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  1. Derangement syndrome and denial of reality is epidemic amongst Trumpanzees!!!
  2. The Saudi Arabian murderer, prince MBS, spends a lot of Saudi money having his agents stay at Trump hotels, and buying Trump condos. Ergo: As a "good customer" of Trump, he is now entitled to U.S. government services, like the use of our military to protect him and his despotic government! Trump is so corrupt and depraved, he will sacrifice American lives and go to war with Iran, so he can please the degenerate prince MBS, and keep his hotel occupancy up! Lewandowski says Trump is "a good man," further proof that he is an admitted liar!!!
  3. Z like most Trumpanzees or Putin paid prostitutes is a mental defective, and moral degenerate, and seems oblivious to the fact that it is so obvious!
  4. They were all criminals and crackpots, although Trump is far worse than any of the others. But with vast amounts of money, Fox "news," Hate-Talk radio, and flagrant lying, Trump expects to remain in the WH in 2020. America will not survive another GOP administration financially or environmentally, and our democracy will have been turned into a farce.
  5. The crimes of Trump are constant and continuous as is his lying. But so long as the Republican Party, and Moscow Mitch, "have Trump's back," he will continue to trash the US presidency and make the WH Putin's "American office!"
  6. Only a Republican would admit to being a flagrant liar, unless under oath, and then announce a run for the Senate of the USA!!! But the Republican dominated Senate, led by Moscow Mitch, and assorted other corrupt criminals, shows that in the Red states, they'll elect anyone to the Senate so long as they're white and racist and not too bright!!!
  7. Corey Lewandowski is a moral degenerate, and mental defective, just like his "hero," Traitor Trump!!!
  8. Corey is "good" for nothing, except lying, and muscling women out of the way for the Traitor Trump!!! IOW: Corey is a thug.
  9. Corey Lewandowski proved, once again, that he is a "Trump loyalist," by admitting to lying and covering up for his depraved and degenerate "boss," before a congressional committee yesterday. Lewandowski, who is actually running for the Senate from NH, said that he has no obligation to tell the media the truth, and the only way he will tell the truth is if he is under oath, and facing perjury charges for not doing so!! This is not surprising considering that most former Trump servants feel threatened or anticipate being rewarded by Trump for violating the laws, defying congress, and lying on Trump's behalf. So what will NH voters think when Lewandowski starts running his campaign, and makes promises or statements to the press or to the voters? Since Lewandowski has already declared that he is not obligated to tell the truth to anyone unless it risks a prison term for perjury, why should or would anyone believe anything this Trump fool and tool has to say???
  10. The Republican Party went downhill fast. Maybe if Lincoln had lived through his second term, the GOP might have had some tradition of intelligence and a conscience, but after he was assassinated, the GOP became vindictive and massive corruption followed. By the 1880s they were doing all the things they do now, such as enriching the rich (and taking their bribes), and getting presidents "elected," who had less popular votes than the Democrat (Hayes/Tilden). Today's Republican Party is the most dangerous organization on earth. Led by the depraved degenerates like Traitor Trump and Moscow Mitch, the corruption is worse than ever, the cruelty, hypocrisy, and stupidity are rampant in the GOP, and they have even sold us out to our enemies, the Russians, while their "base of bigots" remains loyal, because they know the GOP will oppress minorities and immigrants, and feed the rancid hate that is the core of their pathetic lives.
  11. Putin paid? Russia born? Family of feebleminded folk? I still can't get an answer....
  12. Russia born or USA? Member of the Kallikak family or not? Why should I bother to tell you anything, when you won't tell me what you are?
  13. Were you born in Russia or the USA? Are you a descendent of the Kallikak family or just another Putin paid prostitute?
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