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  1. Officially ! ONLY officially!
  2. "Admirer" is not the right word. More like the lesser of a bunch of evils!
  3. Al Baghdadi was "held" in Abu Ghraib prison for 4 years for training purposes and released after passing all the tests.
  4. Actually ISIS is a product of the Mossad and the CIA. You dumbfvck need to get your facts straight.
  5. ONLY IF THE US DEPLOYS ADVANCED MISSILES IN EUROPISTAN, you filthy lying piece of sh|t ! But you please stick to the main media, to complete your brainwashing. LooooL
  6. Fake sites ... fake news. Grow a brain.
  7. JinnMartini

    What an idiot...

    A woman or a man are free to sell their bodies. But ORGANIZED prostitution should be illegal. Then again, no politician or anyone who wields power would go for that. Just like the clergy, they're all ADDICTED to orgies !
  8. 24 yo is better. By the way, I have a 60 yo bottle of red Italian wine ... Barbera. Can't find an occasion to uncork it. Maybe I'd just nonchalantly, without fuss, uncork it next supper.
  9. Seems to me YOU are the stupidest of them all.
  10. NO FVCKING WAY ! The death penalty must be applied to many more crimes. In fact to ALL crimes other than stealing because you'd starve otherwise. Or there about. And the procedure should be way shorter ... with just ONE appeal possible !
  11. If the buffoon does ... it's obviously not an American one.
  12. Not in 1994, fool! He should have been deported. Unlike Europistan we do not want subhuman muslime vermin here. Islam is a scourge, worse than a bubonic plague.
  13. To let her "live" there is a far worse nightmare than the prospect of being shot.