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  1. And, last but not least, WE ARE THE CLEANEST of them all !
  2. I could go on ... but I guess even a fool like you gets the gist.
  3. Fcking diarrhea stain that you are ! You PREDICTED that Trump will be impeached ! Here is what YOU predicted : "But make no mistake: Impeachment is coming."
  4. That is NOT the same as "But make no mistake: Impeachment is coming." The latter is a PREDICTION, you lying piece of sh|t !
  5. Arthur Brown's "God of Hellfire". Fitting closing theme of that beautiful video: https://youtu.be/5GCSWEgZT94
  6. You seem to be starving for some sex ... you salivate everytime a chick posts a picture of (allegedly) herself ! When was the last time you had sex ... I mean, besides with your hand ?
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