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  1. Giving an extremely unpopular president who lost the popular vote more authority over the states that despise him the most is an incredibly bad idea. If anything, the current political climate should be pushing the US towards more power at the state level and less at the federal level. The US is barely even a single nation at the moment... and forcing compliance is only going to make everything worse.
  2. Responding to Trump's comments is like responding to bullies. They need to just start acting like he isn't even there.
  3. No, it was an interpretation of it. And the fact that it passed 5-4 means it wasn't a glaringly obvious one either. Anyways, the next Dem president can just declare a national emergency on firearm violence and it won't matter anyways. This is what Trump has done to the country.
  4. No, it was guaranteed by District of Columbia vs Heller, the same as abortion was guaranteed by Roe vs. Wade. If the latter is overturned by the nutjobs Trump appointed, it's only fair that the former can also be overturned in the same spirit, but probably not by the nutjob SC. Maybe the next Dem president will simply declare a series of national emergencies-- too many babies being born to unwed mothers, rape victims and such... burdening the welfare system and undermining the futures of American citizens.
  5. -Seizing control of the courts by appointing far-right judges, regardless of their competence or experience level. -openly undermining the press and normalizing conspiracy theories with no basis in reality -flirting with the idea of extending his term limits -abusing state of emergency powers with the border issue -endless gerrymandering undermining elections -obstructing and undermining the Russia investigation I don't know why you think the GOP/Christian fascists wouldn't use this technology to control society. They think they are completely justified in doing whatever they want-- not just justified, they believe it is commanded by God.
  6. This has nothing to do with left or right. BOTH sides want power and control over society, and it is only a matter of time before someone on one side abandons their politics in favor of authoritarian control. I don't know how you could ever believe that Trump wouldn't have already done away with all laws and values if it were more politically viable.
  7. So next year, China will implement a mass surveillance system in which each citizen will receive a score, based on their compliance to the whims of the state/ This score will affect your ability to get loans, find jobs, buy homes, buy plane tickets, your internet speed... etc. The score will be shared by the government with private companies (which in China aren't so separate from the government) It will be possible for the government to change your cell phone ringtone to something that will humiliate you when it rings. It will be possible for other people to see your location on a map-- if you are undesirable, EVERYONE will know. You will also receive points for reporting other people's anti-social behavior. On top of this, AI cameras are constantly watching, constantly looking for this behavior. All online communications will be monitored and screened by a massive AI supercomputer. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/02/china-surveillance/552203/ i know everyone is going to turn this into an anti-China thread... but pretty soon I am sure that all of the world's governments will eventually see the value in this system... assuming it isn't already here without us knowing about it. I don't even want to imagine what a post-Trump fascist would do with this technology.
  8. Did they also outlaw menstruation and male masturbation?
  9. The difference is that gun laws were created in the interest of public safety, while abortion laws were created because religious lunatics want to force their beliefs on other people.
  10. I'm not sure I would call this news. The narrative about Russian oligarchs saving Trump from ruin via money laundering through his properties has been well-covered, if not overshadowed by collusion and obstruction. It was the explanation for his deference to Russia/love of Putin.
  11. Toldya

    the nazis

    But Hitler was actually semi-literate and informed, even if he was wrong about many things. That's my point. Hitler also had visions of the white race dominating Europe, eugenics, etc. You can be a racist while also recognizing that openly acting on/declaring your racism is going to put people off and lose you the election. Even someone as inbred and moronic as BIGTEX would never call himself a racist despite blatantly being one, because even he knows doing so gives your opponents ammunition. This is how Nixon won the south in 68. Instead of saying you hate minorities, you say you support being 'tough on crime'. Instead of saying you hate homosexuals, you say you believe in 'family values' or the 'sanctity of marriage'. It's putting a friendly face on bigotry to make it more palatable for the masses. The long game here is that the actual racists support you because it means you're nudging the country in the direction they want it to go in, and you also scoop up some moderates or less extreme right-wingers because they don't realize what you're doing. You're normalizing discrimination by making it more polite, so that in the future it can be taken to greater extremes. Racism is always the product of laziness and ignorance. It's easy to connect with people who are similar to you, difficult to connect with people who are different. The former is simple, direct, fast and easy... the latter takes effort, time and patience to sort out all of the motivations and factors people from different backgrounds have for doing what they do. The lazy mind will always do the former, and this is how it remains ignorant.
  12. Toldya

    Rape baby.

    If he doesn't want it, he can just leave her. I guess if he feels some sort of responsibility for the baby or something, then yes, she is forcing him. But I really don't think this scenario happens very often.
  13. Toldya

    the nazis

    Trump isn't Hitler. Hitler actually wrote a book; Trump pays other people to write books and put his name on them. Hitler was a visionary in his own way-- he had an idea about what he wanted his country and all of Europe to be. Trump is a common scam artist who will say anything as long as it makes his fanclub clap, and that's all there is. I don't even think Trump has any real goals besides being re-elected and using the presidency to enrich himself and his cronies. He's a racist pig, but I don't think he ultimately wants to hurt people for being a different race-- more like he is using racism to win votes. He doesn't have some vision of a future where the white race is squarely in charge, and ultimately he is racist because he is ignorant and his mind is lazy and small, NOT because he's obsessed with purity like most white nationalists. The only people he actually wants to hurt are the people who make him look bad. I don't think this isn't dangerous-- because he absolutely will go as far as he needs to go to hold onto power... he likes being relevant and loves being showered with attention and love... and he doesn't want the adoration of his base to wane, which is what will happen if he loses in 2020. But yeah, he isn't Hitler... there's no master plan, and there's probably far less to him than there appears to be.
  14. FFS did you even read this quote?? It bluntly, clearly states that there is a CLEAR PHASE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHANGES OF ATMOSPHERIC CO2 AND THE DIFFERENT GLOBAL TEMPERATURE RECORDS. Nobody has EVER said that Co2 TRIGGERS every warming period or that the warming occurs AS SOON AS THE CO2 is deposited into the atmosphere... the lag has been well-understood for almost 30 years now. The Co2 only AMPLIFIED the warming in the past... but in this instance it is CAUSING warming because humans are digging it up from the ground and putting it into the sky. If you want to keep being an obnoxious douche, you should be paying closer attention to things like this-- they make you look really stupid.