Survival and Recovery Rate may be even lower with the Trump Cult. Folks....there is no happy ending to their romance with the most loathsome man in America....it CANNOT happen, at this point. No hope of anything WE can do to start the redeeming, the salvaging, or the changing of their minds or attitudes or misguided beliefs of his Trump Cult. NONE.
  6. I'm sure that my wife and 3 boys will be taken aback and stunned by your astute and insightful declaration about my sexual preferences. You really nailed it, lil' Bro! LOL. Hmm. Maybe you should put away your crystal ball. And for Heaven's sake dude....., don't quit your day job at Starbucks or start that Internet Psychic gig! It's beyond Captain Obvious to say that you have ZERO ability to formulate any kind of coherent adult argument. Normally, I don't curb-stomp the lowest-level Conservatives, but I see you as a Special Case Bad word-tard. So, given your overriding, evident fear of gay men, assertive women, and superior Progressive brainpower, I find I must ask you some simple psych questions to establish the true root cause of your manufactured fears, misanthropic outbursts, mental instability and weird inability to learn to play nice with all the other 7 year-olds, out on the Conservative Special Needs playground.. So....(relax, this will be a freebie psychoanalysis. When I see such an obvious example of a totally-broken sexually-repressed Delta Male with irrational hatred towards other men and a likely Oedipus/Elektra Complex , action becomes unavoidable. We get it, Bro! It imagine must suck, BIGLY, when you can't maintain an erection, even with the help of the blue pills and the Gay porn sites.......) At that point....quacking your rage against the LGBTQ Community is the last resort. Root Cause: Evident Sexual / Societal / Cultural Psychosis 1. What would you say is causing your overt emotional trauma and powering this array of insecurities you have about your personal sexual identity? 2. Why do you seem to have such an infantile attitude about basic human sexuality? Let me take a wild, unsubstantiated guess: Did an Evangelical preacher just dump you, end the affair, and tell you he's going back to his wife? 3. How long have you been openly exhibiting the same kind of hatred for gay people we see evidencing itself in so, so many Conservative Fundie / Evangelical / Loathsome Protestant maggots? Clearly, you are openly primal-screaming your own sexual function inadequacies and pent-up frustration with your performance issues. So....has the wife started complaining that you spend too much time on porn sites? Originating Trauma: Psychological Damage Assessment 1. Did a nasty, scary lesbian steal your girlfriend / wife / sister / Mommy? 2. Did a mean lady down at the Lizard Lot laugh at your little pee-pee or maybe even offer to give the $50 bucks back, after you just couldn't get it up? 3. Did a larger, superior Progressive male scare you? Did you innocently glance across the urinal and see an ordinary-sized REAL adult male penis on some Black guy? 4. Did one of your fellow Conservative BMF sheep-Bad worders just get too drunk, make a pass, totally let loose and come out of the closet? Maybe someone in your family? Maybe one of the kids in your double-wide that you aren't even sure you're the father of start getting lippy? Ok, so which one? The one who looks just like the cable guy, or the one that looks like your Probation Officer / Lawyer? Prognosis: Palliative Treatment Options Time to seek some more help, sonny. Your daily drugs and alcohol and Bible self-treatment meds regimen sure ain't cuttin' the mustard, anymore. Sheesh! All that dressed-up RWNJ anger, and no Pity Party to go to! Look at just how far you've fallen, Mr. SuckyDucky! Ranting about gay guys. Displaying your 3rd-Grade intellect. Quaking like a duck. You keep quack, quack, quacking..all day long. Hey, Lil' Ducky....Do you EVER summon the courage to actually bite? Suggestions- 1. Get off the Oxy habit and get back on the Thorazine and Ritalin protocol the doctor warned you NOT to stop taking. 2. Get a meaningful job. 3. Stop wasting hours of your miserable life posting here, and getting your scrawny ass kicked on the Internet like every other disappointed little ignorant child. 4. Lay off the AM Hate Radio. It's just making you MORE angry, MORE isolated, and frankly, even MORE pathetic. VERDICT- Let Mom or Grandma help you post stuff here.
