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  1. Hey can you tell me how to delete my profile? Thanks
  2. I never looked at them that way I saw a lot of my oldest boy in Sheldon. He was very smart stupid me I didn't know. He had a tough time until the school made me get his tested then we found he had an IQ of 112 he was 8 years old. He was board with his 3rd grade Math, Science and English that is why he kept getting in trouble. His teacher wanted him on Ritalin but my family doctor said no and so we had him tested to shut the school up. Then in 8th grade he got popular my dreams him being a doctor flew out the window. lol
  3. I watch little TV but one show that makes me laugh every time is The Big Bang Theory. I know 12 years it a long run but I am really going to miss that show.
  4. The heat death is only a prediction it is not a proven fact. The earth could be destroyed by an asteroid, nuclear bomb (the way Trump is going more likely) the sun could explode or the earth could implode or the fantasy that a spiritual being is coming to take us in the clouds is another option. I am sure if I gave it time I could come up with more ways the earth could be destroyed but why. I will be dead long before it happens and besides it will happen and no one can stop it.
  5. I am trying to get my son to do a cartoon of an bald eagle American flag in the background below you see fire and the devil and his demonic army as the eagle drops trump from his beak he is yelling as he falls "I don't want to go home" I will post it when he has it done.
  6. How would you know you since you are nasty to most the people I have seen on this forum. You get back what you put into the conversation. I am giving Bad word to you all because are giving it to me. I have not seen ONE meaningful conversation on this forum. I do hear bitches and bastards complaining about everything but the problems in this country today. NO HOLDS BARRED my ass. NO COGNITIVE SKILL forum would be more apropos. Going to leave you hope you have fun learning hell in church.
  7. It's Sunday you are conservatives go to f..king church so the priest, pastor, Rabbi or whom ever you let tell you the fairy tales you believe in.
  8. My ex makes jerky all the time my kids love it so do there friends. He uses hamburger 80/20 and spices he gets from Bass Pro shop. Sometimes he makes his own especially when he wants the jerky HOT.
  9. No one wants to take the right to have a gun it doesn't specify what kind of gun. When the forefathers had guns they shot one maybe 6 bullets. The reason they allowed amendments in the constitution was so when mankind's technology grew so would the ability to control how that technology could be used. There is NO reason for any one but police, military, CIA, and the FBI to have guns that shoot more than 6 bullets. My dad served in the Army 33 years he killed people. When he came home he never touched a gun again. He was a Republican and he did not believe in owning a gun. He is the one that said there are those who should have these weapons to protect and serve. I grew up in the country so every body had a rifle to shoot deer not people. Keep your hand gun and rifle that is what the forefathers would have passed if they had known. I don't believe they would want automatic weapons legalized.
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