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  1. Arthur Brown's "God of Hellfire". Fitting closing theme of that beautiful video: https://youtu.be/5GCSWEgZT94
  2. You seem to be starving for some sex ... you salivate everytime a chick posts a picture of (allegedly) herself ! When was the last time you had sex ... I mean, besides with your hand ?
  3. She must be givingn you fabulous blovvjobs for free ?
  4. Stick to what you do best brainless b|tch ... ... just svck d|cks for spare change, will ya ! You just don't have the brains to engage in something even slightly more complicate than that. By the way, dumbfck, how many UN resolutions has Israel broken so far ? Oh forget it ... you're just too fcked up to know what you're talking about.
  5. No, you dumb cvnt are! Apparently all the spooge you've swallowed in your long career as a back-alley hooked hooker has indeed affected the tiny brain God gifted you with, in the foirst place.. You're totally delusional ... and clueless !
  6. Do you really believe theseassholes' lies ?!?!?! Jesuz ... you sure are one dumb chick !
  7. He didn't, but even if he did he would still be right in a way! The US removed Saddam in Iraq, a legitimate elected leader. And replaced him with a puppet government that dances to the US tunes. That what the US did and does all over where it gets involved.
  8. Ha! Trustworthy US "intelligence agencies, right ?
  9. No he didn't! Not in the post you replied to, anyway.
  10. Assad is the good guy in Syria, fool. Just like Saddam was the good guy in Iraq. The Bushes should be coutmarshalled. One posthumously and the other STRUNG up a lamp post !
  11. Fck off dumb walking cvnt ! The US doesn't want to annex any country, b1tch! All it wants is to foment wars all over the globe to sell its OBSOLETE weaponry, all the while making newer and more lethal ones that it will not sell to warring parties it sets against each other ... ... until the new ones also become obsolete. Now shut the fck up, go sit in the corner and put your right middle finger to good use ... and let adults converse.
  12. Does anyone REALLY give a sh1t ? Wherever there's war ... the US is involved! The US thrives on wars and destruction. Without wars the US would be BANKRUPT. Weapons manufacturing is about the only industry that keeps the US going.
  13. Legal South Americans are fine. Muslims, both legal and / or illegal ... ARE NOT !