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  1. Ah, geez.....MORE WELFARE the top 40% are FORCED to pay for. 😂 EVERY SINGLE THING the democrats are running on, is giving away free stuff for votes. Your party is morally bankrupt and valueless, twit.
  2. An investigative report by Yahoo news? 😂😂🤣 Who claimed the emails were hacked by Russians and where is the proof????? Oh, that's right. There is NONE....😂 Do you KNOW what a fact is, Little Debbie?
  3. 😂Over comments that weren't even racist. Is Trump going to finally get impeached?
  4. Brought to you by the 2008 Obama campaign. 😂 None of the idiots could even explain what's racist about Trump or his comments. Every single one of them is an easily triggered, manipulated, uneducated simpleton who literally does nothing but parrot their extreme leftist masters talking points.
  5. You should have kept your stupidity in your head.
  6. Lol.... the meltdown from these dopes in 2020 will be job security until I retire.
  7. Very true. We admit A LOT of patients mumbling Trump under their breaths who have totally decompensated.
  8. He generates too many hits from you morons getting triggered. 😂
  9. I have a thing for Latinas. Guess I should think about that before I get married, AGAIN. 😂
  10. So it was OK for Clinton to rescind the policy but not ok for Trump to remove Clinton’s action......😂 How dare Trump act all presidential and stuff.
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