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  1. Keep up the good fight bro...Im outta here. Lost of new things in my life. Just no time for this. You and about 5 other cons have educated me greatly as we go back and forth over issues. Think, process, ....Word brother
  2. Also just sort of bored with the place. Not a single honest LIB with any integrity except for Pastafarian. The rest are just trolling NEW NEOCONS😆 Love all you cons, even the ones that hate Mother Russia. 😆. The only White Christian country left Youll come around soon enough....you cant stop what's coming. THE US LEFT made a monumental watershed mistake....pushing CHINA & RUSSIA into their closest alliance IN HISTORY. Already they are escorting food and oil ships to sanctioned countries to protect them from BIDEN FASCIST REGIME.....America is suddenly toothless. In Ukraine....toothless. In Syria....toothless. Cant even topple weak Maduro😆 Feels like God has tired of our Bloody Empire.
  3. I agree with you on the Arab migration, but much of that is due to US wars creating refugees... Maybe it has been by design??
  4. We literally had a Pres threaten China with nukes 2 weeks ago..... And they said Trump was a loon.....these people are LOOOOON-TOWN
  5. Exactly what the Chinese told Biden and Lil Fag Blinky in Alaska when Blinky started off the 1st DAY preaching to China..... China said FUCK YOU! YOU HAVE NO MORAL AUTHORITY ANY MORE
  6. The War Complex is not America. The War Complex is a ROGUE ENTITY that does not serve Americans. Its a PARASITE.....Niggar Slidey loves parasites as his people are PARASITES😁
  7. Yes, but the war will be started by a flailing and crumbling BIDEN EMPIRE. The DC ELITES are desperate. Printing money like wild fire, threatening countries 24/7....its all a sign of weakness, insecurity. The world is moving East....and it cant be stopped. Biden will start a large war that America will lose badly, very badly
  8. As a reminder....recall how badly China raped Biden and Fag Blinky in Alaska several weeks back. Bidens Screaming Empire got bent over....spanked and ass raped by China. 😁 Ever since, nobody is '''OBEYING''' Biden regime....Germany moving full steam ahead with NORDSTREAM2 with Russia😆 Biden has even threatened to JAIL GERMANS over this....Biden Regime LOON-TOWN FASCISTS
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