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  1. That's one hell of an avatar. Finally getting in touch with your real self finally. Good for you!
  2. I just was replying to his post about your post sounding like a threat. I let him know you're nothing.
  3. Although a 9mm to the throat takes out seditionists. At least white female trump supporters.
  4. It never does but that's how politicians roll now. Thank Trump. Divide and conquer might work in a war but not so much to keep a nation together.
  5. He is. It was a good shooting. Too bad he wasn't armed with a shotgun though. Blowing her head clean off would have been awesome. And more merciful for the dumb bitch As it stands she knew she was dieing at the feet of all the men she blew the night before. I wonder if she wished she had made a better choice as her bowels let loose.
  6. I know I've won when you retards need to resort to changing posts. It's fun watching you try to keep up. A little sad but fun nonetheless. It's called making you my bitch for the day.
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