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  1. Persepolis

    Fascism Comes to America!!!

    The Fascist chart:
  2. Noam Chomsky: "The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history!!!" Chomsky a former professor of linguistics at MIT is one of America's greatest intellects. He is like the canary in the coal mine, warning America to get out of the Republican Party before it brings us all to ruin!!!
  3. Persepolis

    Fascism Comes to America!!!

    Fascists (like Trump) lie, cheat, steal, and conspire with other dictators!
  4. Persepolis

    Fascism Comes to America!!!

    Only a fascist scumbag would tear kids away from their parents, and cage them!!!
  5. Since Trump and his henchman, William Barr, lied that Trump was "cleared by" the Mueller Report, Trump has become more and more desperate to defy the Congress, the Constitution, and the rule of law in America. By refusing to respond to lawful Congressional subpoenas, and by using his phony AG, Barr, to investigate the "FBI investigators," Trump has moved beyond just being a criminal in the WH to be a fascist, doing whatever he likes! And with the corrupt and cowardly Republican Senate, being controlled by the other proto-fascist, Mitch McConnell, America has entered a very dangerous phase of this Trump maladministration. All Americans should learn about Mussolini and what he did to Italy or Hitler and what he did to Germany, and realize that Trump and McConnell are putting us on the path to ruin!!!
  6. The history of the human species is the history of "following deranged leaders into unnecessary wars, and avoidable economic disasters!" We've seen it from ancient wars, and "divine right kings," to the Great Depression to Vietnam, and now the illegitimate president and Liar-in-Chief, Trump. The problem is that demagogues like Trump or Putin have no conscience, and will tell any monstrous lie, character assassinate (or Putin's case, just assassinate) any political rival, and commit any other criminal act to gain power. Law abiding and respectable politicians don't do those kind of things. But even in a democracy, the demagogue can and has "won," because the MSM cowardly plays both "parties" as equal, even when the GOP is clearly evil, and good people don't come out and vote, as many sat home during 2016! Fascism is no longer a "threat in America." It is a reality. We see it in the disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law by the fascist scumbags, Trump and Mitch McConnell. If we don't get rid of both in the 2020 elections, America is doomed!!!
  7. Two fascists scumbags! One was executed by the Italian people, and the other is dangerous, and on the loose!!!
  8. Never in American history has a president, been so obviously criminally depraved and insane as Donald Trump! But despite his lies (over 10,000 in 2 years), his tax cuts for the rich, his groveling to the Russian despot, Vladimir Putin, and his defiance of the Congress and the US Constitution, 40% of Americans are dumb enough to think he's "doing a good job!!!!" Italians thought the same thing about Mussolini in Italy in the 1930s, and he brought them to ruin!!!!
  9. Four American disasters. But thanks to GOP lies and MSM cowardice, most Americans still don't know it!!!
  10. With Trump and the GOP, the People are "tricked" so that Trump and the GOP get the "treats!" Tax cuts for the rich, exploding government debt? Deregulating the banks? Crippling the Consumer protection agency? Making the EPA stand for the Environmental Pollution Agency? And lying about everything!
  11. Trumpanzees prove you can't fix stupid. These people are actually the unwilling victims of assisted suicide by Trump and the GOP, but even as the Trump/GOP takes away their affordable healthcare, cuts their SS and Medicare, explodes the government debt with criminal tax cuts for the rich, these morons continue to cheer, even as Trump and the GOP insert the snake oil into their heads, brainwashing them to death!!!
  12. The Republican Party is infamous for "dirty tricksters."Nixon had Segretti, Bush had Rove, and Trump has millions of nutjobs, who are either deluded Americans or Russian troll hired help, courtesy of our enemy, Vladimir Putin.And in this new age of videos that can be electronically made to say and do whatever the creator wants, the potential for evil is enormous, and probable.The Pelosi tape is just the opening shot of disgusting propaganda that Trump and the GOP will fire at any Democrat who dares to challenge our wannabe-despot, Donald Trump.Trump and the GOP are truly the enemies of the American people, but they have the money (Kochs, Mercers, Murdoch, et. al.), the media (fox, hate-talk radio, info-wars, breitbart, et. al.), and the Russians, all ready to tell any lies, issue absurd fear-mongering, and distort any video to "win" an election.If the American electorate doesn't see through these latest Trump scams, Trump will be emboldened to ignore the Congress entirely if he is re-elected, and fascism will have come to rule America. Fascism didn't work out that well for Mussolini's Italy or Hitler's Germany, but then history wouldn't repeat itself again .... would it????
  13. The Trumpanzees are too stupid to realize that Trump and the GOP are their enemy, and the Russian trolls, who post here, couldn't be more delighted about it. Trump is a disaster of epic proportions. His ignorance is dangerous. His incompetence is appalling, and his narcissism is dysfunctioning. America barely survived the Bush/Cheney debacle, and I'm not sure any Democrat can pull us out of the Trump nose-dive after 2020, but one things is for sure: If the American electorate doesn't remove Trump and the GOP controlled Senate in the elections, we are ALL, in the words of Trump himself, "F......d!!!
  14. Trump's EPA: The Environmental Pollution Agency!!!
  15. And this child criminal, and international menace, would not be throwing his tantrums, and telling his obvious lies, without the help and support of Mitch McConnell and the corrupt and cowardly Republican Senate having his back!!! We need to rid the country of Trump, and the GOP!!!!