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  1. No offense, but I honestly don't care what you have to say and I have already pretty much written you off as someone who is never going to be worth my time. You mostly just follow the same narrative as the other RWNJs without really being interesting about it, it doesn't even seem like it would be much fun to insult you or mock you for saying stupid things, and it would take too much effort to try to explain the same shit to you on top of all of the other RWNJs. So yeah, I'm not going to respond to you after this. Just saying.
  2. Then when there's no more need for a stimulus, everything goes back to normal. You're not going to make one of those 'welfare queen' arguments or start spewing conspiracies about how the Dems want to keep giving people money forever, are you?
  3. They're not paying off debts that they couldn't have otherwise paid off. FFS average people are not buying Porsches and mansions with their $2000 stimulus checks. The stimulus is keeping them going during a time when they otherwise would not have been able to. There is no real difference between that and having a job that would allow you to do exactly the same thing. The only real issue is that productivity is temporarily down due to the pandemic while consumer demand is returning as the overall outlook improves.
  4. YOU are framing the discussion this way because you're on the spectrum and you can't adapt to topics outside of your own interest... but still feel the need to interject as obnoxiously as possible. Everyone else in this thread was talking about inflation (see title) until Str8tjacket the retarded imp comes in and starts shitting all over coherent discussion as usual, hurling pathetic insults and being an annoying douchebucket. You're a fucking cancer. All you ever do here is re-post gatewaypundit and derail threads with your bullshit.
  5. You just fucking claimed that the economy miraculously recovered with barely any stimulus, totally fucking ignorant about literally THE LARGEST STIMULUS IN HISTORY... and also seemed to think it happened due to the magic of MAGA and 'everything being fine'... all while having the balls to call ME a fucking economic illiterate... AND ALL despite that also having literally nothing to do with what's causing the inflation or whether or not the 2.2 trillion was needed in the midst of an economic meltdown (which is pretty loopy, but at least @superds77 isn't an obnoxious cunt like you and can carry
  6. You're not even fucking talking about anything related to what I have been saying. Whether or not the economy should open up or whether the shutdowns were good or bad HAS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO with whether or not any of the three stimulus packages helped the economy stay afloat OR are contributing to inflation. THE SHUTDOWNS HAPPENED, THERE WAS AN ECONOMIC CONTRACTION... and that means STIMULUS WAS NEEDED. Seriously, go fuck off and stop interrupting arguments that could actually involve listening and responding with your obnoxious unrelated autistic totally socially
  7. LOL.. $2.2 trillion and literally the largest stimulus bill in American history (even bigger than Biden's) is 'barely any stimulus'. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/house-passes-2-2t-rescue-package-rushes-it-to-trump Over and over you prove how ignorant you are. You are seriously beyond fucking retarded at this point. It's like you've broken through into some sort of sub-retarded state.
  8. Oh right, so much facepalm all you can do is post some weak insult about it. You're so fucking full of shit. All I am doing is repeating what has been endlessly discussed in articles like this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danrunkevicius/2021/03/31/will-stimulus-spark-inflation-two-shocking-theories-you-should-know/?sh=908cfd121db2 https://russellinvestments.com/us/blog/will-all-of-this-stimulus-cause-runaway-inflation-not-so-fast These people know far more than you do So yeah, you're full of shit and you're also too fucking l
  9. 'misguided at best'? Are you serious?? Last year there were literally Great Depression levels of economic contraction. Without that stimulus, we would be in a massive depression right now with business upon business being lost and unable to return, as well as enormous amounts of unemployment and misery that would cause the entire country to collapse in on itself. The stimulus will only cause inflation if people use the money to buy things they can't afford and drive prices up with a lot of frivolous spending, not if they use it to pay off debts and keep themselves
  10. But it IS mostly right-wingers on a national level. Obviously that's not the case in the tiny list of cities you've created here, but it is still generally true. Seriously... you yourself are refusing to get it and you think it isn't right wingers??? And it doesn't matter because this isn't even connected to my point-- the non-vaccination people in the cities you brought up aren't resisting it because of Biden. This is a thread about how Biden is supposedly responsible for anti-vaxxers (which is utterly absurd to begin with since the movement predates covid, Trump, possibly Obama).
  11. My assertion was that Biden isn't responsible for the anti-vaxxers, NOT that he has been able to clean up the mess that the RWNJ shitbags have made of society, on this issue and several others (well, basically all issues). De-politicize doesn't mean that he is spreading the same lies gatewaypundit is, it means he hasn't been able to get people to realize it shouldn't be a political issue in the first place. If you weren't an illiterate piece of shit, you would know this... and it's probably why you prefer RWNJ media with its primary school reading level. I'm officially convinced t
  12. The massive stimulus that Trump passed had no effect on inflation. In fact, inflation SHRANK after it was passed. So what's different this time? Meanwhile, companies all across the US were talking about the need to raise their prices way back before anyone even knew what a covid was. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/16/business/walmart-earnings-stock-tariffs-trump-china/index.html It just seems to be the best explanation.
  13. The scary thing about it is that Biden's stimulus is basically an open escalation of the cold war with China. His investment in semiconductors is a clear sign that there will be no truce and that the US is prepared for a technological race with China, possibly one that will last for decades. Not that China or Russia would have ever stopped attacking the US anyway, but it is still a move that signals a long-term conflict. It would not surprise me if the US is also preparing them for use in weapons to be used in other forms of warfare as well. I don't know if Trump's braz
  14. You can find literally countless articles online predicting inflation due to the trade war. Obviously prices are going to rise when a country that hasn't manufactured its own goods for over a decade starts a trade war with the country that does. The entire world has seen rising prices since 2019 because of the trade war. It's a little late to be upset about higher prices after complaining that China was devaluing its currency to keep prices low. This is exactly what the Trumpites wanted, and exactly what practically every economist out there was predicting. So
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