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  1. The Syria civil war was a small war...….. then Bammy, the CIA and Saudis funded ISIS sick FUGGS
  2. lol It was mostly Russia that did the heavy work along with the Assad troops
  3. In defense of who? US missiles surrounding Russia?
  4. you prefer gutted fainty PIGQUNT, lol
  5. You mean Bammy…..the DRONE MURDER KING
  6. You want more war in Syria...…..lol....NEOCON
  7. Jerra.…..massaged neoconvict just schooled you bitch....bow to truth you faggot
  8. Jerra....gulped Cheney CUM....and is now the NEWEST NEOCON
  9. Jerra Cheney MSNBC Cheney CNN Cheney The Newest Neocons
  10. The Syrian war is over bro,,,,,,,,,,,^^^^The Newest Neocon wants Syria to be leveled like BAMMY'S LIBYA Jerra Cheney