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  1. Those who appreciate great paintings, Russian art and other things Russian would probably enjoy the movie Russian Ark. I know I did!
  2. A majority of potential voters oppose Trump, and obviously not just for his policies, such as they are. Many of his policy faults are a plain lack of policy, lack of coherence and lack of competence as a politician to get things done. He's too busy blustering and whining to accomplish anything (which is ultimately good for America). So, I agree about not worrying too much about policy ideas, plans and promises. The most important thing is to motivate the electorate to turn out and get him out of the White House, and preferably the swamp creatures in Congress who have supported him and covered their own butts over the interests of this country as well.
  3. A couple of things to watch out for next year are that people are still looking for change, so I worry about the more centrist candidates possibly not being appealing enough on that front, and Biden in particular, as well as that the dirty tricks of 2015-16 are already being repeated to some extent. The propaganda campaign online to smear Democrats is in full swing. Look at the constant crap directed at AOC and Omar right now, for instance. There is going to be plenty more of that to come and it will be directed at the next Democratic presidential nominee also. Trump loves "campaigning" this way and will synergize with all of that again, I expect, and I expect Russian and possibly other foreign interference to be an issue in this as well. They help blast the message out and amplify Trump's campaign, and I'm sure they do a lot to direct and amplify the more grass-roots alt-right disinformation campaign. Social media and fake news were and remain a wide open vector of attack for them against our democracy.
  4. It's my fear also that the sheer negativity of 2016 will be repeated in 2020, although it is also my hope that the electorate will be much better informed and prepared for it, and will vote accordingly.
  5. I don't think it will happen. He has four years of failure and outrageous conduct against him going into 2020, and the Democratic nominee will be well prepared for him and the phenomenon that placed him into office in '16. His base isn't enough to carry him and never was, but that's all he appeals to - a small base.
  6. If it wouldn't lead to unimaginable levels of death and suffering, it would be amusing to see people like you take over California governance and implement your dream policies there.
  7. Oh, I didn't know you were with the FBI. You probably shouldn't be discussing ongoing or pending investigations on a public forum, though.
  8. Trump's desperate straw man defense really doesn't interest me.
  9. I have facts on my side. What have you got? The word of the lying fake president and the claims published by the fake news industry?
  10. ... Experience has taught me not to bother with debunking conspiracy theories, because those promoting them can't be reasoned with in the first place. I also don't see a need to debunk what is obviously a bunch of bullcrap designed to appeal to a gullible audience/readership for the enrichment of the author, such as the above.
  11. There's Faux News, and then there's the Mueller Report. I know which one I trust.
  12. Only people rigging the election in 2016 were the Russians. In Trump's favor, obviously. It worked, too, and Trump hates that (now).
  13. The one you clearly haven't bothered to read yourself.
  14. He is a competent manipulator of morons and has a competent team of lawyers who quite competently shielded his lying ass from Mueller. It's a shame Mueller didn't go ahead and subpoena the traitorous, justice-obstructing Bad word.
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