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  1. It's pointless trying to reasonably discuss Trump's many crimes with any Trumpanzee and/or Republican. They simply can't admit that Trump is a crook, a traitor, and utterly unfit for any position of responsibility, much less the WH! But Republicans have been insane for decades so it should come as no surprise. When the U.S. was attacked by on 9/11 by 19 Saudi Arabians, who were on a mission for al Qaeda, which was based in Afghanistan, Bush Jr./Cheney/ and the GOP attacked Iraq!!! Since 2008 when the Big Banks were deregulated by the GOP, and put out phony mortgage backed investments, and caused a massive economic collapse, the Democrats put back controls and regulations to prevent it from happening again, and since the GOP has been back in power, they have stripped away those controls on the Big Banks! Republicans were deficit hawks when Obama was in office, even though they wouldn't rescind the Bush Jr. tax cuts for the rich, and made reducing the deficit harder for Obama, but no sooner was Trumpty Dumpty in the WH, and the Republicans passed another "tax cut for the rich," and the deficit, which had been going down under Obama, is now going back over $1 trillion/year. Republicans are liars, hypocrites, and crooks, which is why they rally around Traitor Trump, since he is the biggest crook of all!!!
  2. The Traitor Trump crime family: Insipid, entitled, and criminal, just like their father (in-law).
  3. Farmers voted for Trump in large numbers, and got screwed when he cost them their China market. White women vote for Trump by a margin of 51% in 2016, despite his "pussy grabbing" admissions on Access Hollywood. Maybe farmers learned their lesson. White women, particularly those in the suburbs seemed to have realized that Trump is their worst nightmare, and voted against him and the GOP in 2018 and 2019!
  4. Traitor Trump used his "charity" as a slush fund for his personal expenses, and stole money from a Wounded Warriors charity for veterans, while lying that he had "donated" one million $$$ to it!!! Not until the press questioned him about what happened to the money, did the Traitor Trump return the stolen money, and make the belated donation!!! This is the kind of fraud and criminal we have in the WH!!!
  5. Donald Trump Jr. selling a book he didn't write to moron (Trumpanzees) who can't read!!! A rotten apple doesn't fall far from the poisoned tree, and not surprisingly, a scumbag coward and crook like Trump, has fathered another scumbag coward and crook as Don Jr. proves every time he opens his mouth!!!
  6. Donald Trump Jr. is your typical scumbag brat and entitled little rich boy. He's selling a book he didn't write, which will be bought by morons who don't read!!! And then he goes to Arlington cemetery, where heroes are buried, and whines about Trump "sacrifices," which were actually crimes against America!!! Son of the scumbag, aka: Scumbag Jr.
  7. The top 10% in America control 70% of America's wealth and income. The bottom 50% of Americans have less than 10% of America's wealth an income. So Trump gave the richest 10% huge tax cuts, and is cutting all the government programs that help the poor and the middle class (including affordable healthcare)! And the morons, who are being stabbed in the back, cheer the Traitor Trump, as he plunges in another knife!!!
  8. He makes them think they are actually human, even though all the evidence we have on bigots proves they are the enemies of humanity!
  9. There's no question that Trump has committed crimes before entering the WH with his conspiracy to rig the 2016 elections with our enemy, Putin! He then attempted to cover-up of his crimes once in the WH, and committed at least 10 acts of "obstruction of justice" according to the Mueller Report. And now we have Trump committing extortion in his Ukraine shakedown attempt to get Ukraine to lie about his political rival, Joe Biden! The Republicans know he's a crook, and a traitor, and yet they stand by him! So what does that make the Republican Party look like??? Scumbag traitors just like Trump!!!!
  10. The name "Trump" should replace "Quisling" as the worst traitor anyone could be to their country!!!
  11. Rudy is done. Traitor Trump couldn't care less if Rudy is indicted and convicted and sent to prison like Michael Cohen (Trump's previous "fixer"). I can't wait until Rudy starts singing for his supper!!! And I don't think it will be an aria from Tosca!!!
  12. So Traitor Trump commits a crimes (10 obstructions of justice in the Mueller Report), and then the extortion of Ukraine, by withholding needed and congressionally appropriated military aid in exchange for lies about Joe Biden and his son, and so what do the Republicans do??? They deny that Trump committed another crime, and want Biden and or his son to be witnesses at a House hearing, when they had nothing to do with Trump's crimes but be his victims! In the GOP world, if you will sign a tax cut bill for the richest 1%, you're immune to impeachment, prosecutions or any other accountability! We need to make the Republican Party history in the U.S.A., before they and Trump make America another satellite country of Russia!!!
  13. Sad, but true. There are those Americans who post here, who have no idea what they're saying, and there is the infestation of Russian trolls, being paid by the enemy of America, Vlad "The Invader" Putin, in cheap vodka to divide and destroy America's democracy.
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