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  1. And you need to go back to 3d grade, to learn the basics of grammar, asshole !
  2. That's because you're an asshole, asshole ! Not only Trump is not a criminal, but he's the best US president of the last few generations. You're just too much of a brainwashed asshole to realise that !
  3. Anyone with a name like that is not an American by any stretch of imagination. More like a filthy muslime vermin . . . just like the filthy, undocumented, illegal muslim infiltrator Obama. Killing him and the bastards he spawned is one of the extremely rare things that usurper in the WH did . . . probably by mistake too !
  4. Be ready to cry a lot in November. You better make sure you have enough tissue to wipe off your tears, you fucking liberal hack !
  5. Why is a SCOTUS Judge (because THAT's what a Justice is, essentially) presiding over a political issue ? Wharever happened to the separation of powers AKA Trias Politica ??? Conversely, can a President invalidate a decision of the SCOTUS ? Hell, Nooooo ! It's all a fucking charade !
  6. Fuck you, you two bit whore ! You're not an American . . . an AINO at most ! BUT YOU SURE ARE A LIBERAL HACK ! You better stock up on tranquillizers cuz 2020 will be a landslide and you'll need lots of them !
  7. Obama's "IF" song: I'll bet anything you won't listen it to the last note ! BUT IT'S FUNNY AS HELL !
  8. And your point is ? Oh wait, you retards do not have a point . . . you just blabber some shit out of that sphincter you euphemistically call "mouth" and expect to be taken seriously ! Gimmie a break !
  9. Probably stores will burn first . . . after liberals are done looting them, of course.
  10. Or downright permanently bleached, phones smashed, witnesses murdered . . . wonder why Hitlary comes to mind . . . ?
  11. People own guns primarily to safeguard their Constitutional rights against fascist, deviant perverts who want to trash them AND THE CONSTITUTION itself, to turn folks into sheeples zombies with no free-will of their own. Just look at Europe . . . a bunch of faggots can't even pick a banana without their govvie telling them what curve it has to have to be good for them ! My guns are my guaranty against you and your ilk ! Patriot will never voluntarily distance themselves from thei guns and you liberal parasites need to make sure push doesn't come to shove ONCE AGAIN !
  12. So, how many cocks do you get to suck, on average on a good busy day in the back alleys of downtown San Antonio ? And do you have fixed tariffs . . . or spare change will do ( I got a friend at the IRS with prying eyes that'd like to know.
  13. Pedophiles do not get elected to anything. Just like faggots ! Just imagine Biden at state ceremonies, pawing and tickling little girls' chests, under the cover of cameras . . . or this Buttgeek faggot getting elected and then at ceremonies introducing his pervert pedo-in-the-closet sex toyboy with sperm-caked beard as his . . . be ready . . . the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES ! ? ! ? ! ? That'd be a surrealistic absurdity !
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