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  1. Thanks for the good laugh.
  2. It's a hoax, nothing more ... nothing less! All those vids out there are mostly staged. Don't get me wrong, some guys may have done some nasty things to jewzzies at one time or another ! But hey ... we ALL did, to one another, along the way! Who has not sinned may cast the first stone ... and I feel pretty safe.
  3. AWW gee ... that hurt a lot! Even worse than that ... you just dumped me into an identity crisis ! WILL I EVER GET OVER IT ? Wait, I must still have one $250.00 bottle, vintage 1955 Amarone I need to uncorck RIGHT NOW, to cheer up a bit. I'll be sipping at it while watching THAT vid ! That ought to do the trick. Be right back.
  4. The chased ones being preferably those nasty orthodox, wearing those ugly black coats, even in the scorching heat, and black hats with those greasy curls dripping out of them. These bastards don't want to go in the army and demand we Americans die fighting their wars ... screw them suckers ! Now that would be funny !
  5. That was indeed an unfortunate development.
  6. I agree, but they should be in comedy format, so we can have a good laugh.
  7. Does anyone really gives a sh|t about those vermin? I mean, besides lipservice aka libs' blovvjobs? C'mon ! And ... Macron ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I mean ... the bastard married an elderly to hide his pedophilia ! GIMMIEABREAK !
  8. Our only common ground is our shared hatred for everything muslime. So let's just first EXINCT them and then see what's going to happen to you jewzzies ! First thing first.
  9. JinnMartini

    Traitor Trump: Guilty as hell!!!!!!

    And you prove yourself anasshole every fcking day.
  10. JinnMartini

    Traitor Trump: Guilty as hell!!!!!!

    My advice: stock on tissues ... you have 6 more years of crying.
  11. We humans are pretty much like the proverbial chickens in the Betrothed of A. Manzoni, that Renzo is bringing to an advocate, who will slaughter them Held by their paws upside-down fighting with each other on the way ... all the way. Do you imbeciles even know of the "The Betrothed" book ?
  12. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Bunch of know-it-all retards. And liars! In fact MOST PREDICTIONS HAVE COME TRUE ! In many mega- "cities" around the world people wear mask to protect from air pollution: New Delhi, Peking, Shanghai ... to name but a couple. Human population DID EXPLODE -see the biblical migrations underway. Natural resources ARE NEXT TO EXTINCT - see the frantic search for new types of energy and food genetically manipulated to resist draught, floods etc. . Diversity in flora and fauna HAS BEEN DECIMATED . There is more plastic floating in the oceans than fish swimming in it. The poles and glaciers are irreversibly melting to disappearance. But you imbeciles go ahead and party while on your way to catastrophy.
  13. THAT is what they're doing wrong ! Take no prisoners! See how fast the flow dries up.
  14. Well, if they had been filthy muzzies (which they ALL are) I certainly would be partying.