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  1. That's sad ! I enjoyed and loved every second of her performances. That bastard jim acosta sure got the sh|t beaten out of him, by her. We, people with a brain, will miss her dearly !
  2. Let´s just NUKE iran and get back to business as usual. A few nukes more ... a few nukes less ... won´t make that big a difference in CO2 emissions anyway ! And the nuclear fall_out will take care of all the other muzzie sh1tholes in the area.
  3. JinnMartini

    Fascist leftist scum

    Hi juzz, howdy ? Apparently some bastard of your lineage managed to escape the ovens. You lucky bastard !
  4. JinnMartini

    Fascist leftist scum

    Among other things! Hitler was the good guy, back then. If he had had his way ... after the jewzzies he would have gone after the muzzies !
  5. JinnMartini

    which is more fun?

    Nope ! He __(is a)__ cun't !
  6. I agree ! The democraps should show the world what a bunch of spineless sissies they are.
  7. JinnMartini

    Climate change has doomed us!

    No. It's not and it won't. Both you suckers don't know what you're talking about.
  8. Perhaps the pervert should quit sodomizing little kids, before giving sermons.
  9. I'm pretty sure that obese, fatassed antifa whore's last thought was "thank you god, my miserable exsistence is over!"
  10. JinnMartini

    Demrat directive from 1943

    Shove your head back up your ass ... your fresh oxygen time is up.
  12. Because the upper echelons of the FBI are corrupt as sh|t and all they want right now is to take down Trump, whom they fear as hell. They are part of the swamp Trump pledged to drain !
  13. So, if Erdogan __(to name a head of state that currently has not really warm relations with the US)__ calls the president to wish him good luck, Trump should report this to the fbi ?' It's true what they say ... one can't fix stupid !
  14. No, dumfck! All he's saying is that he'll listen to whatever govvie will tell him and report it to the fbi if in his eyes it constitutes a crime of sorts.
  15. Looks like more and more people have watched that vid where he's pawing a little girl.