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  1. Not unusual ! Why, just a year or so ago I read of a democrap who found a bag with $ 100,000 on his front door, next to the bottle of milk! He claimed it had nothing to do with drugs' white-washing proceeds . . . just a donation for the "good cause" from a philantrophist who wanted to remain anonymous !
  2. You'd need to take a break in sucking Mandingo's cocks to check that out !
  3. Not really ! Just a respite for the next 4 years ! Trump's legacy needs to be structural, not temporary ! We need to start looking for the heir of his legacy ! Maybe Jared ? Or Donald jr ? Ivanka would be my fav ! A bright woman with clear ideas !
  4. I think you meant Hunter "chink-cock-sucker" Biden, right ? Or did you mean Hunter "Ucrainian-cock-sucker" Biden ? It's okay, we all "typo" every now and then !
  5. Just be content with eating shit . . . and everything will be alright !
  6. Maybe you should consider the very real possibility that you're a nobody and everyone just ignore you and dismiss you as a turd left to dry in a parking lot, attracting flies, instead of comments ?
  7. This black cop needs to be investigated . . . it looks like a clear case of racism to me ! He needs to be sent back to the plantation ! FUCK THE COVID SCAM ! He will ! He'll vote Republican for the rest of his life ! These bastard racist cops need to be purged out of the Police corps ! Their rancourousness towards the superiority of the White Race is oozing out of their pores ! Dump the bastards !
  8. You must be talking about the Steele Dossier, right ? You fucking bastard son of the cheapest whore out there !
  9. If you hang around with a criminal . . . you're taking the risk of being a collateral damage for granted ! Case dismissed !
  10. Libspeak ! These retards are like this . . . forget Babylon . . . these libtard loosers are just like that new trend . . . at discotheques they all get a headphone and dance to different tunes . . . just mindboggling, watching them go berserk ! In the same way no one knows to which tune the next guy is dancing to . . . they've no idea what their liberal retard next is talking about . . . they just nod in agreement and fuck, riot and loot ! They couldn't care less what the fuck they're telling one another !
  11. Whatever the fuck "contested" means ! Just like they did in Gore vs Bush, back then ! And this is sick ! What's left of the separation of powers Montesquieu whined about ? LAUGHABLE ! I don't trust the bastards being unbiased ! I predict that, if it comes to that . . . the SCOTUS will DUMP TRUMP ! REMEMBER MY PREDICTION !
  12. If he lets all the qualms go . . . Trump will mangle this old geezer ! Poor guy . . . in a queer kind of way ! I wouldn't want to be in his place, maaan !
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