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  1. all those countries do not have a combined population of just 1 America America has a population of 300 + billion and ranks 19 -21 ? Finland has a population of 6 million and ranks 1 "The Personal Income Tax Rate in Finland stands at 51.60 percent. Personal Income Tax Rate in Finland averaged 52.96 percent from 1995 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 62.20 percent in 1995 and a record low of 49.00 percent in 2010." and I would expect nothing less than my government making me extremely happy when I pay 51% of my income to taxes oddly enough the top 10 happiest countries in the world did not get that happy by charging the 2% of the richest people in the country more in taxes so we double our tax rates and gain the number 1 to 10 slot by raising our happiness factor with less than 1 point ? 31% more taxes to raise our happiness less than 1 point
  2. powerful information thanks WillFranklin
  3. the other creatures of this planet are the likely higher life forms in our universe mammals you got to wipe out the food chain a few times just to give mammals a sporting chance I think you guys let sci fi give you a preconception of what a aliens should be or do to me this story pales in comparison to the fossils we find on mars or what we can find in our alien oceans total times a life forms like our could evolve in the universe : 7 total times it evolved side by side at the same time with another higher life form : zero You should, for example, listen to credible individuals such as Luis Elizondo — former head of the Pentagon's former UFO research agency, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Elizondo does not talk about aliens. But you should not listen to Elizondo's To The Stars Academy colleague, Tom DeLonge (the musician is overexcited and says things that are unbound from analytical credibility). I read: you should listen to this guy but but he wont talk about it much so talk to his friend the musician I think 3 face palms was kind
  4. what people get paid and why Trademark infringement are two different things ? moving to China should not be the exemption from it the Government shuts off the stock market when it fails ZTE building man made islands in the middle of the ocean to change open water boundaries it just goes on and on
  5. if you wear it 8 hours a day 4 months out of the year it becomes clearly obvious but my son gets paid to draw stuff like that explain to him why he has to compete with junk like that for a living should he have to draw the majority of uncler martins logo for free ?
  6. the crap needs to end
  7. rrober49

    Notre Dame Rebuild

    old institutes of learning received mass donations from around the world trump struggles to get funding for a wall how awake as a whole do you expect man to be ? would the world jump on board with France had it received the money to fight global warming? that money could of gone to worse places too
  8. rrober49

    View of Israel from a left-wing Arab

    everyone in America that does not want to be involved is
  9. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    how is the not fusion drivin sun working out ? you guys still looking for money for that idea ?
  10. rrober49

    View of Israel from a left-wing Arab

    It is not odd. I am a native american I get treated like a second class citizen and I have experience My country is invested. I should feel something , people going to die based upon our support
  11. rrober49

    View of Israel from a left-wing Arab

    he has no effect on me Israel plays no role in my life he effects you I have no tie I live roughly where my people have lived for what could of been thousands of years I am trying to be as polite as i can be with understanding that you are torn between country and blood and I respect the line you need to tow I hope to see your Israel sooner than later
  12. rrober49

    View of Israel from a left-wing Arab

    the manner how Israel becomes a state does not sit well with me or how they maintain it I have zero ties to the whole issue from blood to religion or family Right now Netanyahu sounds Horrid when I hear him speak at times I feel like a second class citizen because I am not Jewish Christian Ideology has played a large role in the support Israel has received A 60 year old state has a long road ahead of it regardless where i weigh in
  13. rrober49

    Easter Bunny

    0:29 she winds up and plasters that guy hard Easter Bunny might have saved him
  14. rrober49

    The Intercept_A Message From The Future

    if we allied with europe and only bought from countries that took part paris climate accord seemed like it could of went better
  15. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    how the electric sun ?
  16. rrober49

    Politics and pro wrestling

    so long as the camera is on him, so long as his name is on the tip of your tongue I look forward to the day he is return to general population after tweeting all that crap to the whole world
  17. rrober49

    Nice Music Thread

    seems like the right tyme
  18. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    ok so going with fusion for electricity going to borrow your plasma for the heating process could skip the whole thing if we could just tap all that electricity kinda blows seeing then figure out viable uses for plasma over you guys ? plasma power lines ? correct me if i am wrong but i am sure electricity breaking down over distance is still a problem here on earth like in space what does observation tell you when you pug in a hair dry to an outlet and then add 100 feet of power cord to the hair dry then use 200 feet then 300 feet when you are done think about how plasma should be able to solve this problem, you have about zero ways to use space plasma is there any place on the face of the planet we use plasma to move electricity ? I use it for a torch /plasma torch science uses it as a heat sink in fusion we could use it for propulsion sure not being used in fiber optics is it now yeah you got plasma and electricity and if we look 60 billion light years away we can see it work like it should ? money isn't the issue einstein did more with a piece of paper and photographer