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  1. Look what 123urout post, and he is allowed. Thanks God that I am all over the place on other site. My voice is heard even out of here I am on the News
  2. It is in their stockpiles, remember Kushner said so?
  3. What did he do? Was he wearing masks in the public? Did he criticize Trump? Just asking .
  4. Consider this he that forget God, Those who do their own thing and believe that God is in it πŸ˜•
  5. The picture that PEOPLE draw and called it Jesus...He is nothing like the fake picture
  6. What on earth....is this a debate room...??? Is he allowed to voice his opinion???
  7. Missed some of you - as well. People who speak out are not loved and shoved out 😏. Crimmegurl cried out >>> troll, troll and they decided to take her side. lol
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