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  1. They would have lynched Obama, and impeached, and imprisoned any white Democrat president. In fact, they did impeach Clinton for a sexual peccadillo, while they ignore Trump's rapes, and racism!!!
  2. You have to be mentally defective and/or morally degenerate to defend the depraved Donald Trump!!! And we see his defenders proudly posting here, as they expose their suicidal and insidious stupidity!!!
  3. Another of Trump's BFF, Jeffrey Epstein, child rapist and human trafficker, "A terrific guy!" according to Trump. What do you expect from a lying scumbag like Trump, who admires despots and dictators like Putin and Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia!!!???
  4. Well Kerry thought Bush and Cheney were telling the truth about WMDs. Obviously they weren't, but you never let the facts get in the way of a lie you want to tell. You truly are a living, breathing obscenity. I feel dirty just posting with you.
  5. The Republican Party has given us most of our debt (by far), put five fascists on the Supreme Court, and also given us the worst scumbags in our history in the Executive branch of government with Bush/Cheney, and now Trump/Pence. If you don't know a corrupt and cowardly GOP when you see it, you're deaf, dumb and blind!!!
  6. Well then there was "Afghanistan," where we still are fighting 17 years later ..... oh, and by the way, since you're so "concerned" about spending on healthcare for illegals, those unnecessary wars Bush/Cheney and the GOP foisted on America? The cost is estimated to be over $6 trillion by the time we finish paying for all the damage they did to wounded American soldiers returning from those atrocities!!!.
  7. Trump and the GOP are the enemies of the American people, and the only people who don't admit it are the Trumpanzee bigots, and the Russian trolls, who post here!!!
  8. I guess you must have been living under your rock in a cess pool, when Bush & Cheney lied about "WMDs" and instigated a war in Iraq, because Osama bin Laden attacked us on 9/11. I knew you were stupid, but you're even dumber than I guessed!
  9. OPEC also raised the price of a barrel of oil from about $2/barrel to $20/barrel during Carter's term, causing inflation to skyrocket, and for long lines at the gas pumps! Carter was blamed for things he had no control over, while Republicans get away with gross fiscal irresponsibility, and vicious lies (Bush/Cheney) to instigate insane wars all the time!!!
  10. Donald Trump, aka: Drumpf: The lying hypocrite and racist criminal in the WH!!!
  11. That is the irony. The GOP keeps stabbing their voters in the back, and these suckers still don't know it. Look at KY!!! One of the poorest states in America, and they elect a corrupt crook, who couldn't care less about them, Mitch McConnell! And McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, Trump's so called "Transportation Secretary," and she and Mitch run a company that they force government contractors to use!!! The McConnells are worth nearly $30 million, while working for government salaries. The average Kentuckian, can't afford indoor plumbing! Go figure!!!
  12. And to think of all the American's who fought in the nation's wars, while the cowardly crook, Donald Trump, avoided the draft so he could swindle and scam the American people, and then this scumbag is "elected" to the Wh by the bigots of America, and tells the descendants of those who fought for America to "Go back where you came from!!!" If we don't rid the country of Trump and the GOP, our future will be a police state!
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