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  1. I did. Whatever. Have a good day. I think it would be childish to call Mr. Skans a piece of stupid and aggressive dog's turd...so I wouldn't do that 😉
  2. Oh, really? Are harsh words allowed in relation to forum members?
  3. Okay, I apologize for violating the rules, it was not on purpose. HOWEVER, the user Skank viloated one of the rules. I mean harsh words and all that. Why does he stay clean and I am warned?
  4. Okay, that is called freedom of speech. Thanks a lot.
  5. Need to enlight you, Skank Scam - I find you and your friends, family members in social networks and bombard you with ads and links inviting to join a secret juicer-lover society. When you do, I take your money for a new juicer and when your are about to explode in cheere waiting for the gadget, I announce that our company is closed and NO JUICERS for you, boy. Fraudulent multilevel marketing - as if I offer you to buy something. Isn't it what is usually called marketing? The aim is to make buying. My aim was to discuss how difficult it was to eat healthily. Yes, my posts have links, so what next? Are they propagandisitc? No way. Just chill and relax, okay?
  6. I like to share my thoughts with other members. Is it a crime to insert a link?
  7. I wonder if spam bots are able to respond like a real human being since I am the one. You are barking at the wrong tree 😉
  8. The freedom of speech, man, I didn't want to advertise my dumb juicer (though it's not bad, actually and the site I've given is just an example, nobody makes you click the link). Why so enraged?
  9. I ain't spammig. The problem with meals is really urgent in my life.
  10. I thought this only worked if we talked about Hollywood films. But the article seems to be quite convincing. I wonder if such risks exist for iPhone users as well. The new models put the impenetrability of their OS as the cornestone of the marketing company. If I buy iPhone on any trading website, who can guarantee it won't come with a surprise inside? I've heard packages can be intercepted on their way to the customer. Of course, I always use tracking apps or sites like https://parceltrackingapp.com/en but, again, where are the guarantees? I would like to hear your opinion, guys, aren't you afraid that one day GTAV mission when the guy's killed by a cell-phone explosion might come true in our real life?
  11. I have mixed feelings when I see how China promotes their digital techs wherever it's possible. On the one hand, it's a sign how quickly this country develops. On the other hand, it's not by accident some of their goods can be called "crappy". F.e., last year I bought a smart notebook as a present for the birthday (in case you've never heard about it - http://geeklah.com/best-smart-notebook.html). Yes, it was produced in China and it broke down six months later when the warranty period had already been expired! Dealing with the Chinese is like buying a pig in a poke. As for the Apple, those guys made LIE as their credo long time ago. That's why I have a Blueberry and don't regret it.
  12. Well, what do you care who loves whom? If you look at the Bible like that, then everything is not so good there either. I don’t want to give an exampleы so that there will be no even more negative. And for those who love same-sex relationships, I can advise the site to appeal of your desires https://onlinehookupsites.com/san-diego-hookups
  13. And what is this some kind of problem? I have no problems with taxes, I started my business in Sydney, but it was economically profitable to transfer it to the Tasmania. By the way for the transfer of sheds, I spent less than I would have continued to work in Sydney. By the way, I am very pleased with Sheds Tasmania, since the work did not take a lot of time and the quality was the best.
  14. I study at technical college and at law college. I don`t have any problems at the second one, but it`s really hard to make any programs or develop apps. My friend is a programmer and adviced to use AssignCode.com, they will do my assignment. Yes they always provide me with excellence in every homework task but is it safe to use? Will this spoil me? Is it considered to be a cheating?
  15. When the copyright period expires, the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich plans to release a new edition of "Mein Kampf", in which the original text will be accompanied by consistent comments pointing out omissions and distortions of the truth. Some victims of Nazism oppose this approach. The Bavarian government rejected the previously announced support for the project, being criticized by survivors of the Holocaust.
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