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  1. You're too stupid to post with. You're either the typical brainwashed Trumpanzee or a Russian troll, who is paid to lie for Putin's puppet, the Traitor Trump! Denying the evidence against Kavanaugh and Trump is the mark of a moron.
  2. Traitor Trump & would be Tyrant!!!! A clear and present danger to America, if ever there was one! And the Republican Party dishonors their oaths to the Constitution and betray America for the Traitor!!!
  3. The "T" stands for Traitor, Tyrant & Trump, because the Republican Party is corrupt and has too many cowards, who refuse to honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution!!! Americans must vote out the depraved, narcissistic criminal in the WH, and the dishonorable GOP in November or face the end of American democracy and Republic.
  4. Only a mental defective would claim that Kavanaugh was innocent, when the Traitor Trump limited the FBI investigation, and the GOP Senate (once again) refused to subpoena witnesses that had testimony relevant to Kavanaugh's sexual perversions No sane person would claim "innocence" for Kavanaugh or Trump, when the Republican Party refused to hold a real trial in either case!!!
  5. Moscow Mitch McConnell doing the bidding of Putin's puppet, and Putin!!!
  6. The corrupt and cowardly Republican Party was too afraid of the Traitor Trump to hold a real trial. So they lied about the guilt of the criminal in the WH, and ran away!!!
  7. The Traitor Trump as Moscow Mitch, and the corrupt and cowardly 52 other Republican Senators betray America, dishonor their oath to uphold the Constitution, and lie about the high crimes proven by the House impeachment case!!!!
  8. I guess there isn't a Trumpanzee or are you a Russian troll, who is worth exchanging views with. You're clearly too stupid and/or too butt obsessed to know much of anything. Like all the rest, you're hopeless and dangerous to America. Bye bye bonehead!!!
  9. The criminal enterprise that is the Traitor Trump maladministration, and the perversion of our Justice Department by the shyster, Bill Barr, so called "AG," who refuses to enforce the laws against the lying, cowardly criminal in the WH!!!
  10. You're either an American mental and moral defective or a Russian troll, because anyone who celebrates the violation the Constitution, celebrates the suspension of the rule of law, and a country without laws that protect all it's citizens, and laws that apply to all its citizens, is a dictatorship!!!
  11. Today's "Super Bowl," should be a reminder to all Americans that the Traitor Trump whitewashing by the Republican Senate was one super-bowl of a cover up!!!
  12. The Republican Party has been depending on the greedy rich, the rednecks, and our undemocratic election laws for decades, and it this depraved minority has given us the corrupt Republican Congress, and put the Traitor Trump in the WH!!!
  13. The Republican "super-bowl-cover up!" See the incredible lies, cheating, and dereliction of duty by the corrupt cowards of the GOP!!!
  14. Republican Party treachery in their day of infamy, when they groveled to a depraved Donald Trump, and dishonored their oaths to "uphold the Constitution," and "do impartial justice," by voting to terminate the impeachment trial without witnesses, documents or any other additional evidence should lead to the downfall of the Republican Party. And hopefully the 53 Republican cowards, who refused to do their duty, especially Moscow Mitch McConnell will face justice for their act of perfidy to America!!! The Atlantic magazine says it all: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/02/broken-trump/605959/
  15. Senator Lamar Alexander, another Republican Senator who failed to do his duty and allow for a fair trial of the Traitor Trump, and made the pathetic excuse that he "knew the behavior of Trump was wrong, but didn't think it was impeachable!" Extorting a foreign nation to help Trump rig another election not impeachable? Violating the Separation of Powers provided in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution by refusing to obey lawful subpoenas from the Congress by the WH not impeachable??? Only in the minds of the depraved, corrupt, and cowardly 53 Republican Senators who voted to protect Trump, instead of honoring their oath to protect the Constitution!!!
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