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  1. Beats me ! Maybe because they've been thoroughly brainwashed ?
  2. Yeah, that's the cover to sexually abuse little children with impunity . . . and of course to cheat the poor and middle class folks of the little they have saved. And orgy ! Boy, the bastards can orgy like no one, forget the Kamasutra or the porn industry !
  3. Hey Phony . . . you're getting dumber with every passing day. Lay down the crayons and seek help, brat !
  4. Not true, fuckface ! BaC is a very respected poster in this forum. It is YOU brainwashed retard and the crap you post day in day out, no one cares about! We all could miss you like the pain in the ass you are !
  5. Can't wait for the party to start . . . and let's skip the burning of books ; it's such a waste of time anyway !
  6. Yeah, to brainwashed retards like you . . . it is expected that in your delusional life you'd find it unbelievable !
  7. Look doc, if you want to say something real stupid, it's okay with me . . . it's your Constitutional Right to do so ! But we ain't taken up arms against each other . . . as of now ! So there actually was a time when we were way more divided than now, fool ! And yes, ultra liberal left wannabe terrorists are to blame ! All they want is sex, drugs, rock&roll and EVERYTHING FOR FREE !
  8. Fuck off, retarded turd ! You brainwashed pos don't know shit ! ASSAD IS THE GOOD GUY IN THE ME, YOU FILTHY, SOILED SCUMBAG !
  9. More like it's Clinton's / Obama's CREDIT that Trump was elected !
  10. No ! You're just regurgitating all the bullshit that has been shoved into your skull in the process of indoctrinating and brainwashing you However, we do not expect you to be aware of it, though !
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