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  1. the swiss have a well regulated militia so do the Israelis its called the army
  2. https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/this-is-how-the-us-military-would-put-down-an-armed-rebellion
  3. anyone else worried trump may use this as an excuse for a coup? even i have to admit this whole shelter in place bullshit is way over the top, its like i'm in prison!!! i cant take any more of this shit!
  4. i'm not going to last till easter i can tell you that! so is this all hype or is it for real? do we hang out at the beach or secure in place? new york or florida who is right?
  5. lol dum ass hick you cant choot a virus can you, let them die, darwin hada theory
  6. oh course he did, god is a fucking ass hole when he gets drunk
  7. I just got a 30 day ban from facebook you will see me here more often , but if you ban me i'm afraid i will just hav to start eating my leg, omg i just farted in my virus suit omg omg its worse than the virus! pizza and vodka ahve given me diareah! again! oh the humanity
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