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  1. It's not worth staying if fascists and liars like you have anything to say about who can post or not. This chat room will dwindle down to rightwing dopes and dupes like you. You can all misinform each other with your lies. Bye!!!
  2. You banned Benson? I haven't had it confirmed by Benson yet, and I sure as hell don't believe anything a Trumpanzee dimwit like you has to say!!! If and when I get confirmation, I'll be out of here. I wouldn't stay anyplace fascist morons like you can control!!!
  3. Is the flu shutting down cities moron? Is the flu keeping people from working? Is it keeping kids out of school? Gee, what could be the difference, between the usual flu, and a pandemic that has most of the world shutdown? Only a dunce or a dupe like you wouldn't know!!!
  4. The Russian trolls and the Trumpanzees who infest this site, will lie and lie and lie to protect Putin's puppet, the incompetent grifter, Donald Trump - no matter what!!! It is stunning to see so much stupidity and the effects of years of brainwashing by the GOP and the right-wing media demagogues. These fools actually would rather put their own and other people's lives at risk, rather than admit Trump is a fraud and a failure!!!
  5. So the 300,000 coronavirus cases reported worldwide is a "Democratic" plot? The 26,000 cases reported in the USA, and the 340 deaths are "fake news?" Can you be that stupid??? From what I've seen posted by other Trumpanzees, the answer is "yes, and for sure!!!" Get help moron!!!
  6. Do you believe Trump? The GOP? Fox "news?" Flush Limbaugh??? Other crackpots, crooks and con-men??? Then the answer to the question below is: "Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!!!"
  7. The coronavirus pandemic asks every American the question: Do you believe the scientists and the medical experts about the disease or do you believe the pathological lying, malignant narcissist, and depraved ignoramus, Donald Trump??? And the Trumpanzees answer proudly and suicidally: "Trump!!!" All Trumpanzees are brainwashed beyond belief!!!!
  8. Do you believe Trump's lies (over 17,000 since he entered the WH)? Do you vote Republican? Do you watch fascist Fox "news?" Do you listen to demagogues like Flush Limbaugh? If so then the answer to the question below is a resounding, "YES!!!!"
  9. Trumpanzees are brainwashed beyond belief, and show up for more "treatment" every day on their favorite fake-news TV channel!!!
  10. Trumpanzees are hopelessly brainwashed. Hate, fear, and lies are drilled into them so they remain dangerously ignorant or they would know that Trump and the GOP are not only incompetent and malfeasant, but endanger their lives!!!
  11. Trump/Republican/Fox "News," etc. lies and brainwashing of so many Americans has endangered not only our democracy, but the public health. This pandemic need not have been serious here in the USA, if Trump, and the GOP had not left us unprotected by cutting funding for pandemic responses!!!
  12. Trump gives proof os his incompetence with every "press conference!" He contradicts the medical experts from the CDC and the FDA with his false statements of "cures to the CV19 pandemic," and his idiotic "hunches," that anyone with a brain would dismiss as "dangerous disinformation." But Trumpanzees are suicidally stupid, and that isn't meant to insult their intelligence, because there isn't anything to insult!!!
  13. Trump eliminated the Pandemic Response Team, ignored warnings from our Intelligence agencies about the threat of the coronavirus, and denied and lied about the seriousness of the pandemic until he was forced to call it "A National Emergency!!!" And still, there are dupes and dopes, who think he's a "leader!!!!"
  14. And this is the liar, failure and fraud, the Trumpanzees "trust" to get us through the CV19 pandemic???? Proof positive of their suicidal stupidity or is it jus their insidious bigotry that Trump's racism and xenophobia satisfies for them!!!!
  15. You are so stupid and gullible it's amazing you have enough brain cells to type!!! Trump has proven over and over that he is a traitor, a crook, a grifter, a liar, and a cheat, and only someone with serious mental and/or moral defects would continue to support such a grotesque and depraved moron such as him.
  16. That's apparent to anyone with a brain, but that leaves out the Trumpanzees, who still think Trump is a "leader," when those with brain cells know he's a "Misleader!!!"
  17. Trump: the depraved, ignoramus, grifter trying to save his image by lying and putting all of America at risk!!!!
  18. Dumbass, we knew it appeared in China in 2019, but Trump continued to play golf, while his "administration" cut funding for the CDC, and had eliminated the Pandemic Response Team the year before!!! But dupes and dopes like you, still listen to this lying fraud, instead of the scientists or journalists who tell the truth. It's because of suckers like you, who voted for this depraved moron that the Pandemic will be far worse in America than it had to be.
  19. Trump lies to protect his "image." Nothing he ever says can be trusted, and in this pandemic, which will be far worse in America than it could have been, because Trump paid no attention, and played golf, while his underlings were cutting out the Pandemic Response Team, and cutting funding for the CDC, he now takes "No responsibility at all," for being so irresponsible and ignorant!!!
  20. Donald Trump has no conscience, and not much of a brain, which is why he continues to tout untested and suspicious treatments as cures for the CV19 pandemic. The fact that his CDC and FDA medical experts refute what he says afterward is lost on Trump's dupes and dopes, who still don't realize he's "conning them," with every word he speaks! Republican Senators Burr & Loeffler, were briefed in classified hearings about the economic impact of the CV19 pandemic before it appeared in the USA, and not only then sold their stock at a profit, but assured others that there was "Nothing to worry about with the coronavirus!" And Trump and several Republican Senators have referred to the coronavirus as the "Chinesevirus," which is racist, and stupid. Viruses and infectious bacteria arise and occur sporadically all over the globe, and in the past several began in the USA. Ever hear of Typhoid Mary or Scarlet fever or Diptheria or Polio? All were plagues that began in the USA, but no one called them Americandiseases!!! At a time of great crisis, all Americans need to depend on those with medical expertise, and scientific knowledge, if we are going to get through this. Trump and the Republican Party are trying to deflect blame from his irresponsible behavior before the pandemic hit us, and for their profiteering greed since it has occurred. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is: Don't trust politicians pushing their own agenda, and denying science!!! If you want the facts about how the pandemic occurred in the USA, see the Atlantic report here: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/how-many-americans-are-sick-lost-february/608521/
  21. Democrats have always supported small business. Meanwhile how about Trumpy and the GOP rescinding those tax give-aways to the rich that they passed. All they did was explode the deficit back over a Trillion/year, where it was when the Bush/Cheney maladministration left it to Obama, who then cut it in half with no help from the Republican hypocrites!!!
  22. I'm going to check with Benson. If he is really banned I will be out of here, so this site can be left to the fascist boo-birds and birdbrains like you!
  23. Which is exactly what I said!!! The Democrats want to keep small businesses afloat with low interest loans, while giving workers payments to keep their families intact. You are caught lying again. You ought to be banned from this site!
  24. For what? Exactly what did he do that was worse than what scumbag Trumpanzees liars like Z, Duck, and other depraved morons post here?
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