  7. https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/broadway-legend-carol-channing-dies-at-97-proud-as-can-1831773851 Thank you Carol, for being a fierce, original Civil Rights advocate for ALL Americans, and for your tireless fight to ensure justice for every citizen, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, ideology, religious affiliation or non-affiliation, gender, or sexual identity. Carol was one of our treasured original thinkers. Like all Progressives, or anyone else capable of the minimum neural function required to develop any kind of forward-thinking vision that has always propelled homo sapiens into the future, she was ahead of the curve on the arc of Progressive change. We will miss you, Carol. Go gentle and easy in the long night, for you truly have earned the right to enter your last house, justified. For the last 8 decades, Carol was the tip of the Progressive spear and one of the first minority citizens to challenge the societal status-quo. She essentially began back in the 1940's to stand up for our most-vulnerable citizens, and power what has become a long-long fight to reshape America's original foundation as a White Apartheid Patriarchy into what we will someday create, i.e., America 2.0. Carol fought to establish the American Nation that we CAN become, an America that finally begins to mete-out TRUE justice and TRUE liberty and TRUE equality to ALL of our citizens. R.I.P, baby. Perhaps, today's momentous Me Too Movement doesn't even happen, without the critical seeds you began to plant some 60 years ago.
  8. Squeeze a Trump Maggot's neck, and you ALWAYS expose the empty cranium. Any little bitch you can bait with a Forum post is always dead meat and face down on the pavement, after the first punch. Just curb-stomp your local Trumper, and don't mind the maggots! P.S. Has Obama taken away all of our guns yet? Is Jade Helm 15 over? And how many Trump Maggots do we currently have imprisoned in our Secret Underground Wal-Mart Conservative Puke Detention Centers? Christ, these suckerfish righties will bite on a naked safety pin.
  9. Looks like we need to prevent uneducated, illiterate, pimple-faced, limp-dicked teenage Conservative sisters from continually posting ignorant, spittle-laced word-splatter on this Forum. Hey, I GET it, folks, Everyone knows that just signing-up as a Trump ass-licker results in a kneeling display of requisite knee-quaking, lip-quivering cowardice . But true to form., any time a Trump Monkey is suddenly confronted with an Internet beat-down from a massively-superior adversary...out comes the tears and the pleading for mercy. Or just the usual profanity-laced Kindergarten dirt-clod any 8 year-old LOSER usually musters. DAAAAMMMNN! ...these Trumpanzees never fail to deliver the goods when it comes to sucking-off a Progressive, on line, and in front of their God and everyone.. It must be a genetic-level Conservative deficiency. Question: Do they offer 3rd Grade English classes out there in RED America? Nothin' left in the RED State Budget after buying all the Meth and opiates? LOL. Usually, I just verbally bitch-slap little maggots like this typical wretched Trump Gimp, but I'm gonna be gentle as I guide him back to the safety of his Trump Gimp Box and Mommy's teat. Get back to me when you get that first pubic hair arrives, Lil' Ducky. Or maybe just ask Sissy to help you post something else we can all laugh at. Break that pill in half, next time, before you post.
