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  1. So this is what they're going to take to the SCOTUS? A guy who has constructed most of his argument based on 'the media' and a lot of speculation?
  2. You're changing the definition of the word so that nobody who ever has any power whatsoever could possibly be considered populist. Populists tend to grab MORE power for themselves because their rise depends on a narrative that suggests the system is broken and that they need to save the country and the people from a corrupt elite. Once they seize power, they are NOT going to work with the people they have already written off as corrupt-- they will expel them, humiliate them or murder them. This will extend to intellectuals, professionals, scientists, academics, the wealthy, etc... because all
  3. Also, a larger group of people with even more impressive credentials seem to think your guy is full of shit:
  4. https://www.cisa.gov/rumorcontrol I guess the argument here is that amidst all of this bullshit, nobody thought to check the paper record?
  5. Pol Pot was a populist and statist who, once he had power, exterminated the elites for being too rich, too intellectual, too urban, etc. I'm not saying it always definitely leads to this, but any movement that rises up from anger and resentment of people who have more power, wealth or intelligence than you do is probably going to be hard to control.
  6. Oh... do you have any stats to back that up, Elton? I'll be waiting.
  7. News is manufactured for mass consumption-- community outreach is specifically tailored for a certain group... which is doubly important if those people are largely disenfranchised. If what you were saying were true, then ALL campaigning is worthless, masturbatory preaching to the choir. Do you honestly think that people in NYC were afraid of Trump winning their state? Ridiculous. This is the second time an RWNJ has used the 'I know you are but what am I?' line on me. It doesn't help your case.
  8. If the Dems can push the minorities to give them both runoffs and Biden can do something about inequality, then he can win in 2024. It will be the minorities that decide 2024... if they stay home, the GOP will probably end democracy by 2028. It really is just a matter of time before the GOP takes over enough court positions to destroy democracy forever. I know that sounds like hyperbole-- but there was at least one judge that was willing to begin the process of overturning the vote in PA. That means it can be done, and the GOP definitely has the will to do it.
  9. You're not actually using logic OR common sense. Biden's campaign wasn't targeting YOU. You don't actually live anywhere near the kind of people that helped him win. You don't understand the power that community outreach and local leadership has in those communities. It wasn't just Biden campaigning, it was also every single enemy that Trump has made in the past four years campaigning to get rid of him. The NAACP, various minority rights/civil rights groups, women's groups... Trump's list of enemies is very long. He ignored the strongholds completely because they were going to go b
  10. He gave hints of a progressive agenda, and he said a few things that made people feel like he at least meant well (as opposed to Trump, who does not mean well). But ultimately nobody really believes that Biden is going to do anything really special for them. And by the looks of his cabinet, that appears to be true. I doubt much will change in the next four years. I suspect that after the 2024 election, the US us going to end up with another Trump... if not Trump himself, then possibly someone even worse.
  11. Biden's entire campaign was largely focused on the Rust Belt, and getting minorities to vote. You can't make a perfectly valid explanation for what happened go away by refusing to admit it's valid.
  12. What about after Dejoy gets locked up for trying to sabotage USPS?
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