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  1. And, last but not least, WE ARE THE CLEANEST of them all !
  2. I could go on ... but I guess even a fool like you gets the gist.
  3. BigSpender

    Music Puk You David Thread

    ^^^ hippies high on LSD ^^^
  4. And just HOW do they find out one's political inclinations ?
  5. BigSpender

    Impeach Trump? Here’s how and when.

    Fcking diarrhea stain that you are ! You PREDICTED that Trump will be impeached ! Here is what YOU predicted : "But make no mistake: Impeachment is coming."
  6. BigSpender

    Impeach Trump? Here’s how and when.

    That is NOT the same as "But make no mistake: Impeachment is coming." The latter is a PREDICTION, you lying piece of sh|t !
  7. BigSpender

    fathead check out these senoritas

    New morals indeed:
  8. The one where she wears a miniskirt.
  9. Arthur Brown's "God of Hellfire". Fitting closing theme of that beautiful video: https://youtu.be/5GCSWEgZT94
  10. You seem to be starving for some sex ... you salivate everytime a chick posts a picture of (allegedly) herself ! When was the last time you had sex ... I mean, besides with your hand ?
  11. She must be givingn you fabulous blovvjobs for free ?
  12. Stick to what you do best brainless b|tch ... ... just svck d|cks for spare change, will ya ! You just don't have the brains to engage in something even slightly more complicate than that. By the way, dumbfck, how many UN resolutions has Israel broken so far ? Oh forget it ... you're just too fcked up to know what you're talking about.
  13. No, you dumb cvnt are! Apparently all the spooge you've swallowed in your long career as a back-alley hooked hooker has indeed affected the tiny brain God gifted you with, in the foirst place.. You're totally delusional ... and clueless !