  10. Fit2Serve

    New gurl on the block

    No unwanted, unwashed, uninvited group of reprehensible religious maggots arriving here on our native soil will ever be able to murder or enslaved or infect more innocent human beings on the North and South American continents (including Central America) and out-do Conservative Christian RIGHT invaders that washed-up on our Eastern seaboard back around Year 1600. Over the last millennium, our resident cult of kooky, brain-dead, murderous RIGHT-Wing Christians from all the sh|thole Nations in Western Europe has left a World Record trail of body-bags bags and human atrocities no other late-arriving religious cult could ever hope to match in sheer numbers or depraved evil. Since the year 1600, the Universe has watched in silent horror have as a mob of crazed Conservative Christians invaded the New World and left behind the corpses of over 200 MILLION indigent American natives, all destroyed and ravaged in the wake of evil that always results when Christian mobs seek to enslave other people, and we are still counting. Why be scared of a few Muslims coming to America? They'll NEVER be capable of mass-murdering, raping, and pillaging the very lives of 30 million First Tribes people, or conduct the kidnapping and enslavement of 25 million African natives, while pointing to their Religious Comic Book as proof that enslaving other human beings is permitted by their Imaginary Sky Fairy. Muslim-Americans will never vote to enact Prohibition, like the Christian Conservative RIGHT did. They'll never enact Slavery, conduct eugenics breeding programs on Black Americans, or visit their own Confederate RIGHT-Wing Conservative Plantation's Slave Quarters on a Saturday night to select a fine 6 or 8 or 10 year-old Pleasuring Wench for child rape and sodomy, just like the Christian Conservative RIGHT did. Muslims will never force that just raped, sodomized, and sexually-violated child to sit and bleed from her bowels and genitals on Massa's hard wooden Plantation Sunday Morning Christian Services bench, while the Christian rapist preaches about Jesus. Muslims will never lynch thousands of Black Americans. Muslims will never infect blankets with smallpox and then distribute them to Native American women and children. Muslims will never tie human beings to a Whipping-Post and forcibly-convert those innocent victims to Christianity with a bullwhip. Muslims will never kidnap all remaining Native American children and forcibly strip those children of their religious and cultural heritage, their history, their culture, and beat the kids if they dare use their natural Native names. Muslims will never fit their wives with a Scold's Mask or a iron Chastity belt. Muslims will never fight against Interfaith Marriage, Interracial Marriage, and Marriage Equality, like the Conservative RIGHT did. Muslims will never drag gay people to their deaths behind their vehicles, or shoot and murder a transsexual American after tying her to a wooden fence, like RIGHT-Wing Christians did. Muslims will never hold a Saturday Night Lynching Party and Celebration, and hand out the still-warm severed Black fingers and toes and cork-screwed out Black chunks of flesh to their Christian children as mementos of the occasion, like Conservative RIGHT-Wing Christians did. Muslims will never bring a half-dozen venereal diseases, the Black Plague, Influenza, smallpox, and a thousand other infectious diseases to America, and copy what the RIGHT-Wing Western European Christian scum brought with them from their sh|thole Nations back home. Muslims will never resort to cannibalism to stay alive a few more days in America, like the last Christian maggots in the original Jamestown Colony did. Muslims will never douse or burn "witches" at the stake. Verdict? Thank Cthulhu our religious establishments in America are watching as their pews and prayer mats go empty, and more Americans come to their senses and leave the fears, superstitions, and Theistic quackery behind. But the fact remains: No newly-arriving group of Muslims in America, or any other mob of religious quacks will, or EVER could remotely match the millions of Christianity-inspired abject murders, rapes, crimes, atrocities and generally-violent human depravity that the arriving and current resident cult of sick and twisted RIGHT-Wing Conservative maggots has wrought upon human beings in the New World, and right here, in America. I have no love or respect for ANY of the three Abrahamic nonsense-and-gibberish religious cults or their adherents, but here in the New World, no newly arriving group of crazed malcontents and misanthropic religious maggots will ever be able to equal or even come close the last 500 years of utter depravity and the pile of innocent corpses that the Conservative Christian RIGHT has piled up to satisfy their gore-dripping, emaciated, impaled Deity who committed suicide and then got himself nailed to a Popsicle stick. That fictional human sacrifice to make their Sky Fairy happy is no different than the goat the Pagans used to splay over a fire and then read the entrails, all to appease their similar God and to excuse THEIR sins against humanity. Moral of the Story: When or whenever any particular group of religious quacks insists that their imaginary Deity once demanded an animal or a human sacrifice , the resultant misery and atrocities their believers inflict on the rest of us is always the same: Death. Murder. Dismemberment. Slavery. Torture. Depravity.
