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  1. CrimeaRiver

    Trump is the anti christ

    Liberalism is solely the invention of trans-faggoryism
  2. CrimeaRiver

    Trump is the anti christ

    Go forth and grabbeth pusseth…..use pusseth….skull fukk lib chicks in pusseth hats
  3. LOL, who the fukk cares
  4. Dumb. Cruz will win easily by over a million votes. Beto will go back to sky screaming and AIDS treatments
  5. Is it when 19 trannies sew their new dicks together to form a GENDER-BLOB?
  6. Beto will not win. The universe hates webacks
  7. Is it where 4 fags run a train and give each other AIDS?
  8. Is where a chick licks ur azz while jacking you off? Wait, no, that's a Rusty Trombone. nevermind
  9. Poor widdle Beto the Wetback.....has little chance. Cant wait to see all the crying again like 11/8/16!!!!!
  10. Obama and HillKunt the DEADFAT murdered 1000s of Libyan children....as Christians And I was a Christian would kill wetback illegal invaders and turn them into fertilizer. You widdle crybaby
  11. CrimeaRiver

    Agent 86 is a poe

    The Temple of TittyFukking!!!!!
  12. CrimeaRiver

    Agent 86 is a poe

    Awww do Russians make you go peepee in panties? That bad ole Putin make you poopy?? poopy pants? poopy diaper?
  13. CrimeaRiver

    Agent 86 is a poe

    Bet she has a huge rack!!!! Go Russian TROLLS!!!
  14. John Cleese====DYING AIDS FAGGAT
  15. John Cleese has AIDS, will due soon. Thank God