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  1. You're doing just what I did. But because of your brainwashing and re-programming, you're not aware of it. Gotta go. See ya in a few hours.
  2. You wouldn't recognize evidence even if it smacked you right between the eyes ! You have been brainwashed and re-programmed, remember ? No, of course you don't! That's what brainwashing and re-programming does to you, see ?
  3. You can't be one of those who were spat at, because you're a six-grader. So obviously you wouldn't know.
  4. Are you saying that in the whole of fcking London there's no White guy smart enough for the job ?
  5. Maybe you can tell us WHEN he's been ignored for more than five seconds, since the moment he came down the escalator in his Trump Tower, you fcking imbecile !
  6. A White is one of their own, as opposed to one of them vermin. But Blacks would be okay too . . if not muzzscum vermin. Expell the SQUAD with a priority for the two muzz whores ! They need to be blasted back to the sh|tholes they came from, them two filthy scumbags !
  7. London's mayor is a piece of sh|t. A stone cold loser ! It goes to show how fcking dumb the Londoners are, not bright enough to vote for a White politician and voting a sworn enemy in office, instead ! Then again, the whole UK is rapidly turning into a muzzscum sh|thole . . . just like the ones those vermin fled from.
  8. Hitlery Clit is hoping to be gone before she goes to jail. She's a fossil . . . with a foot in the grave already.
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