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  1. Because I never imagined anyone, even someone as willfuly fucking lazy and stupid and disgusting as you, would be so deeply fucking oblivious to history that you hadn't heard of the Dixiecrats, the Southern Strategy, LBJ or George Wallace. Your ignorance is truly deeper and more powerful than I ever thought possible. You're seriously at a level of stupidity where you are incapable of EVER knowing just how fucking stupid you are. A normal fucking person would automatically understand this and present a counterargument of some kind (which wouldn't work, but still...)... however you just come right out and announce you're fucking ignorant and act all abrasive. You're a cancer on anything you try to participate in.
  2. The difference is that it happens faster and more widely in an extinction event. A 1C rise isn't even minute if you stretched it over 1000 years. And it's accelerating. The position of the Earth with regards to the sun doesn't change dramatically enough in 100 years to cause the kind of warming we're experiencing. And yes, the atmosphere is retaining more heat... because there's more Co2 in it. You actually understand LESS than I thought. I DON'T want longer, colder winters... I'm not talking about what I WANT, I am talking about WHAT is happening and WHY. FFS plants don't grow just because it's hot or there's more Co2... it's more complicated than that. And people who actually understand AGW (eg: not you) aren't worried just about the fucking growing seasons or heating bills or your personal comfort. Can you just do some research on your own so we can have an actual, informed discussion? Because this isn't one. YES, 1 degree is HUGE. During the Paleocene-Eocene Themal Maximum, temperatures rose 5-8C over 50,000 years and this was considered rapid. And because the things you keep saying have me rolling my eyes over and over, I probably need to tell you that the 1C global temp rise is an AVERAGE, it doesn't mean that every single place in the world simply adds a degree to its usual annual temperature. Some places are MUCH hotter while some places may be slightly cooler. Models suggest that without emissions, the temperature would be very very slightly cooler-- not even a tenth of a degree cooler. 1 degree is HUGE... and we're projected to hit 3 degrees by 2100, which is MASSIVE. You don't seem to understand any of this. There's no such thing as 'better'. Rapid climate change will disrupt all life on Earth, and anything that can't adapt quickly enough will die out. Some creatures will prosper and others will not... but civilization as we know it has never had to deal with this kind of climate. Human beings have never in their entire existence had to deal with this kind of climate. You're like a fucking 5 year old with all of this 'Cold BAD! Warm GOOD!' shit. Just because your willful ignorance means trying to have an informed conversation with you is doomed to failure, it doesn't mean you have bragging rights.
  3. Shit post as usual, H8edge. How about instead of just saying it's not true and being a rude cunt, you actually offer proof? Oh wait, you don't do that.
  4. The way that the Dems did this was by becoming a party that cared about civil rights. The Republicans went the other way. It's not a sinister plot involving mind control, if that's what you're getting at.
  5. We ARE experiencing a mass extinction-- the problem is that you think it would be like a cartoon where people are running screaming while fireballs drop down from a blood red sky and animals die in plain sight, killing each other over food. And this is happening BEFORE AGW really takes off when we hit +2C in the 2040s or 2050s and 250,000 extra people per year die from it-- something you will probably claim is due to something else, assuming your echo chambers and propaganda sources haven't hit the point where even you don't believe them anymore. There is no other viable explanation for the temperature rise. And there is no reason for you to keep repeating that if there was no heat in the world we would be dead... I mean, duh. It has nothing to do with anything I am saying and repeating it over and over just makes it clear that you don't understand the topic. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/11/earth-tipping-point/ We have already passed or are on the verge of passing several tipping points and warming is currently well past 1.1C over the 20th century average.There is also no current plan to prevent future warming and even if emissions targets are met we will hit at least 3C by 2100... which is more than enough to destabilize the climate. So it has basically already happened. Weather is not climate. And your personal experiences are not global. You'd do a lot better admitting that you don't understand instead of pretending everything you don't like to hear is a lie.
  6. He inherited a booming economy and took credit for it. And now he has the highest unemployment since the depression and all he can do is complain about how bad he personally has it while also pushing to eliminate health care for people who need it more than ever.
