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  1. These sicko queers practice the most disgusting acts of sexual perversion and you call it “love”? 😂
  2. BullConnor

    Socialism is possible

    Kill a commie for mommy.
  3. Happiness is a stack of freshly shot liberals rotting on a nice summer day.
  4. Whitey owe a [African-American slur], gibmedats honkie.
  5. Good, shoot every last gun grabber between the eyes, kill them all.
  6. BullConnor

    I'm outta here...

    They make the Trayvon’s of the world real daeyed, that be for sure.
  7. How many poles for the OP to smoke before the bug gets him?
  8. BullConnor

    I'm outta here...

    It would be a bad idea by one of Obama’s sons to crawl in through your bedroom window in an attempt to steal your TV with that bad boy in the house.
  9. Any chance when you sober up you please translate this mess?
  10. I just thought he was some wannabe soap opera star.
  11. OJ would be a more appropriate go-to guy.