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  1. It was too difficult for you, CUNT62. Just like so many other things.
  2. Yeah, how totally ridiculous of me to actually read the fucking article about how the mammoths died off that states exactly that. I should have just been more like you and invented my own stupid fucking reason for it that sounds like something a six year old would think up. Didn't you say they got too cold?? LOL... mammoths died because they lost their food source! How utterly ridiculous! Literally nothing ever dies from not being able to get the nutrients they need! You'd better call the Smithsonian and tell them they're wrong. https://www.smithsonianmag.co
  3. Like when judges kept throwing out Trump's election fraud lawsuits and you realized that this wouldn't happen if the lawsuits had merit? Oh wait, no... you said that every single one of those judges had been bribed/corrupted with zero evidence, because you were just so open-minded and willing to see past your narrative that you invented ridiculous bullshit and humiliated yourself to avoid facing the truth. Then you doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on it all, posting thread after hysterical thread of absolutely nothing that to this date remains absolutely nothing and will always be
  4. https://literarydevices.net/hyperbole/ She should probably stop considering how the RWNJ media uses it against her, but instead she has chosen not to give a fuck.
  5. LOL... it kinda has to be in a domestic setting before it's domestic violence. Competitive sports also have rules that are agreed upon before the match begins. Using your logic, all sports that involve physical contact are assault. Also, domestic violence can go both ways. So yeah, what you're saying is not really accurate at all.
  6. AOC was using hyperbole-- it wasn't meant to be taken literally. Watching that video made it pretty obvious. I also highly doubt Al Gore made any specific statements about Miami definitely being underwater by 2015. Using RWNJ media to 'prove' these things never works because you can't trust a single fucking thing they're saying. I will say that 'near future' doesn't mean next year or five years from now or even necessarily 20 years from now. It's basically saying that this isn't something that is so far off that we don't need to worry about it.
  7. CNN is about the same as FOX. There is nothing on the left that stoops as low as the sites that I see linked to the most on this site. Nothing I'm aware of, anyways.
  8. OMG I thought you were talking about actually making a difference in terms of politics or voting. You seriously think that not being a total fucking moron who consumes far right propaganda 24/7 means I'm POOR??? You've 'proven' it by posting links to gatewaypundit. Can you seriously not see what the problem with this kind of 'proof' is? And stop calling them independent media. It's right wing propaganda. Are you seriously not aware of this? They create false narratives about basically anything the Dems support and then repeat, repeat, repeat. It doesn't even m
  9. I'm not going to say you won't amount to shit because the thing is, the media YOU consume is lying so hard and so much and so dangerously that chances are you're actually contributing to future terrorist attacks simply by spreading it. And the MSM hasn't been caught lying even 1% of the amount of times you are lied to every single fucking day. Mostly you're just upset that they're not telling you what you want to hear. Independent = no accountability, no reputation to uphold, free to say whatever they want about anyone they want for whatever amount of money.
  10. LOL... because thegatewaypundit is only frequented by the intellectual elites who seek in-depth and hard-hitting political analysis in their quest to understand more about the world in the most objective fashion possible. The whole sub-6th grade reading level thing is just a clever ruse. And seriously, even the worst deadbeat dads don't say 'you'll never amount to shit' anymore. You were obviously an absolutely shit father, but since you've embraced that as completely as anyone possibly could, why not try to put your own spin on that shittiness? Come up with some new material, FFS.
  11. My source at the FBI tells me they've been watching you very carefully and have actually determined that you're dumber than anyone who is dumber than the dumbest shit from the dumbest dog after eating the dumbest food. That still puts you miles ahead of the average Trumpite, so congrats.
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