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  1. I balance things out with a Buck 110 and a magazine pouch on the weak side. I actually had a dedicated gun belt made at the local Amish harness shop. Their maximum thickness harness leather and the buckle goes on a halter for a horse.
  2. If the republicans truly believe there was fraud,you would think they would want it done right. As it is,whatever the ninjas come up with can be rejected by either side on the excuse of the ineptness on the ninjas. This is nothing but an effort to placate trump voters. Remember when McConnell called the rioting trump supporters thugs? Or when McCarthy called trump's and his supporters actions appalling? Now they don't even want to discuss the insurrection out of fear. Yep they too are getting threats from trump supporters along with of dozens of other republicans for not helping trump throw the election. They don't want the Jan.6 insurrection to be the focus come 2022 election time because it spells disaster for them. This mid term election isn't shaping up like others where the side that lost the previous presidential election gains seats. It is turning out to be a referendum on trump supporting legislators. Like the presidential election,meaning it could very well turn out to mean big losses for the GOP because of trump and his supporters.
  3. But he pisses you guys off enough and so much you'll reply to his posts 3 or 4 times. He's a content generator. What you don't seem to comprehend is that there are members here solely to prod you idiots into rage posting. It seems to work pretty well too.
  4. It's yet another human tragedy at the hands of the United States. We've been dealing them out for a long time now.
  5. You didn't list Eddie,Captain Kirk,Dangerous Dave nor Randy.
  6. I'm glad nobody was hurt. From what I saw on the news tonight it was peaceful. The way it should be.
  7. My arsenal not including various knives,bats axes ir nunchuckas is as follows. 1 Glock 17 gen 5 9mm pistol 1 Glock 20 gen 4 10mm pistol 1 Palmetto State Armory AR 15 rifle 1 Remington 700 .30/.06 bolt action rifle. 1 M1 .30 carbine. 1 Marlin .45/70 govt. lever action rifle. 1 Remington .35 Gamemaster pump action rifle. 1 Remington 870 12 gague pump action shotgun. 1 Ruger 10/22 .22 semi auto carbine. I have over 1000 rounds of 9mm ammo. 800 target 200 hollow points 450 rounds of 10mm ammo 400 target 50 hollow point Around 2500 rounds of 5.56 ammo. Not sure how many of each but there is 55.gr fmj 62 gr fmj green tips and 62 gr hollow points 500 rounds of .30/.06 300 hunting and 200 black tip armor piercing rounds 200 rounds of .30 ammo 230 or so various shotgun shells. Slug,buckshot and 6 shot. God only know how many .22. Thousands Not very many for the heavy hitters. Just 24 .35 Remington And only 95 .45/70 The last 2 aren't very popular and are scarce as hens teeth. Looking for both. In fact some of the Marlins ammo is older than I am. Both of those guns and the M1 were my great grandfathers. I rarely shoot the old ones but only once a year. Love the Marlin. The guns I fire the most are the pistols,the AR and the .22 All are loaded with one in the hole except for the .35 and M1 It's just me and my wife here so no worries about kids getting a hold of them. The range we go to is either in my backyard or my youngest daughters backyard. I was out practicing today with my 9mm. The whole family is getting together in 2 weeks for a shooting practice and sighting in for the hunters. I myself don't hunt much anymore. I just don't get a thrill out of killing like I used to but still love to just get out and bet on who shoots the tightest groups. That's my range and ammo report. And since it is a thread on guns and ammo I invite others to list their arsenals. Take the O. P.s title and run with it. Sorry Benson but you opened the door. P.S. I'm seriously thinking about only posting in gun threads from now on. If there aren't any going I'll start one. All of the political shit is starting to wear thin with me. The whole Republicans are nazis,Democrats are baby killers is stupid shit. Period. I'm to the point where I could care less about any of it.
  8. The bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five. She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye. It's interesting when people die. Give us dirty laundry.
  9. My littlest daughter just bought a Glock 17 and a 1791 gun leather iwb holster for her edc. Just like dad. She's 5'1" 115 pounds. She's put probably 500 rounds through mine and loves the low recoil even with the +p loads and says it fits her hand well. My other daughter owns a G19x in the peanut butter color.FDE She's 6'1" 150 pounds. She loves that one. Neither like the ultra compacts like the 43 or 43x. Too small. I taught them both that a carry gun should be carried because you shoot it well and are comfortable with it first and foremost. Not because some guy that is selling guns thinks a certain gun is meant for a person with a certain body size or their gender. Or some person on the internet says so. No pink or blue Glocks for them either. Battle colors. I'm a Glock fanboy through and through and am tickled they also chose Glocks but couldn't care less what brand(except Taurus) as long as they are protecting themselves.
  10. I can't get pictures to upload from my phone or I'd toss in a couple too. The site says the pictures are too large. Don't own a computer just my phone. I wouldn't care if the serial numbers showed but I would get rid of the location where the picture was taken.
  11. Glock girls both. One just bought a G17 like her daddy and the other already owns a G19. Yeah. You can see right through me. The only person here too and it's sad. Because I'm either a combination of both,conservative and liberal or neither and something else altogether. Not sure yet. The guy that used to call himself Bigsky (just talked to him today as a matter of fact) thinks I'm what's called a libertarian liberal. He knows I'm just here to bust trump supporter balls and could care less who is president.
  12. Hahahahahahahahahaha How? Not by force surely. What you going to do? Knock on doors asking people how they vote? Ride around like ISIS but instead of Islamic state flags flying it will be trump flags? That would be a hoot and a lot like shooting fish in a barrel. Besides we already know who you and your ilk are by your signs in the yard and the trump flags. Who's going to be there to stop someone from making your wife watch her kids die before she gets raped while your're out "cleansing" the country of democrats?
  13. How do you get that from my post? It's like the Starks saying "Winter is coming" Something unavoidable. The only thing you get for sure are dick hairs caught between your teeth.
  14. What guns? We lost them all in a boating accident. How hard was that? You need to calm down. Nobody is coming to take away anyone's guns.
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