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  1. Good point. We’d sure hate to lose such a. patriot. 🤣
  2. Sorry. No, you won't. Nurses will never be forced to act against their own professional values. You lose, again bitch.
  3. Was all the data collected by your mom?
  4. ^^^^Got caught in a bald faced lie and desperately trying to deflect. 😃
  5. You lied. Now admit it or continue to be ridiculed for the little lefty liar you are. You have no other option.
  6. Your entire party is made up of socialists, Marxists and communists. You idiots are just too damned stupid to realize it.
  7. She got caught in a major lie while at the same time accusing people of believing Russian media lies. 🤣
  8. I admit you are likely older, dumber, less educated, uglier and less humorous than I am. You got me.
  9. Moron doesn't even realize he supports the communist agenda. 🤣
  10. Parroting Bush doctrine she likely spent 8 years protesting too.... With people like her voting, we're doomed. 🤣 Well, I'm not but most Americans are.
  11. How stupid are you to babble about Moscow handlers and in the same post get caught repeating a BALD FACED LIE your media fed you? 🤣 This kid is definitely a product of public education.
  12. 99%, huh? You care to back up that claim, LIAR?
  13. DeepBreath

    The Pettiness of Donald Trump

    We need confirmation she's a fraud? I can't believe the democrats elected another white, establishment elitist to lead their party.