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  1. Oh, I didn't know you were with the FBI. You probably shouldn't be discussing ongoing or pending investigations on a public forum, though.
  2. Trump's desperate straw man defense really doesn't interest me.
  3. I have facts on my side. What have you got? The word of the lying fake president and the claims published by the fake news industry?
  4. ... Experience has taught me not to bother with debunking conspiracy theories, because those promoting them can't be reasoned with in the first place. I also don't see a need to debunk what is obviously a bunch of bullcrap designed to appeal to a gullible audience/readership for the enrichment of the author, such as the above.
  5. There's Faux News, and then there's the Mueller Report. I know which one I trust.
  6. Only people rigging the election in 2016 were the Russians. In Trump's favor, obviously. It worked, too, and Trump hates that (now).
  7. The one you clearly haven't bothered to read yourself.
  8. He is a competent manipulator of morons and has a competent team of lawyers who quite competently shielded his lying ass from Mueller. It's a shame Mueller didn't go ahead and subpoena the traitorous, justice-obstructing Bad word.
  9. The REAL REAL takeaway is that Trump is a lying, manipulative scum bag who tried multiple times to obstruct justice and knowingly accepted the aid of a hostile foreign actor (Russia) in order to help his campaign and damage that of Hillary Clinton.
  10. People eating less overall on average would help. And actually, as far as livestock go, higher prices on red meat would be an economical solution to reducing our consumption of it. But there would be a lot of opposition to any effort to do that, of course. As far as vegan nutrition is concerned, I've heard that it's harder to get everything we need from plants, but I suppose it's not that hard with today's wide selection of vegan foods and ingredients. Of course, it's also a widespread problem today that people on all sorts of diets are lacking vital nutrients to the point that it kills some of them. Saw an story about that just the other day.
  11. It's also natural when food is so plentiful and cheap.
  12. We did evolve to consume animal matter as well as plant matter, however. We get certain important nutrients from animals that we don't from plants. Then there is the fact that we have a real taste for meats of all sorts and would never want to give them up. Realistically, then, we can't expect a global shift to a vegetarian or vegan diet, nor even a national one. It seems most imperative instead to institute environmentally friendly and sustainable dairy farming practices. Rainforests shouldn't be cleared to raise cattle, but then they should not be cleared for any reason at all. So, I feel it is best to approach it that way - protecting natural habitats first and foremost, not trying to push humanity into a plant-based diet. All that farming of grains can't be the best thing for the environment either, and grains (including corn and the sugar derived from it) are the primary culprit in the obesity epidemic and all of the health problems that brings. People aren't getting diabetes from beef or bacon or milk, but from wheat and corn, and how we farm that stuff can be pretty bad for the environment in different ways, most notably the associated CO2 output and, of course, pollution from chemicals sprayed on the land and the crops.