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  1. Not half the nation. Just some of his supporters. Not even all of the people who voted for him believe the crap you're peddling.
  2. Liberal judges huh? You're one gullible idiot aren't you? But none of that matters. What matters to me is how loud we're going to hear you guys cry come the middle of the month when the electoral college votes Biden in.
  3. 14-15 million votes now huh? Any proof or are you just talking out of trumps ass again.
  4. Living in the past I see. There is no good future for trump now. God done said fuck that imbecile.
  5. It will be excellent seeing him getting prosecuted. It will be even better getting to watch your ilks heads explode when he does. Oh man. We live in great times don't we? The show is going to be epic!
  6. Of crap. If this was as big as you idiots think it is it would be on normal news. Not just on the crackpot crap you listen to.
  7. Actually he will go down in history as the president that won the most scrutinized and contested election. And won. Trump will go down as the worst president the country has ever had. It's great.
  8. They're all in a tizzy over trump losing so resoundingly. He's still losing the election over and over. All his suits have been tossed. The states votes have been confirmed. The electoral college votes Biden in in a few days. The kraken is dead. Barr said there was no election fraud to be found. What we're watching is the MAGA dieing a slow death. Isn't it great?
  9. That question was directed at douchebags. And it looks like I got one on the line right now.^^^^^^^^
  10. Suuure it is. You're the one that's brain dead. There will be no tribunals. No military courts. No martial law. As much as you would like to see more fellow Americans die none of that is going to happen. On Jan.20 Trump gets the boot right after noon. If you don't think so that's your choice but trump is done.
  11. When is that going to happen? Trump supporters are far from polite. I carry in order to protect my family and myself from trumpanzees. Where I live they are the ones committing the crimes. 3 of kfools neighbors broke into a gun store and stole 49 guns. Those are the criminals around here. White trump supporters.
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