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  1. DeepBreath

    We are experiencing a last gasp

    You and your ideology created the spoiled children.
  2. It’s good Trump have us the lowest unemployment in 50 years.
  3. Ya...The press is going to be more thorough than an army of lawyers and investigators, right? 😂
  4. DeepBreath

    teacher, we need to talk.

    Yes, because that’s what RN’s do.
  5. You mean my General Manager job that gave me the opportunity to pay cash for my BSN and take over 3 years off to attain it? 🤣 And no, I’ve never gotten fired from a nursing job lol.... God damn all you do is lie.
  6. I didn’t anything about not caring about education. Why you have lie every time you post?
  7. You are a liar. There’s not one person on this site that thinks you didn’t vote for Obama, twice. The fact you couldn’t provide one post in your defense seals the deal.