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  1. Im fine either way. Voting for Trump was simply not having any other choice. Has been a great ride...the chaos, the division. Blasty blast. Either way the Empire is crumbling. That's really all I care about. Murica is a joke country with or without Trumpy. Your problem is you are a left robot.....you are tied to party. That's sad
  2. Matthews "The Fag Thrill Down My Leg" Matthews....lol
  3. CrimeaRiver

    Cortez takes time off for ‘self help’

    The bitch has nice fugg bags
  4. CrimeaRiver

    Cortez takes time off for ‘self help’

    She needs a facial....shot from between the wetback rack
  5. DNC 2020....FILTH/FILTH
  6. Correct...one of the largest supporters and campaign financiers of Hilly the Gutted PIGQUNT, lol
  7. Sick Psychopath BAMMY....sided with terrorists in the Syrian civil war....led to a humanitarian disaster.... Soon after he assisted Saudi Barbaria with arms/logistics that began the Yemen humanitarian disaster. That POS embraced death and suffering about like The Bush Family. lol
  8. Hillary the PIGQUNT got gutted, lol. BItch got ripped to pieces, lol