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  1. Trump's biggest failure are his kids. Oh. He and his supporters failed miserably at insurrection. But then again those bitches are all failures.
  2. Nobody in their right mind buys trump shit. The people that buy that greasy fag's goods are fucked in the head. But his crap does burn nicely. I bet he would too.
  3. The asylum seekers aren't violent. Fucked in the head trump supporters are though.
  4. But,but...... what about their part in the widespread voter fraud? Everyone knows those Dominion machines were being controlled by space Jews wearing BLM undies while sipping the life force from aborted babies. Straightjacket posts proof every day. From reliable sites like the gateway pudpuller and American stinker. Why won't anybody believe him?
  5. Deep ,dark and scary place for a woman like yourself. But the only thing you really need to worry about are crazy loggers. Because you'll get bent over a stump before you can say voter fraud.
  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha Newsmax and American thinker huh? Dumb bitches.
  7. That the moron even needed to ask that question shows how stupid he really is. One stupid motherfucker.
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