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  1. needs more cow bell you can almost hear dan fogerty .... creepy
  2. rrober49

    Political cartoons

    spot on, the chuckles will follow me for the day. Thanks
  3. rrober49

    Guilty pleasures: crap foods

    chocolate is a foul temptress, sadly she fails to disappoint
  4. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    look power a freaking light bulb with all your electricy thats out there, or do you need more plasma ? so get on with you story about the comment venus and how the moon heats it like that would be useful to more prove too planets sinking got any usefull ideas ? ohhh wait you got issues with greenhouse warming too ?
  5. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    https://www.livescience.com/614-record-set-hottest-temperature-earth-3-6-billion-degrees-lab.html 10,000 ohhhhh awwwwww lol you think I like science blow up the world 35 times over as it sinks and tells us WE CAN FIX IT and then we have you telling us you need more money to look at the sun you think I like science ? If what ever Idea you have that cant be of use to me in the next hundred years then you do not want to use me as a way to elaborate on your ideas how do we get this electricity in our hands ? do not care why your right HOW CAN WE GET IT NOW ?
  6. rrober49

    Guilty pleasures: crap foods

    bag of minuter peanut butter cups and a quart of ice cold half and half
  7. Hemp plant. ... Researchers at UConn have found that the fiber crop Cannabis sativa, known as industrial hemp, has properties that make it viable and even attractive as a raw material, or feedstock, for producing biodiesel – sustainable diesel fuel made from renewable plant sources.
  8. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    bennit pinch is used in fusion just saying 200 labs trying to use the bennit pinch in fusion to power the world 1 lab using the bennit pinch to prove the sun is electric win all you want so long as it is for the good of man I wont be back so have your last words or go on with out me please
  9. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    Sorry but your problem lies within your electromagnetism. That is why we left earth and you had to stay it has been the only thing hold back the idea for a long long long time the effort we have invested to try and make it work the way you suggest to see electromagnetism in use on the scale it is today and not notice how everything you use today would work vastly better if only you were right like we dont want a faster bullet train ? even if we filled a static universe with plasma , electromagnetism, still would not work the way you want it to outer space can not help electromagnetism anymore then it has not even a static universe would help electromagnetism do what you suggest the problem you face has nothing to do with being right about anything you suggest Not like we did, not want it to work. as it is being used everyday by everyone on earth that is why everyone is working on fusion to move forward while very few are trying to make a sun in lab I know if we reach fusion the way all those lab are trying to, will kill your theory
  10. rrober49

    Dark Matter Even More Missing Now ...

    here is a short video explaining why the big bang is taught as a theory in school today... we repressed you !
  11. rrober49


    I think he has to sign over a portion of his estate to hers before he gets to play Dont like her but she looks like she rip out my throat in a snap fit of rage
  12. rrober49


    wouldn't hurt to make a side pool on when they divorce