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  1. managing ruby ridge and Waco poorly had more to do with their ability to not get vaporized, seemed like the one event they handled right to me . and the next time they tried it ?
  2. they had healthcare or they had healthcare and got everyone else healthcare I would think that if we could all pitch in what we can, to get the grease for the wheel , the wheel might start to turn sooner over all I think to put it all on the corporate sector to is the least likely way to it or the slowest or we could have a over weight tax on a person and set it at 900 pounds, use that money to pay for a universal healthcare system now that would leave corporate paying the bill as they are a person after all I sure do not want people with COVID 19 or what ever comes after it showing up to work to earn healthcare , that alone seems like it will cost a lot more then 34 trillion over the life of America when typhoid marry cant afford to take a day off and needs insurance from the work place , and that day is upon us
  3. my grandparents retired on SS and two $20.000 CD's at I think was 11% interest re-upped yearly and divided out the the rest over 12 months forced to gamble for my retirement I am
  4. A friend of my fathers had to bail out of his plane over Germany in the dead of winter lost both his legs to frostbite One of most famous B-17 damage photos from WWII where its tail miraculously stay put . . . That above almost completely severed B-17 tail ship – still able to fly B-17 with major flak hit over Germany in 1944 B-17G after raid on Cologne Germany WWII
  5. C-130 Hercules nicknamed the angel of death from the angel wing pattern here is some nice footage of the event another
  6. its the flu did Trump invest in the military or did he invest into healthcare ? Obama invested into healthcare Trump was invested into tearing it down and hey look its the flu and Trump has done not a thing to bring us the better health care system he assured us he could and who gets bailed out ? well I woulds assume guys worth 11'dy billion dollars heavily invested into developing and owning hotels would need a crap ton of bail out money
  7. our economy is tanking like everyone else I am standing in line for toilet paper, not healthcare, but ass wipe
  8. doesn't add up to me as a increase of any sort 14% is 14% cable TV : they should have it we made cable offer a low income package for poor people even I have accesses to it if I want AC: a window ac cost 80 bucks that a lil more then a day wages at 7 bucks s hour and the unit will last for 3 years Car : i might be poor if i have to put all my income into owning and maintaining because there was not work within range or a transport system in place for me to use I have a car too, do not own it, but I have one and I am not lost on why I would be richer if I did not need it, but I do need it thing I ponder is how much it costs me if a person tries to steal for these items. 9,000 goes to 30,000 to incarcerate them yeah welfare sucks to invest into, sucks worse when you do not people just do not sit in a corner starving and waiting for it to get better worse yet we have a large demand for illegal immigration and it pays less then what the poor would be required to make and we tell poor people to get a job, as we hand out work visas to avoid giving people access to the the basic rights of a poor person and we lay people off to get people with work visas to do the same job as people here are already performing and we allow companies to pay zero dollars in taxes to not put you or I in that pool and we get left with the deb of it all less people are getting rich and moor people are not getting poor and the debt just keeps rolling in and the rich and the poor alike are not the majority of investors in that very idea welfare sure aint the first problem that need to be solved in the circle, it solved itself, if only the other issues had been addressed more seriously. I think
  9. you might not be here in November to vote, you get that right ? without one case in Idaho, I will most likely be on partial unemployment in 3 weeks if not full I hope people do not have to starve and die, just to get Biden in the seat to do not much but yeah the idea still crossed my mind
  10. that pile has not been that tall ? a productive senate has been in decline for a long time now “He has really accomplished very little legislatively,” said former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), a consistent Sanders skeptic. “He has accomplished a lot in terms of ideology. And that’s an important role, to be the guy out there speaking.”
  11. how is the post office more idiot proof way of voting then at the poll ? right off the bat you can not trust putting mail in your mail box and some how working at the post office makes a person above all the people you can not trust around your mail ? it seems very important we all vote my mail for you ? I am glad the option is there for people who need it and all but If I live right by my voting poll why should i even involve mail ? add more steps ? I myself just hope more people vote this time around my vote will count for nothing even though I live in a state that allows me to mail in my vote, but a larger % would at least make me feel better about the people I live with around
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