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  1. it works fine for us government workers to feed off of so long as we can steer the companies for our own merit . It works perfectly . we only worry when goverment takes too much from companies like it ruined g/m for everyone, especially union workers but hey, whatever we get paid first.
  2. Rockitman

    Why I vote, and why I vote progressive

    Like so many others, only we visionaries can imagine a better world . Getting others to pay for for what they can not see.... is the hard part, so we vote for democrats. It's the only way.
  3. regretfully in more ways than one.
  4. We should send the trouible central immigants to Purto Rico. It is America. They can be citizens like us . We can build up our great nation together with the new imigrants living here. They can work for us. The government will give them money to pay them to work and they will all have government jobs here . Everyone can apply for citizenship. Ms. Occasio- Ortiz could be our governor later and return to the people and save us from Trump . The imigrants could build centers and immigration offices here. Purto Rico could become the new ellis island. We could have our own statue of liberty .