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  1. Russia didn't kill, maim, and displace 30 million Arabs...for oil/gas BIDEN SENATOR DID😀
  2. and you worship a War Complex The New Neocons are weird
  3. As long as I can post "Gutted HillyPIGQUNT" 3-4x a day...im good
  4. Once you could only NOT mention kids or children. Then that changed. So Im for no mention of kids or children. Lots of spousal abuse here though. Yer the boss
  5. Agreed. 100%. Russia would love to do work the US. Its the US elites who stop this happening. The constant meddling has pushed Russia into a very close alliance with China. This result shows the UTTER FAILURE of US foreign policy.😆
  6. Russia left after 8 years....we are so stupid that we have stayed 20 years. And Joe will now escalate again...DURRR-MURICA😆 You BIG GOVT weirdos are a drain on America.😄
  7. Mehhhh...75 of threads here are trolling as are most of the posts Makes it fun. Nobody is solving any problems here - its not a brain trust
  8. Learn how to beat old Afghan goat herders first....20 years - 5 Trillion$. You really are a BIG GOVT LIBFAG😂 then maybe move on to Iran.😆
  9. None of these wars and/or sanctions have anything to do with TERRORISM - ZERO, NADA We only bomb children in countries that we want to steal their oil and gas Syria Iran Iraq Venezuela Russia 😁
  10. Persia is a wonderful country with wonderful people They just happen to have AMERICAN ELITE'S OIL & GAS UNDER THEIR LAND
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