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  1. 2. Intrusions into the DCCC and DNC Networks a. Initial Access By no later than April 12, 2016, the GRU had gained access to the DCCC computer network using the credentials stolen from a DCCC employee who had been successfully spearphished the week before. Over the ensuing weeks, the GRU traversed the network, identifying different computers connected to the DCCC network. By stealing network access credentials along the way (including those of IT administrators with unrestricted access to the system), the GRU compromised approximately 29 different computers on the DCCC network. (Mueller, p 38)
  2. They the emails appeared through wikileaks. Mueller did not find that 'coincidence' amusing.
  3. McGahn actually had to tell Trump to seek counsel with his personal lawyer.
  4. Trump's Department of Justice appointed Mueller.
  5. McGahn is the White House Counsel. Not Trump's attorney.
  6. In mid-June of 2017, Trump tried to pressure McGahn to intervene with the Justice Department to try to push for Mueller’s removal from office based on alleged conflicts of interest, the report said. Then, in February 2018, Trump summoned McGahn to the Oval Office and urged him to deny a news account that suggested the president asked for his help in ousting Mueller. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-intends-to-block-former-counsel-mcgahn-from-testifying-to-congress/2019/05/20/47f61f94-7b1b-11e9-a5b3-34f3edf1351e_story.html?utm_term=.7c0bd46bd7db
  7. you want a dictator. Thank goodness most Americans oppose you.
  8. Trump needs to be impeached. He clearly is an enemy of our government.
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    Dontlooknow- has lost his mind

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