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  1. Correct! and then SNOWDEN busted BAMMY-NIG for tripling the size of the SPY COMPLEX
  2. When Obama was.... Spying on us Murdering middle east children by the 1000s every day Spying on journalists yikes....no thx
  3. Id watch that porn!! Melania is HOOOOTTT!!
  4. Cuomo and DUH Blasio failed New York.... and then had to beg Putin for medical supplies
  5. While im wrecking your asshole ...or after
  6. NO!...we need it to cull fags and trannies
  7. assholes that beat the ''Empire of Oil Wars'''
  8. New York fags are falling like flies along with trannies and gender-freaks "THE CULLING"
  9. I wish I could fuck her before she dies ...shes pretty hot
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