  11. Hmm. Why do the Republicans electing and sending the absolute worst, most-vile, reprehensible gutter-scum pieces of human excrement to the Oval Office? Didn't they learn anything about morality after they elected one of their own despicable pedophiles to become Speaker of the House? Has there been ANY honorable Conservative Presidents in the last 60 years, besides Poppy Bush? Trump: Traitor under criminal investigation by FBI, the Intelligence Community, and local and State Law Enforcement for aiding and abetting the enemy. Documented serial adulterer who lusts after his own daughter. God, please tell us Donald Trump was NEVER allowed by Ivana to get anywhere near Ivanka and Tiffany when they were young girls, because both those girls display common signs of past familial sexual abuse. Tiffany now lives in her own dream world, totally shielding herself from reality, and Ivanka acts like she is sexually-attracted to Daddy. Trump has already permanently sh|t-stained America's image and credibility, and brought ruination to what we used to call the Republican Party, who frankly. was useless, anyway. No great loss there. Shrub Bush: Documented War Criminal sought for extradition by the International War Crimes tribunal in the Hague. Documented proponent of Geneva Convention-violating torture, in horrendous violation of International Human Rights laws. Solely responsible for the deaths of over 8500 precious U.S. soldiers, whom he sent to mass-murder 750,000 innocent human beings in Iraq. Not to mention solely responsible the shattered lives of 90,000 of our own dead, maimed and/or mutilated returned combat veterans, and their families. These are all lives that were permanently ruined or ended by the murderous Christian RIGHT's perverse "Christianity is on the March" attempt to ethnically-cleanse a sovereign, innocent, non-complicit Iraq, a Nation that will never again be reconstituted on the map. How'd that 13th Crusade work out? The next 4 generations of Americans will be forced to pay-off the 7 trillion dollars the Conservative Right flushed down the crapper while they destroyed the Middle East and greedily sucked Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim Wahhabist cock, the very human scum responsible for buying every drop of ISIS oil, and funding every Sunni / Wahhabist / Saudi-created Terrorist Mob on the planet. Ronald Reagan. Documented TRAITOR who sold weapons to America's deadly enemies, and then funneled those illegal profits to another group of murderous scum in South America, in an illegal, failed attempt to hide his corruption and depraved illegality from the American people. When he was cornered and caught by America's finest patriots and Law Enforcement, Reagan was forced to publicly admit his array of felonies, and then falsely claimed he was suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's to avoid impeachment and incarceration. Limped off to Orange County to stumble around his ranch, and left America to be run by his 90 I.Q. doddering hag of a wife, a woman who's ole accomplishments in life are the sum total of being a C-level round-heeled Hollywood actress and an expert at beaming in adulation of her husband. The hag proceeded to consult her Ouija Board to run American foreign and domestic policy. Aided and abetted by another piece of Conservative Christian RIGHT-wing human excrement, Mr. Newt Gingrich, a known serial adulterer who was fornicating with his own cousin as his wide lay dying, Reagan's America-destroying policies continued. Of course, Newt and his best friend, Denny Hastert both proceeded to laughably point their filthy, flabby, bloated fingers at the subsequent Democrat President, simply for a consensual marital affair, despite the documented fact that Denny was best-known around Washington for his desire to fondle and stroke-off terrified under-age boys in the shower room, who were all victimized as "Coach" Denny molested them. Reagan also ended the Greatest Age of American Prosperity, the era from 1946 - 1979, that saw wonderful Progressive ideas build the American Middle Class. Reagan utterly-destroyed the once-proud U.S. Steel Industry that won World War II, and driven by the infectious greed of the always-vile GOP Donor Class, broke the backs of the U.S. Union Movement, the very Movement that had given EVERY American the benefit of a 40-hour work-week, a lunch period, workplace safety, and 2 paid rest breaks, along with holiday pay, vacation pay, and sick pay, and something we used to point to as a moderate-level