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  1. Trump has gone too far Building Trump Wall - Is Not An Emergency
  2. The honorable President Obama has fixed the economy after taking it from a good republican Bush who had idiots in his administration, and did him wrong. He meant good but he hired idiots who cause such a depression in our economy. So President Obama with his smart self did the country USA well make it great again and took us out of the depression....then this orange head Trump make a mess of it again after enjoying Obama's legacy for 2 years....God help the next president, he/she will have to fix it again. AMERICA WAKE UP...I was a republican who switch because of this idiot who deplorables voted in ...and make him running our country. THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT US NOW.
  3. He said Mexico will build the walls during the campaign....so that we won't be able to question him about where the money will be coming from...he knew Mexico will not be able to build his wall. Now we are nearing 2020 and he is using this to fool his deplorable republican party AGAIN... LOL one FOOL makes MANY
  4. USA taking it to the highest point >>> law suit >>>> supreme court
  5. Putin is laughing at USA because he likes the civil war that Trump the dumb starting.....he likes the orange head man Trump....Republicans are so dumb it's ridiculous
  6. To pay back Putin To appease his KKK inclination To show blacks that he can be a president too because a classy Black Man was president and did a pretty dam GOOD job unlike Orange Head Trump The list goes on... Racist...…. ugly..... old... crazy.... and want to a 2nd term we would all SUFFER but NO WAY Trump Impeach Him Now Now Now
  7. Orange Head trump just declare National Emergency lol
  8. Because the caravan is coming >> Trump
  9. No one needs to prove him/her self to you
  10. President Obama was the last President of USA...we have nothing now
  11. By the ending of March to the ending of April 2019 you will see. Until then, let us watch in expectancy
  12. Impeach Trump and send his current wife to ESOL classes
  13. That being said, do you think that our economy will be affected in the near future?
  14. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-how-the-us-got-to-20-trillion-in-debt-2017-03-30
  15. Coulter tells the Orange Head Man what to say and do - at all times
  16. annLee

    Republicans to the world

    Melanie should check herself in one of the ESOL classes in Washington public school