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  1. I agree with you bulldog. Lots of republicans have bailed , but the ones who have stayed are a ? to me. There is no middle ground, lying, cheating, pushing our country into isolation and purposely peddling false fears, make believe terrorist on every corner.And it is the white man who could not understand that "black lives matter" movement was about innocent boys, men, being shot. ME ME ME ME ME ME!! That is all they think about. Feel sorry for your white ass, when there is nothing to feel bad about. No third car, no million dollar bank account, bullBad word! Greed is what it is. All these white nationalist, you are all disgusting It would be easy for me to blame the South, Midwest, but right there in the White House is Gen Kelly, the presidents very own racist, with shiny medals. Question? How does a high ranking soldier, like Kelly, decide troop deployments in the Viet Nam War. Frightening thought. But I stray off topic. Our country is in a quagmire, President is a traitor and a despot, and our divisions are becoming more violent. Sadly I think it is going to get worse.
  2. If you are supporting this Fascist want to be, not only are you a stupid, arrogant, and ill informed, but history will view you as a traitor. I usually do not engage in childish back and forth name calling. But I will make an exception, because as strange as it is, having never met you, I DONT LIKE YOU, I REALLY, REALLY, DONT LIKE YOU.
  3. Whatever your favorite libation is, restock now. Your going to need it the day after midterms. 

  4. I agree. On Direct TV they have Hitler shows. History channel I think. Trump has always been attracted to despots. Had a Mussolini bio at his bedside. But the thing I find most frightening is how the citizens of Germany were able to somehow ignore the fact that Millions of citizens were being murdered, gassed , tortured, shot to death, in some cases 50 miles from cities filled with happy Germans. And now we are seeing toddlers put in cages, taken from their parents and then lost. Mass incarceration of our Black and Hispanic citizens. Things that are not even crimes in my state. Creating new levels of poverty & new levels of wealth. People are dying as a direct result of Trump policies, 3000 in Puerta Rico, and 10s of thousands more will die due to the deregulation of climate, and chemical, restraints. And as all of this is happening, Republicans see nothing, nothing wrong here , Just like the Germans. These people in our country make be sick, unable to even admit, never mind take action against this TRAITOR, TRUMP. Well I refuse to be a 1937 German. And wherever that refusal brings me, WHEREVER, I will go.
  5. Well I think Khashoggi might have been killed. But still I have a lingering doubt. Why is Mike Pompeo happy and smiling with MBS? More will be revealed. To those who found the need to bring my mental acuity into the conversation; GROW UP
  6. Trump supporters want respect, are you fracking kidding me? Defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone, elicited by their good qualities. I have not seen a good quality yet, from any of you. YOUR ACTIONS ARE DISGUSTING. Feeling scared are you? To many Black people getting a piece of the pie, and you want it all. Well all of you white supremisist ,greedy, hideous souls, as far as I'm concerned you can all go to hell
  7. Kavanaugh, and I knew this the first time I saw him, is an arrogant, egomaniacal, liar, with a god complex. An angry man who is incapable of putting personal beliefs aside, in order to further his agenda. I believe Dr Ford 100%. I believe Brett is incapable of being non partisan. He makes me sick. I think impeachment is in his future. But first things first. There were many pro life conservative judges to choose from. So why Brett ?? Brett was chosen for 1 reason only. He does not believe a sitting President can be SUBPOENAED. Thats what it's all about. He will be impeached!!That is more than fantasy. BK has a shady past. He will be exposed. Clam down Brett; I mean the other Exposed. OOPS!!! Gotta go call 911. I see a white women walking on the sidewalk.
  8. And I often find myself thinking why you can not accept the fact that you have no right to have any opinion concerning what I do with my body.
  9. I did not make any statement concerning %'s or culture. My input was directed at the fact that many rape victims do not report the rape. That makes it hard to have accurate statistics.
  10. Trump has staff, White Nationals who do nothing but DREAM up plans for Trump. They have done nothing BUT bait and switch ever since his election. For the last 10yrs they were able to, with lies, take over the minds of 40% of the population. I think it would be a mistake to underestimate any of them. Whether or not he was abducted is not the point. It is how Dems react to the news. Outrage, angry rhetoric, sanction demands, Trump bashing. All of these actions, meant to showcase Trumps ineptitude, will backfire. Dems will be seen to be hysterical, jumping to negative conclusions. Trump was right, believe in Trump. Done 2days pre midterms, It would influence voting. When you are not bound to truth it is easy to be devious.
  11. With the mid terms less than 3 weeks away, could the Republicans have organized his abduction by Saudi's, and are now holding him prisoner. Flaming the fires of sanctions needed now vs. Trump saying he believes the Saudis when they deny any part in it. Increasing rhetoric intensity. Then 2days pre midterms he is found safe. Trump was correct, Dems are hystericalhasI think that would be harmful to Dems. I want Khashoggi to be alive. I'm just saying I would not be surprised if this was a big BAIT & SWITCH, disguised to make DEMS look bad.
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