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  1. Surely you understand that us veterans come from a very broad background with an extensive range of views on life? You should not expect all of us to agree with you. Did you ever serve in the military? Would you also demand that I stand behind the likes of Timothy McVeigh, John Allen Muhammand and David Berkowitz? I hope not. So what makes you so bold while online? And why do you insist upon my home address?
  2. The school does not have the authority to require a test, but it can make it a requirement to keep attending the school. Since it is a private school without public funding (I think?), they can make their own rules on testing. The kids just have to leave the school if their parents don't like it.
  3. I'm retired military. I pick and choose those I stand with in the military. Some are worthy, others are not.
  4. This looks like major sucking up. Would you use harsh language in a self defense situation? You seem to be overly afraid of the opinions of others. What happens when you see your shadow?
  5. Sounds okay until another My Lai or Wounded Knee happens. Will you suck it up if you are labeled as the enemy?
  6. What about people who just can't afford to write a check? I'd be bankrupt if I didn't have the HMO that most retired military has. Cancer treatments are very expensive.
  7. Here I am at a House Judiciary Hearing in Olympia promoting my "liberal tree hugging" agenda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDiDq_TEBq4 Actually, I am promoting a Democrat bill, but it didn't involve trees or toilet paper.
  8. Feinwerkbau 300S. I help coach a junior precision shooting team. It is mostly 22lr small bore, but there are also some precision air rifle competitions in the state each year. The coaches and club provide rifles and air rifles for the kids to practice with. The serious competitors obtain their own better equipment if they intend to work towards a scholarship on a college shooting team. I have several PCP Anschutz 8001's that I loan to various kids for practice at home. 10-meter air rifle is easier to practice in the yard than 50 meter or 50 foot small bore. I use the older but still very accurate FWB 300S and 600 to train with. The PCP air rifles are much easier to load than the older models that need to charge a spring or internal cylinder, so I let the kids use them.
  9. If you don't learn proper spelling and grammar, the universe is going to own you sooner than later.
  10. Just as I thought, all talk, no action. I don't care to be swatted. What kind of lame crap is that anyway?
  11. Meet me at the Elfendahl Pass Staging Area near Belfair WA. GPS is 47.470947, -122.910988 When would you like to meet?
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