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  1. Trump owned that slimy Bad word.
  2. BullConnor

    Who's your favourite black president?

    So why do you care Canuck?
  3. BullConnor

    Kerfuffle on the house floor

    Time for Republicans to go over and give those democrat cunts a taste of how a man disciplines an uppity bitch, give them all a pair of black eyes.
  4. Don’t forget the ape [African-American slur] Maxine “Mudperson” Waters.
  5. Trump needs to torture and execute this terrorist animal on national TV.
  6. BullConnor

    Time to impeach President Trump.

    Just another lib nutjob circle jerk by the unhinged monkeys who’ve been posting the same baseless threads everyday for two years now. Face it, Trump will be your master for the next 2 if not 6 years. You may as well pretend you’re being raped and just lay back and enjoy it.
  7. BullConnor

    Do Guns Kill People........

    [African-American slur]s kill people in addition to each other.
  8. How do you know slideboy, did you taste crap on his dick when blowing him?
  9. Don’t forget he’s married to a tranny and has two ugly slut druggie daughters.
  10. Queer, [African-American slur] and a muzzie, what a subhuman piece of feces.
  11. BullConnor


    Nancy Pelosi needs to be Bad word on by a giant foo bird.
  12. Bill Maher needs a savage beating with a golf club, I wonder if any Kennedy relatives could oblige?
  13. They were simply saving those TV’s from being looted by white people.
  14. Roots, played backwards so it has a happy ending.