living wage. ALL of this Nation's once-admired Middle Class prosperity was utterly destroyed by the vicious, greed-driven Conservative RIGHT and Ronald Reagan, ending the ONLY time in all of America's entire 243 year history when America was not suffering under the boot-heels of a tiny group of obscenely-wealthy elitist Oligarch Captains of Industry. In fact, outside of a few short years immediately prior to the market crash of 1929, the period from 1946 to 1979 remains the ONLY time in U.S. history when lower and middle-class Americans were CLOSE to receiving their fair share of the economic pie. We now look back on Reagan's criminality and treason with bated breath, and watch resignedly as the Conservative RIGHT once again is utterly-defiling this Nation. Until the moment we ensure that Donald Trump's Cabinet, family, and cronies spend a little time behind bars, Reagan and his nefarious Cabinet remains the MOST-incarcerated, MOST-investigated, MOST-convicted, MOST-investigated group of filthy Right-Wing FAKE Christian criminals in all of America's short history, and they also bear the ugly distinction of having the most Presidential Cabinet members ever forced to resign in shame, humiliation, and societal degradation. The criminal pardons of Reagan and his nest of filthy criminal Cabinet by the next bought-off Republican thug POTUS still remains, for the moment, the worst example of gluttonous Conservative criminality we Americans have EVER been forced to swallow. Richard Nixon: Filthy traitor, crook, and LIAR. Forced to resign after being exposed as a common thief and burglar. We now know that Nixon also committed sedition AND treason, for secretly undermining a sitting President's almost-finalized Vietnam War-ending Peace Treaty negotiations with the Soviet-funded Vietcong, a Conservative crime so evil that it lengthened the War and caused the subsequent deaths of 10's of thousands of MORE of our own precious U.S. soldiers, all of whom died for NO reason, as Nixon's treason added two unnecessary years to the immoral Vietnam campaign. And why did Nixon commit treason and undermine President Johnson's Peace Talks? Solely to prevent a Democrat President from ending America's worst, ill-advised War and being remembered as the POTUS that ended that criminal war enterprise. We look back now, after almost 60 years of RIGHT-WING criminality and corruption, and we are forced to accept that ALL of Conservative ideology is solely driven by their cult's inherent greed, gluttony, and morally-deficient evil motives and primal aspiration to seize and wield power, by any and all means necessary, and regardless of how many innocent Americans and other human beings are slaughtered as cannon-fodder for the profits of the GOP Donor Class that has ALWAYS permeates through the murderous U.S. Defense and Weapons Industry, the now-defunct Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big AG, and of course, the worst human scum on Wall Street. UNASSAILABLE VERDICT? Never let a filthy Conservative RIGHT-Wing animal run America. Our own American History proves without argument that 1000's of innocent American deaths, global ruination, and national U.S. dishonor will ALWAYS be the result.
  12. I've been to Houston. It's the most toxic, poisoned area of America, drowning under a trillion gallons of fossil fuel waste. You could sh|t on every Houston resident's head for a month, and they'd weep in gratitude because you IMPROVED their local environment. Yes, let's build a Wall.......around the RED States. Maybe we could auction the entire Conservative voting bloc off to Russia?
  13. You could have just come out and admitted you have MASSIVE penis envy for the Golden State. Yep, no one wants to invest in California, except for 55% of ALL TOTAL VENTURE CAPITAL invested in America. Keep complaining, and California will cut off all your Red State opiate shipments. What will you rubes do with your spare time, then? Go back to screwing the sheep? Tipping cows? Just keep my grocery store stocked with bacon. That's what RED America is good for. Let the Progressives, who have provided you with every creature comfort, technological, scientific, and medical miracle you enjoy right now, get 'er done. Just try not to get underfoot.
  14. My workday starts now. I'll have to suspend the beatings for now and resume this Remedial Education attempt after I return later this afternoon. No worries, Trumpers! Hold all those silly thoughts and angry retorts for a few more hours, kiddies. I know you can do it.