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  1. When it kills some kids it actually has his name and business name inscribed on it as maker and serial number. How can you report a homemade gun stolen? "They also stole an AR 15 I made from plans on the internet officer". It never existed. Gun nuts are dumbasses.
  2. Nope. Not enough time to sit around watching movies with all the squatching. Like I said. What question?
  3. The thing about these guns is they can be stolen by criminals and the owner can't say crap. I know someone who recently lost a homemade AR in a break in. He couldn't even report it stolen. Now it's out there waiting for it's chance to kill a kid somewhere. Dumbass.
  4. Especially the women and children. But then again we know trump likes to hurt children. Look what he has going on in his concentration camps.
  5. I forgot the question from laughing at you trying to preserve your orange gods dignity.
  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha Keep running around trying to put out fires for trump dummy. Why would you ever think I should be scared? You're an idiot and it's fun to watch you follow me around trying to get answers to your nonsensical questions. Keep it up. I'm enjoying myself immensely.
  7. How's this turning out so far you old queen? Hahahahahahahahahaha! MAGA you dumb bitches!
  8. Yep. It won't be long before they stage an attack here now.
  9. He isn't as dumb as you think. And your support of trump shows how dumb and how much of a traitor to this country you really are.
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