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  1. Canada isn't socialist. Western Europe isn't socialist. How many times do I have to say it?
  2. No, actually these terms are well known to people who actually understand world affairs. And by that I mean not you. Also: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/us-trump-world-decline-coronavirus-brazil-bolsonaro-a9430566.html
  3. A diminished superpower is a GREAT POWER. Projecting influence REGIONALLY instead of globally. If there are MANY world powers, then that is what the US will be. NOT A SUPERPOWER. Fucking hell. OMG you're fucking retarded. AGAIN-- if it isn't a SOLE POWER, and if it's sharing influence with many other POWERS who are also projecting their influence on a limited scale, then it is NOT A SUPERPOWER ANYMORE. LOL... you think other countries are going to put America first too? You're so fucking dumb, so fucking deluded, so fucking obnoxiou
  4. It makes sense if they thought it would give them pull with the White House. Obama was concerned about this because it meant that dealing with the Ukraine was now more politically precarious, precisely because it made it more likely that the GOP would drum up fake scandals around it. Which is exactly what happened.
  5. How can you be a superpower when you're not more powerful than almost every other country? That means your influence isn't even close to being that of the USA or USSR during the cold war. Yes, because there would be NO DOMINANT SUPERPOWER, because there would be multiple GREAT POWERS, similar to what was happening with the European nations in the 19th century. If there is no 'guarantor of the international order' then THERE IS NO SUPERPOWER.
  6. I don't think there's more to the story. I think they hired him because they thought it would improve their ties with the Obama administration, and he wanted the money. I don't think this means there was any wrongdoing.
  7. The reason there are so many refugees in the EU now is because American wars have destroyed their homes and forced them to escape to the EU. The refugees don't want to be there, but they have no choice. It wasn't the Euro-libruls who destabilized the middle east. And people have jobs in the EU and Canada. I mean, WTF. And seriously... why is it every single time I start making suggestions about being more like Canada and western Europe, you end up talking about China and Cuba? China and Cuba are not in Europe or Canada.
  8. So basically, they found absolutely nothing, and restated what everyone already knew in the most dishonest way possible to make it sound more sinister than it ever was. Trump's obstruction charge had far more weight to it than this ever will.
  9. So you think that allies like western Europe and Canada have more in common with the red states than the blue ones? Fucking seriously?
  10. And yet the headline reads that it will lose its superpower status completely. Which sort of makes you think that maybe 'single' is referring to 2012 when the article was written, and not the future post-superpower period (a return to the 'great powers' state of the world). Mostly because you can't be a superpower if your influence is diminished beyond the point to which it is diminishing under Trump. The article also says this at the end: So yeah, not a superpower. Now STFU you annoying prick.
  11. You have proof that I have demanded things and threatened to 'burn shit down'? Where is it? LMAO yeah it's obvious how utterly diplomatic you are. Everything you post is brimming with goodwill and the desire to preserve harmony. I especially like the threads where H8edge goes on and on about killing every single leftist in the US.
  12. I said 'pretty much finished', and the article says BY 2030, not IN 2030. You said the article had NO CONNECTION to what I was saying. You didn't even click the link to read the title. GTFO the internet, loser.
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