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  1. You could always get some of your business from corrupt Google. The Democrats and Google steal any information about you from your phone, and they know most things about you. I remember how poor the economy was when Obama, and the Democrats had sole control of the House, and Senate, and how back then it was hard for Americans to find a job, and how many workers got laid off from there jobs while Obama was in office? How many American workers were afraid of losing their jobs? No job security! Unemployment rose dramatically. Food Stamps, and Welfare rose dramatically! All under thee Obama and the Democrats administrations. How many more jobs are out in America today? How many Americans are afraid of loosing their jobs now? Are people on Welfare, and Food Stamps getting declining or going up? I implore you to not look at your television or on a political website for your answer to these questions, but simply to think logically for yourself please?
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