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  1. The US didn't have a civil war spanning over 3 decades all because a global corporation wanted the US to keep being a foreign-owned banana plantation. You have no idea what it is like to grow up in that kind of environment. Gun ownership is not a human right... that's ridiculous. The constitution is not scripture, the founding fathers weren't God... and whether you believe it or not, people don't need guns to survive.
  2. It's not even trying to be news-- it's clearly marked 'opinion'. If personreal is posting something, there's a 99% chance it will be an opinion.
  3. Canada treats gun ownership as a privilege, not a right... it's part of why it's a more peaceful and more civilized society overall. No matter how awesome you think you are or how scary you think the world is, YOU are a big part of the reason America is as violent as it is.
  4. We're responsible for their situation. No they don't. You just have to go through a much more thorough screening process before you can own a gun.
  5. You haven't seen it because you've dismissed as propaganda/fake news every source that would have allowed you to see it. The fact that you have an unhealthy amount of skepticism about everything EXCEPT Trump and NO skepticism about Trump or Putin makes you FAR more likely to support a dictatorship. To me, it seems like you're so desperate to believe there's a way out of it that you have convinced yourself Trump is the solution. I'm not even sure what you want him to do. Do you want him to dissolve the FBI? CIA? The Pentagon? Maybe he can replace it with Erik Prince's private military... would that make you feel safer? And then his sister, our Education Secretary, can take over the schools and let the corporations teach our children about the joys of mindless consumption and how anyone who believes in evolution, climate change, healthy eating or toxic chemicals is a STUPID LIBTARD who should be DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC. What a great society that would be!
  6. What does 'duly elected' have to do with anything? So that means he's a saint? Trump WASN'T democratically elected-- if the majority of voters had won the election, Hillary would be president. The US is a REPUBLIC... and not even a very fair one. Seriously, you are probably the most brainwashed poster on here. The other RWNJs mostly just regurgitate bullsh!t that makes them feel superior so they can laugh at the libruls... you actually seem to believe some childish cartoon narrative about the evil intergalactic MIC hatching a plot to take down the good, pure, angelic Trump, who is more flawless than Jesus Christ and always does the right thing, just like Putin, who is God... both of which are also valiant and noble warriors fighting to bring peace to the galaxy. YES I admitted that the Pentagon is part of the problem... it is. But because I don't need things to be simplistic childlike black and white fantasy stories, I can also see that Trump is another, completely different kind of problem. This is because unlike you, I am an adult who doesn't simply trust whatever exists in opposition to whatever I disagree with. WHY is it so hard for you to believe that Trump is deeply, deeply flawed and quite likely compromised... that his agenda is NOT altruistic or divine, and that there is more than one way to ruin a country???
  7. We owe them. It's the decent thing to do. The reason he has done so much is because it's much easier to destroy than to create. So not compared to countries like Canada. See, I want our gun laws to be more like Canada's.
  8. Democracy hasn't only been undermined by the Pentagon... it's a confluence of forces and interests, none of which represent the American people. Trump IS a coward and a Russian pawn... he has helped to sell people like you on Putin's agenda. Trump has filled Washington with lobbyists and scum, worse than the scum that usually fills Washington. It's honestly remarkable how brainwashed you are.
  9. It destabilized the region and the refugees that Trump is turning away are the result. That doesn't mean he doesn't have influence, especially under someone like Trump. Massively regulated compared to where?
  10. The idea that Trump is popular and has the support of the people in any way is ludicrous. This isn't Star Wars-- it isn't some black and white good vs. evil struggle. Trump is one of the biggest threats the US has ever faced, and the fact that you and others like you actually BELIEVE Trump is some sort of savior whose faults are illusions conjured up by a vengeful establishment makes him even more dangerous. Of course, a coup by the military or by one or more intelligence agencies would obviously be a different kind of nightmare... not only because of what it would mean for democracy, but because of what it would mean to RWNJs like you.
  11. Besides the obvious effects that US efforts have had on Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, It's not a secret that Reagan funded and armed drug lords and mafia figures in Central America to suppress the 'Commie threat' in the 80s (ie: policies that would break the American stranglehold on the region)... and the region never recovered. It isn't hate-- usually, I just start with the fact that greed always wins. The Vice President commands a great deal of power and influence. I don't know how you could argue that he doesn't. I am not anti second amendment. I am not anti-school choice. I believe that gun ownership should be more tightly regulated (if not the guns themselves). I believe that public schools should be supported and that they shouldn't serve any corporate or personal agenda.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/israel-makes-rare-admission-of-striking-iranian-forces-in-syria/2019/01/21/750c0598-1d47-11e9-9145-3f74070bbdb9_story.html?utm_term=.651a3602af03 How long until the Middle East becomes a nuclear wasteland?
  13. Most of the refugees are victims of conflicts that America started or escalated. They deserve a chance. Mike Pence is extremely anti-choice... if you voted for him, you at best don't give a sh!t about that particular freedom.
  14. Catholic schools are not real schools. That's why their teachers/programmers thought it would be a good idea to march them into a protest area wearing MAGA hats. Unfortunately, I think they got what they wanted.
  15. If I wasn't sure that whatever succeeds America as the world's top dog will be worse than America, I would be happy about what Trump is doing to hasten the collapse.