  7. I don't know what the right wing media narrative is, but the conflict and infighting you desperately need to believe is going to ruin the Dems this time isn't there anymore. Hillary's big mistake was she didn't want to compromise and even mocked the same people Biden is bringing aboard.They're not going to make the same mistake twice. Even the die-hard leftist Noam Chomsky is impressed by this new direction... he has been a solid Green party voter and Sanders backer, and has never been one to support the Dem establishment, but he has come out in support of what's happening with the Dems. Bernie is happy too-- he has successfully pulled the Dems to the left and forced them to focus on the working class again, which is all he ever really wanted anyways... and the moderates have Biden in charge to remind them of Obama, calm everyone down and prevent the Dems from venturing too far into AOC territory. Biden is marketing himself and his team as another FDR, and in this current crisis, I think people will respond to that.
  8. Not true. Bernie dropped out on the condition that he and Biden create a 'task force' to shape the Dem platform for 2020, and Biden is fully co-operating with the progressives. Biden isn't going to make the same mistake Hillary did and campaign as a fake left-winger who was actually more right wing than Trump... Sanders has already said that he is having a great time working with Biden on a sort of new vision for the left.
  9. Biden isn't everyone's dream candidate, but he's more popular than Hillary, there's no 'he stole it from Bernie' this time, and unlike with Hillary, nobody is taking it for granted that he'll win. The desire to get Trump out is stronger than the desire to push the Dems further to the left and this time Bernie himself is stepping out of the way and letting his movement fizzle in exchange for some policy concessions. I think the general consensus on the left is that Biden is going to be part of a team that will include both the progressives and the moderates-- a coalition if you will. The left is more united now than it was in 2016, and they're also taking Trump seriously. On top of all of the failed trade wars and absurd attempts at diplomacy and alienating allies and rejected or revised trade deals, at the end of his first term Trump has very little to show. At the moment he is more focused on attacking his personal enemies than being a leader-- this plays well with the librul-hating RWNJs, but decent people would much rather see him showing leadership skills and guiding the US through its moment of crisis instead... the obvious problem here being that he doesn't have any. Honestly, at this point, if he got on TV and gave a speech asking for unity and telling everyone to work together and respect each other, after all of the other shit he has done, it would be so fucking transparent that it would probably just make people hate him even more. The only time he has ever done anything decent is when his handlers convinced him it would be good for ratings. Trump didn't win with his base, he won with the independents in the swing states... and he won by lying. Now those lies have been exposed and he hasn't been able to come up with any other reasons to give him another four years. If he had a strong economy or had brought the kinds of changes that people really want to see, maybe the rest of the lies would have been forgiven... but all he has done is pander to his base. For four whole years, he has focused only on them... and they aren't the majority. As much as you want to believe Biden is doomed and a joke and doesn't stand a chance, I think it's pretty obvious that this isn't the case. I don't know if he will win or not, but I would say his chances at the moment look really good.
  10. It's bad for life when the planet experiences sudden shifts in the climate. It depends on the life form, as well as the life forms that depend on those life forms. We DID heat the planet and we CAN cool it-- in fact, we have cooled it with aerosols that actually counteracted some of the warming. I'm not talking about climate control... that's impossible. But the climate was RELATIVELY stable before human activity destabilized it. All we can do now is choose not to make it worse and hope there will be a solution one day.
  11. It puts out fires by depriving them of oxygen, not by cooling them down. It acts as a refrigerant ONLY in liquid or solid form. The atmosphere isn't 'designed' to do anything.... its composition results in it doing what it does. If it traps too much heat, then it will be too hot. The Co2 absorbs and emits the heat. Not to the same extent. A slight but safe amount of cooling is better than a dangerous amount of warming.
  12. There is A LOT of evidence of AGW. The first piece being that we have known that CO2 absorbs and emits heat for over a century. The second piece being that we know Co2 has caused the planet to warm in the past. The third piece being that we know that human beings have been putting Co2 into the air. The fourth piece being that the average global temperature has been rising since 1880, and most of that rise has been since the 1970s. And if you don't give a shit about evidence in the first place, you have absolutely no business saying you care about science. You'll be happy to know that the Supreme Court today made sure that taxpayer dollars will be going towards helping kids learn that evolution is a lie and that the only possible explanation for life on Earth is that a fag-hating God created it using magical powers. Congratulations on making the world a stupider place!
  13. It's the fucking Family Research Council. They even said Mike Pompeo was a good pick ONLY because he 'cares about religious freedom'. Everything on this list is fucking disgusting, and so is the fact that the FRC pretends to be Christian instead of admitting they're a hate group.
  14. They're not the same. Common sense is simple, which is why RWNJs like it (but don't always get it). Logic isn't always so simple, which is why RWNJs never get it.

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