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  1. Meh. The above retort is only a bit better than the one you gave when I told you that machine guns are not illegal. Remember this mature retort of yours?
  2. I'm still waiting for an explanation about why you can't understand the CFR's as they are written.
  3. When this is the most thought you can put into the debate, then you're on the losing side. When you make a claim, you support it with a link, not the other way around. I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong, but not to a person who insults another forum member when they ask for evidence to support the claim.
  4. None of that really means anything when you are working so hard at evading a proper answer to a simple question with a link to support your claim. I don't care if you're an RN. Doesn't mean your claims are correct.
  5. I learned about the first black congressmen in high school. Why do you think it was never taught?
  6. The CFR's as amended by Trump's minions define bump stocks as guns. Bump stocks have been seized, when they are found. I posted a link to one. I think most of them are hidden or destroyed though. Here is some knowledge for you; https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2018-12-26/pdf/2018-27763.pdf Which one of these words do you not understand? Or can you point to the word that Trump touched you with and made you cry? So do we have more or less restrictive gun laws under Trump compared to Obama?
  7. Just as I thought, a simple questioning of your claim results in only more unsupported claims and insults. You're not impressing anyone here.
  8. You made a claim, I was asking you to support it. If you can't, then it was probably BS to begin with. I'll do research to validate my own claims, not to support your BS ones.
  9. It might be true, but I don't believe you. I think you just did a quick internet search and found a link that looks good and posted a name. Show me the part of the law that says that anyone can get treated for anything at an ER. I understand that an ER will provide emergency medical treatment for a person, but some medical services are not available at an ER. Then why is it your answers are so evasive instead of looking like they come from someone who works in the field?
  10. And in which countries are registered nurses classified as amateurs? Shouldn't you be providing examples to support your claims instead of waiting for someone to ask? Or did you think your BS was thick enough that no one could see through it?
  11. Actually, Trump is after our guns; his score is over 500,000 seized so far and without compensation. Can you name any other president who seized so many guns from law abiding owners?
  12. Identifying as female does not reduce their muscle mass or testosterone levels. They are still biologically male. They don't have to compete, right?
  13. Why isn't the Trump administration doing anything about the Clinton and Obama crimes if they actually happened? Sounds like just another empty campaign promise unless he does something.
  14. While I don't wish Limbaugh would die soon, the fact is this country will be better off without his lies and criminal activity.
  15. You left out the part of this law that shows how everyone has be treated for anything. Because that part of the law doesn't exist. Try again.
  16. You fail again. A registered nurse is a highly trained professional, not an amateur.
  17. Really? Emergency rooms are not capable of treating everything an everyone. Perhaps you can show me an actual law that says what you claim?
  18. You'e being evasive. Does anyone run their health care system with low-paid amateurs?
  19. How does supporting an urban legend prop up your argument?
  20. Does anyone do it that way? If not, then why are you suggesting we try it that way in the USA?
  21. Why would it bankrupt the country? Free medical care does not actually have to mean a blank check for those who want elective care. If we pay wht it actually costs for medical services and products, it might be lots less than what we are paying for now.
  22. Gee, I was right. A rant without a single quote in which I'm shown to be lying. We're just supposed to take your word for it like when you said machine guns were illegal?
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