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  1. 😂You mean it didn’t come out of the business owners pocket like idiotic, uneducated libtards try and claim?
  2. They were concerned about Russian collusion and we all saw how that turned out. How about those WMD’s? 😂 Im concerned about anyone taking the intelligence community seriously at this point.
  3. It would down to almost nothing if women were responsible. The left conveniently forget every abortion was unplanned and 99% of the time due to irresponsibility.
  4. 😂 That shows how stupid you are. We’ve had much higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and had much cooler temperatures. You trying to imply human caused CO2 is somehow different than other environmental factors is HILARIOUS!
  5. Great Recession ended June, 2009. Most of it was under Bush and even he had better GDP average. 😂
  6. Obama not even 2% growth over 8 years. That’s horrible Willie. Even worse is the trillions that got pumped into the economy, zero interest, etc.
  7. Uh, no. Look again, dummy. 2015 was two quarters of good growth out of 8 years with every tool available to Obama and he could even break 2%... He did worse than Bush who had the vast majority of the recession caused by democrats, during his presidency.
  8. You think higher GDP than Obama or Bush, lowest unemployment in 50years, largest wage growth in 10 is a sucky economy? 😂
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