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  1. The GOP and trump plan on blaming the media and the Democrats I when the trump recession hits. But it wont work. He wants to take credit for Obama's 10 years of growth he can take credit for the recession.
  2. It is kind of funny. My dog wouldn't think so though. He's fairly serious about his poo.
  3. This is my point. Clinton and Obama are the trigger words to make your kind froth at the mouth. You're a lot like Pavlov's dogs.
  4. Roseanne Barr isn't my mom. My moms crotch probably has teeth judging from her homicidal tendencies.
  5. What crimes pray tell?. Can you prove she did anything illegal? Do you have the smoking gun? Will you present this evidence so that she can pay her debt to society for her so called crimes?
  6. You poor bastards. I actually feel sorry for you. You've been crying about the Clinton's for forever. And still nothing. Notta. Zilch. Zip.. Same about Ovama spying on American citizens. I think you guys ought to listen to more Rush Limbaugh,Hannity and all of the other right wing conspiracy hate mongers.
  7. I couldn't help it. Personally I find the whole visual of you bagging poop,carrying it around sneaking up to someone's door and then lighting it up fairly funny.
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