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  1. Every time the Republicans destroy our country, the Democrats have to go in and clean up. President Obama took us out of Bush's MESS and this lunatic went in . claim the work that Obama has done and now like a TODDLER mess up our country. "Make America poor again" ````D. Trump.
  2. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/12/trump-fbi-foreign-information-1362788
  3. Sorry Lew but you look like a child....should you be in this chat room?
  4. Donald is Putin's best friend per Donald the dump....need I say more? Well he just told us that Kim is his friend too
  5. He and his children did not learn any lesson from the Russia's Interference in our 2016 election. Wow, it is time to lock them up.
  6. One fool >>>Trump the dump, makes many Republican deplorable and undereducated folks
  7. Mrs. trump, her mom and dad need to release their Russian birth certificate
  8. It will implicate all his family and friends...plus his secrets upholders
  9. Trump ….his children....and the Russians
  10. Thanks. Also Trump represents only a handful of deplorables.
  11. He said Mexico will build the walls during the campaign....so that we won't be able to question him about where the money will be coming from...he knew Mexico will not be able to build his wall. Now we are nearing 2020 and he is using this to fool his deplorable republican party AGAIN... LOL one FOOL makes MANY
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