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  1. 1. Why doesn'r rhis gay site have greenies? 2. Can yu see this post, or am I being shadow banned, like on twitter?
  2. It’s not just Finland experiencing such problems with its socialist policies. Other Nordic countries, also touted by American socialists and communists as the model America should follow, are suffering similar economic burdens directly related to their socialist policies. The Washington Free Beacon continues: Just a few days before Finland’s government collapsed over its inability to foot the bill for its expansive socialist experiment, Sanders took to Twitter in an attempt to shame America. Indeed, Finland has long been a Bernie go-to for the glories of socialism. Last year, he enthusiastically gushed over Finland being the “happiest place in the world” because of all its “free” stuff. With the collapse of Finland’s government over its inability to financially support its massive socialist agenda, Bernie will undoubtedly do the same thing he always does when socialism (or communism) fails: ignore, obfuscate, and deflect. After all, for all his big, shiny promises of “free” everything for everyone, he still refuses to address how this largess will be paid for. When parliamentary governments dissolve - even over financeial matters, - only morons confute that with a financial "collapse." The truth is, Finland is one of the countries carrying Greece and Spain and other failing capitalist states. Finland is still Finland. And now, it's Finland during an election. Here are some facts, dimwit: https://www.naturalnews.com/036893_Finland_currency_crisis_Eurozone.html
  3. It's the best justice oney can buy. FBI is still on the case.
  4. Sorry, dude. There is no adult conversation to be had with scarred children, which is manifestly what faggots are. The very question itself testifies that they are off their rockers and just looking for a fight. They DEMAND we pretend getting on your knees and sucking dick is normal adult behavior. Trying to make sense of nonsense wastes brain cells.
  5. All those spending cuts republicans mke when they control both houses of congress and the white house - that'll save us. Everyone knows republicans are fiscal hawks - If ya don't believe me, ask the shrub. He only DOUBLED the debt. Reagan trippled it.
  6. Life's programmer made life corrubpible. In fact, we live on corruption.. No manure, no farm. No rot, no taste. The difference between a nice camembert or stilton, and some crap fit only to grill between bread slices, is corruption. The earth is a spinning ball of 90% feces, and everything on it follows the 90% rule. 90% of coffee houses, restaurants and relationships are pure shiit. 90% of EVERYTHING is shiit. The key is to look for the good stuff, smell the roses, and die owing someone you don't like money.
  7. Well, I definitely agree with your last six words. Not sure that mooks in a corproation have billions to donate to campaigns, and politicians are held to limits on how big a bribe they can take from any one person... I work for McDonalds as a fry captain, but I think I should still have a right to carry a gun. Not loaded or nothin - but maybe a pocket bullet.
  8. Pretty sure there were only nine commandments.
  9. Yes, I do, because the freedom belongs to, and is being exercized by, the precise individual who would have to be deprived of it. The fact that the individual works for CNN doesn't make their rights forfeit. The only people who lose specific rights while on duty are those emplyed by government.
  10. You knew my dad, before he was murdered by a dirty damned fetus. If you murdered me, you wouldn't be able to go to the highest level of heaven without facing that great man.
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