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  1. lol, he was nowhere to be seen. Its all backfiring on the dumbass
  2. Ohhhh, my bad. My apologies. But she has done it to me. Maybe I deserved it
  3. This is how you turn other Cons away from liking you...I see you do it all the time I do it by calling GW Bush a worthless war faggot
  4. +10 Deport ALL illegals Stop the Hb visas that are stealing jobs from graduating college kids
  5. """Pedophilia is universally condemned""" Whoa there ....Europe just keeps lowering the age of consent over the last 20 years. Germany is now FOURTEEN France did away with AOC laws...they will decide case by case. Japan......13. Italy.....14 Bulgaria....14 Austria....14 Hungary....14 Portugal ....14 Serbia....14
  6. I forgot I was a heterosexual for second...then I saw I some big tits. (o)(o)
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