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  1. "Conservative Wave" is a funny name. It's more of a destructive, deadly eruption of noxious fumes from a long-dormant volcanic hotspot that has last engulfed Europe and killed tens of millions. You retards threaten to destroy America, not make it great in any respect. When will stupid humans ever learn that nationalism and authoritarianism are a destructive force, not a constructive one?
  2. No one is winning anything under this third-rate dictator of a president and his party of spineless crony followers. The fool admires Vladimir Putin and wants to be the American Putin, and Trump's feeble-minded cult followers worship him the way Putin's cult of personality worship Putin. These populist manipulators and crooks demonstrate the alternative to democratic rule. Their "winning" is a sham, a series of lies meant to build up the individual cult leader and autocratic ruler. They may honestly believe that they are accomplishing good things for their country, they are such warped personalities in such a precarious position. It is not uncommon for such autocrats to embrace such beliefs and become utterly delusional. They are only human, after all.