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  1. It is not safe to have a supreme court that can be stacked almost indefinitely I would tinker #4, maybe 10 appointed server fixed terms 6,8,12 years ? and then elect the last 5 that serve indefinitely
  2. I think it will go no where but I know the gambling mechanics have already be dealt with ? more could of been done by the ESRB they could of come up with " +++G' for gambling with real currency " Fortnite: Teen 13+ for violence is the ESRB rating other games have had similar gambling mechanics before fortnite what role of accountability should the ESRB be held to ? lawsuit needs to be filed against them more then the creators from my point of view PS: playing fortnite now
  3. chantex: you can find their paid pros on some of the chantex forums telling us we are wrong or threatening law suits on some looks like most of us with arthritis or RLS have severe side effects they do not want to acknowledge Ms is a horrible place to pull punches on people , to keep them from viable treatment
  4. you could play it all you want in arcades 40% addiction rate would be the whole world addicted after two or three generation, my answer reflects that
  5. I would pay the developers to put my campaign adds in your game when you walked into room posters would have my name, the voice coming out of TV's would be to vote for me, the billboards on the street all about me me.. me..me ... me too I wouldn't use it to vote. I would use to get your vote what about the kids starving with said addict , they should have choices or a chance ? they seem to be the ones that suffer the effects the worst, with the the least ability to exercise their rights or access them I would have to place a limit in order to help them, would prefer not too but at 40% I think I would need to
  6. I think the liberals would suggest moderation on the state or federal level and conservatives wouldn't care much until then the other two parties would be accessing a tool to reach potential voters as they quibbled about it
  7. come on " ask questions " your words you are saying this is needed and we are saying it looks like it is needed someplace else, other ideas on how to achieve them, order of operations to addressing them I am not against gun control all, the states should tow the line on background checks If I could push a idea it would be to allow the public access to militarily ammunition for firearms , and that would remove all the soft tip projectiles and it would side with second amendment and save lives as well but that is a avenue ventured before hasn't it ? I am not lost on why "large clips" is the path being pushed at the moment not agreeing with your ideas on how to invoke change or why, would not make me out to be a republican. I hope deny a person his right to vote or own firearms is already in place for felons, in certain states. Denying a person access to his rights for misdemeanors is a horrible idea no mater what rights you have. Rights are not a privilege your government can invoke or remove at will for any reason they assume fit, or you and I happen to vote in they supersede the Government elect should always supersede the Government elect. All alone by yourself you have them ! you call upon them when something wrong has happened they are not in place to rule your life, they are in place to defend it. For for us to invoke them to keep what we want or get what we want is a horrible use of them and the role our Government would be one that makes sure we never need to invoke our rights our forefathers seen fit to give us, and if they would do that our problems would be solved more then not how law read wouldn't matter because that whats behind us that was the least we had to work with , not the most already pushing the proper forum for ID to vote , or having a valid address. Do not ask me to be ignorant to the ways here lets try other ways first, or for now
  8. wouldn't you be opening the door to allow our Government to revoke all our rights should they choose ? over misdemeanors ? Idaho is in the top 5 most armed states with a Homicide rate of 1.9, Florida weighs in at 5.0 and we have open carry
  9. Wow ! you want to revoke peoples given rights over misdemeanors ? your ideas come from fear and little to do with us keeping our rights so much as making sure you are less afraid I too am afraid but in deal with it a different way I live across the street from a half way house at least twice a year I have six police cars out in front of my home where I had to raise my son By law my wife's work place had to inform her a death threat placed upon her life because some supposed meth head did not get his check in the mail soon enough she does work for the state I was allowed to see the surveillance on said person and the make model license plate of his vehicles I have 20 minutes of alone time to defend myself till help can arrive I gave up owning guns 20 years ago advocated for tougher access from that point on but 4 years ago I bought the thing I though others wouldn't feel a need to have now that might be a 90 lbs pit bull named garrote or a semi auto suggestions ?
  10. if that was true this debate would not be taking place
  11. still good stuff ! just released today !
  12. I have to leave my state to listen to new music on the radio
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