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  1. David French, while not a fan of President Donald Trump, has not been among the conservatives and ex-Republicans who completely turned their backs on the GOP in the face of… David French, while not a fan of President Donald Trump, has not been among the conservatives and ex-Republicans who completely turned their backs on the GOP in the face of a reality show White House. He will often lash out at liberals when he thinks they take criticism of Trump and the administration too far, and he has been a vocal advocate of continuing to support the party, regardless of qualms voters may have with the president. But on Friday, in the face of Trump’s blatant power grab in the form of a national security declaration designed to secure funding for a border wall, French was outraged at the White House’s breach of executive authority. https://www.alternet.org/2019/02/the-proclamation-of-a-monarch-conservative-writer-tears-apart-the-sloppy-legal-argument-behind-trumps-national-emergency/?utm_source=push_notifications
  2. Ocasio-Cortez majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011.
  3. so this wasnt ah te crime? was it even a real thing or wa it staged, i'd like to know
  4. guilluamezenz

    you make omeltte you crack some egg

    not that i agree with hitler but excuse me the world is not lacking in people that still adore him
  5. guilluamezenz

    you make omeltte you crack some egg

    ideas are bullet proof
  6. The Baptists make the Catholic church look like boy scouts they are really insanely bad they cover everything up.. its demonic
  7. On the basis of the ownership and distribution of resources, the economic system can be grouped into three categories, which are shown in Figure-1: What would you say are the proper duties of a government? What role do you want government to play in your life, or your community? What is your ideal, a minimum government or a maximum government provision of service. Law Enforcement, military education, welfare, health care, services for the poor disable or needy, or do you think most aspects of our modern government belong in the hand of private agencies and private charities or businesses? You say what government should and should not do Mixed Economy: Mixed economy refers to an economy that-comprises the features of both, the socialist economy and capitalist economy. This implies that working of a mixed economy is based on the principles of the free market mechanism and centrally planned economic system. an ideal government is a combination of public and private, a government should NOT be totalitarian but in some ways i would say i am in favor of big government as opposed to limited government the important thing is that government is run by honest men and is efficient like say the nordic model http://www.economicsdiscussion.net/government/role-of-government-in-economic-systems/4041 https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/100714/nordic-model-pros-and-cons.asp
  8. compare it to other nations its pretty scary https://dispatcheseurope.com/european-countries-including-xxx-least-income-inequality/ 3rd from lat europe does best , this is why people sometimes mistakenly define them as being socialist, they are market based, but they contain many social istic aspects
  9. we shoud make sure it doesnt cover evangelicals
  10. The author concludes by making a very brief reference to Mao Zedong, likewise as a “mass murderer” without any evidence or backing of any kind, thus concluding an article founded on fallacies, allegations and unproven claims with a transparently-poor attempt to attack socialism, considering that Mao and Stalin were leaders in the two greatest socialist revolutions in history. If we are to take the word of the article, the most reasonable death toll we can reach is the sum of the deaths from the 1932-1933 famine and the 1937-1938 Great Terror as calculated by the historian and recited by Ghosh, which would be 8 million. If we are to go with the more reasonable and easier to prove claim of 1-2 million for the famine and the recorded number of 680,000 executions in the Great Terror, the death toll would be less than three million. Neither of these figures are anywhere near the 20 million “minimum” claimed by the author, and considering the efforts by the Soviet state to end the famine and Stalin’s possible lack of authority on the Great Terror, there is little to no evidence to the idea that Joseph V. Stalin was a cold-blooded mass murderer.https://anti-imperialism.org/2016/02/16/how-many-people-did-joseph-stalin-really-kill/