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  1. You know, a puppy dies every time you stupid tards lie about this.
  2. And here it is! Ugh. Get 3D glasses or a hazmat suit or somethin' first. https://imgur.com/a/AG01sfR
  3. For sure for sure. I gots to get to work, check back later. Let you know when our Calif. friend will be restoring the funnest page on the internet! Hahahahahahaha.
  4. I remember that werewolf game and that there was a lot of cheating too. It was all Grind's idea, like the Trumpasskisser that he is he can't stand to lose so cheats to win.
  5. The person (3rdparty) whining about how the OP violates this forum's rules is the very person the OP is about. He/she lives to get ppl posting on politics forums banned, esp if they are not Republicans. Used to be on Amazon, where literally dozens were banned by his/her constant reporting to the mods about various infractions. The shemale loves Trumpy's mushroom-shaped appendage, racist rants and actions, misogyny, hate, rage, and all the other lovely attributes he has.
  6. 3rdParty aka TOPICWAQ aka Kathy is not a libber. He/she suckles at Donald's um.... wherever.
  7. Oh look, everybody! The "TOPICWAQ" of the OP has joined us! Report Top report! Too bad the OP was posted long before you just joined today so it's grandfathered in. But go ahead, cry to the mods. You can try to add whoever has posted here to your long list of people you've gotten banned over the years.
  8. There is no husband, never has been never will be thank Hades for that. I'm thinking of posting "hope Top never googles "imgur+twatbuster" snort*giggle*snort! How can you get banned for that, you didn't make anyone do it right? Yeah they think everyone who doesn't like them is either Mason or Owlwoman.
  9. You did a good job.... ROFL. Kathy still thinks that your account belonged to that woman she hates, OwlWoman. There is a long history of stalking, doxxing, and flame wars by Toxic Kathy. She hates everyone smarter and better than she is which is practically the entire world's population at this point. I got banned just for having this same screen name because she cried to the mods saying it revealed her real name. What a cucking funt.
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