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  1. yes bill Trump is my fault starting to understand why dementia frightens you we hate to see in other what we see in ourselves enjoy your new crew piece out
  2. have fun with your non extremist friends Bill not sure what I will do but would like to hear where people might go so Id like a invite
  3. till our room is open and this can be moved
  4. never mind hit nhb and going to go shower it off now
  5. seems fitting with the events going on today
  6. could of just passed over it instead of locking horns with it and making it more relevant to the world then it was now the thing is inflated and everyone is looking to see who bill is sparring with again seems counter productive to your goal Bill maybe instead of trashing peoples credibility or downing on them you could put focus to the good work that part IS doing
  7. but hey payday loans, poor people ,and Schultz vs Warren: then to today https://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/wasserman-schultz-elizabeth-warren-payday-lending-223802 nothing wrong with what Cecelia said , it reflects a truth
  8. April 26 1992 where were you ? wasn't a millennial born yet unto you one thing you can say for sure police do not beat people almost dead a much as they used to .... I hope
  9. wouldn't matter how you dispel it , they just rephrase it and post it again and again and again
  10. they normally get released after and a lot of minimum wage people never got to go home this is what repressed people eventually do
  11. well on the bright side the water cooler finally getting some movement as people go out of their way to make content so they can get a cool icon would like to see likes stay , down votes go Trophies ? rep ? well the trolls will have our rep our trophies ? can we have our own types and cons have theirs people getting down voted I do not want to play the game either but untill its fixed its a good show of support if we posted a running list and all chipped in a few likes a day ? lets make those few trolls work for it ?
  12. yes I will vote Trump out no matter what I say
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