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  1. The worst part is that you are way too fvcking stupid to ever realize that the existence of past warming does not mean humans cannot change the climate, that it isn't related to anything that anyone has ever said on this forum, and that the only reason keep bringing it up because you're too fvcking stupid to understand anything more complex than whatever you think it proves. You CANNOT FOLLOW THIS DISCUSSION. You are NOT SMART ENOUGH. It isn't even complicated and you're still not smart enough. Stop trying, stop pretending you know more than you do, and stop saying the same stupid unrelated sh!t over and over like a moron.
  2. Because the markets don't respond well to signs of stalled progress in the 'deal', and this is going to be an election issue. And I don't know why you don't get it at this point, but Trump doesn't want anyone to think he's a loser. Obviously deluded morons like the Trumpists on this forum will never think that, but sane people are starting to catch on.
  3. America's soft power under Trump is practically nonexistent at this point. If he gets another term, the dollar will almost definitely be dropped as the global reserve currency.
  4. It again proves that conservatives think that improving society and helping others is the equivalent of throwing away money that you could have spent on meaningless status symbols instead. It's much better to be an obnoxious prick who seeks only to protect themselves from the social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual decay for which they are personally responsible.
  5. Saudi Arabia is the biggest source of state-sponsored terrorism, and he sold them $8 billion worth of weapons. Trump's provocations have nothing to do with state sponsored terrorism
  6. Leftist crazy children who want to turn the US into Canada or France, which is something that is both good for everyone and must be done in order to prevent total collapse. The fact that you think this is a crazy idea is how we got to this point.
  7. https://theweek.com/articles/779929/donald-trump-indisputably-worst-president-american-history
  8. Oh look... it's a fetus with a full head of hair and the face and body of a mini-5 year old. I wonder why they didn't give him pants, a shirt and a baseball cap with an American flag on it.
  9. God you're fvcking stupid. Western Europe isn't pro-America. The fvcking UNITED KINGDOM isn't pro America. Wow.
  10. So if I don't agree with Trump tearing up the treaty and spitting in Iran's face for no legitimate reason, that means I support Iran.
  11. I mean at that time there were a lot of different empires competing and endlessly warring against each other. There was no real 'unipolar world'.
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