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  1. ^^^ ^^^ wishful dreaming ^^^ ^^^ With today's tech and org, the source would be pinpointed withing hours . . . maybe a couple of days at most. AND TAKEN CARE OF FOR GOOD IN THE FOLLOWING COUPLE OF HOURS. One would think that a vegetarian would have a far better working brain than you display . . . mhmmmmm It probably would stand a chance though . . . if the virus were to be spread through cash of all denominations and via all currencies . . . Supposing it was created to survive say a week on something as sterile as a dollar bill ... or anyway, long enough to be passed on and replicate itself on the new host. Sciencefiction !
  2. And that, of course, will work only for a tiny fraction of the world population. Mostly the ""free world"": the US ... Europe ... Muslims and assorted vermin will jump right in, into the vacuum thus created and spawn even more and faster then ever cockroaches to spread to the four corners of the world ! Are you really so retarded you didn't consider that obvious outcome of implementing your theory ?
  3. That's right. Or any other shooting ! That pretty much sums it all up.
  4. That'll take about 250 years (if at all) to reach the desired numbers . . . whatever they are ! In the meantime bye bye biosphere and all that's in it, retard !
  5. If you say so. By the way, have you made up your mind about reducing the world population ? Yes or not ! It's really that simple !
  6. Okay, then she'll go into porn for fun ! If her mouth is any indication . . . her cunt can probably easily accomodate 4 / 5 nigger cocks at a time !
  7. Be patient ! After she drops out her only option to make ends meet will be the porn industy ! It won't take long.
  8. Look at those two bitches putting up a charade of sorrow, while inside their heads they're really calculating how much they can gain out of this shooting. Free lawyers sueing the school, the city, the Ministry of education the state and who knows who more ! Gimmie a break ! And isn't California the land of druggies, alcoholics, slobs, faggots and assorted perverts ?
  9. I think you are a psychotic schizo with multiple personalities ! You keep whining that the world population needs to be thinned out to about 1 billion (or was it 100.000 ?) and when someone puts in his two bits . . . there you are whining again for some "innocent lives" lost ?!?!?! You really need to make up your mind, asshole !
  10. For Dems chances in 2020, that is ! Americans are sick and tired of all weird antics dems pull out almost on a daily basis !
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