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  1. I don't understand why people live in places where they need guns to feel safe. And I'm not sure that 'it's a toy that makes me happy' is a good enough reason to justify widespread ownership. The point here being that cars are often indispensable for anyone who wants to participate in modern society, while gun ownership is both frivolous and rooted in paranoia.
  2. Because they can be used for purposes other than that for which they were designed (transportation). Besides killing or wounding people or animals, what purpose do guns serve?
  3. There's no way that girl is old enough to have legally consented to that kind of surgery.
  4. What freedoms have you lost?
  5. That depends on what they're trying to prove.
  6. That's not true. These people weren't crazy and they weren't irrational... they saw themselves as heroes, or martyrs for their cause... like with the other right wing mass murderers like Breivik and McVeigh, spreading the message and being heard was more important than their own lives.
  7. Okay, what do I agree with him about and where is your proof?
  8. Show me a diversified country where non-white immigration led to a loss of freedoms.
  9. Liberals ARE Socialists at their VERY CORE !! There was a time when they DID NOT TALK about it... and even thought they BELIEVED in Socialism, they DID NOT advocate for it, or support it... WELL, Those days have changed !! TODAY, Trump DERANGEMENT Syndrome has brought it ALL out into the open... IT is NO LONGER a secret !! Trump should run on THAT, and little else... Democrats = SOCIALISTS = Liberals !! IS THAT what Americans really WANT? DO they want: 1. Denmark? 2. Norway? 3. Finland? 4. Australia? 5. Canada? We would be FOOLS to vote the Socialist democrats into office !!
  10. Yeah, I'm sure the people who are reading your barely coherent, paranoid prophecies about the future are impressed by how knowledgeable you are.
  11. Also, personreal why do you feel the need to show everyone your conception as a gif in your signature? It makes your username feel like a desperate attempt to convince everyone you're a real person and not the abomination we all know you are.
  12. Canada is a hugely successful multicultural society. As long as the individuals in that nation have shared values, and those values are conducive to harmony, a nation will succeed.
  13. Here's a quote from his manifesto: It reads like any random RWNJ post on this site.
  14. It wasn't actually a protest over the statue, it was a Unite the Right rally, the entire purpose of which was to protect 'white rights'. It was announced in advance, marketed as such, and they promised to use violence as well. They had staged an earlier rally about the same thing in the same place on May 13. They were shouting Nazi slogans and racist chants. I guess I don't know if there were people who were stupid enough to go to that rally despite not being nazis or white supremacists, but if there were, I can't imagine they stayed very long. I would imagine the police would stop them and say 'hey fine upstanding person, you know this is a Nazi rally, right?'. Like I said, maybe he didn't know, but they WERE white supremacists.
  15. I would assume it's because they have more to lose, but also because they don't believe it has gotten to the point that the other RW terrorists believe it has. Hate speech, incitement to violence and propaganda for war are all crimes. So you agree with McVeigh, then. So you think RW domestic terrorism is justice then.