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    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    light would wobbel if there was not gravity, silly ideas
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    American population is beta testing medical devices for free and insurance is paying for it that's our R&D and our families are the lab rat I try to not hate on the FDA for this after all it is what they said could happen the knowledge was there and the wisdom, let's go back to the old hard ass FDA until we can better micro manage the system ? More to the point of cobalt Human toxicity of cobalt-containing dust and experimental studies on the mechanism of interstitial lung disease (hard metal disease) D Lison - Critical reviews in toxicology, 1996 - Taylor & Francis In the industry, the potential for exposure to cobalt metal dust is particularly important during the production of cobalt powder and the processing and use of hard metals and other cobalt- containing alloys. The different adverse health effects reported in these workers are … Cited by 124 Related articles All 7 versions I kinda think we knew even longer that" long term exposure or overexposure" to cobalt was a problem and the drunken side effects are not new to man at this point
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    I think the improvements are passed as long as the device does not exceed 10% alterations so covering the prosthetic with a new cover does not meet the guidelines for testing. The item has not be altered by more than 10% no R&D in improvements for devices that go inside me ? again not a doctors fault, they count on the FDA to give them the tools they use/need I do not think giving America better access to life saving drugs still in testing was ever the the point of big pharma I will be sure to watch it
  4. lets catch some air
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    Outdoors recreation

    class 5 will never be on my bucket list