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  1. We better keep God out of this and take our destiny in our hands . . . .
  2. What we need is a Trump dynasty of say 20 years at least . . . starting with Ivanka then Jared . . then Donald jr. . . . that'd be 24 years already . . . This would fix things alright !
  3. Making it weaker in respect to China in the first place . . . but Russia as well ! And Europe ! They're all laughing in their fists watching us squabble among ourselves ! Trump being too old . . . I see only Jared or Ivanka putting the US back on track ! Democrats stole the 2020 election . . . we can't allow them to get away with that ! The Soros-Biden Demo-corrupt syndicate needs to be eradicated to even the path forward !
  4. Well, I hope after the encounter you can post how it all ended up. Doesn't look safe . . . but who knows . . . with a lot of luck you may be able to post how many bullets you survived.
  5. What about the passenger(s) ? And this happened like I said "ages ago" . . . like . . . let me think . . . 50 years ago ? That is long before the internet was even in the planning !
  6. Be patient, idiot ! I'm not so fast anymore ! And I never was a whiz kid in the first place ! See my reply above !
  7. For being in the vicinity to a place where a crime was committed. That was hypothetical . . . ----------------- Real life now: me and a friend had been the whole day on a beach (ages ago) and we decided to head for the hills to watch dawn ! We found a cliff with a breathtaking wiew. Here comes a patrol. Two officers step down and one comes to the driver's window (me) the other stays behind our car with his hands on his holster. We did absolutely nothing wrong . . . the officer asked if we had guns or drug
  8. Why would you assume ALL police officers are angels? And again . . . the video only starts with the cop kicking this nigger's coconut! We have no idea about what led to his arrest ! Keep spreading your propaganda, commie !
  9. I'm whiter than African albinos ! Me: Officer . . . I'll now slowly raise my hands behind my head. You can find my gun in my left shoulder holster and my other gun in my right ankle holster. Those are the only guns I am carrying. You can find my ID in the inside right pocket of my jacket. Officer: takes my guns, puts down his and takes my ID. Tells me not to move while he confirms this and that with the patrol car radio. Comes back, returs me my guns, my ID and apologises for the unconvenience and wishes me a nice day.
  10. Yes, the cop is . . . you never know with them niggers ! They go for their pockets telling you they're reaching for their phone . . . next thing they're shooting at you !
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