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  1. The COVID mutation causes diarrhea. Who the fuck cares? Stop crying and move to a socialist paradise like Belgium if you are so scared of COVID.
  2. lol..... Sure you are. You are probably a whitey. You guys aren't doing much but trashing neighborhoods owned by Democrats. You should continue doing that. Last I heard, you are getting pushed back even by Dem governors now lol.
  3. Guys on right - got arrested. Went down easily. No more D.C. "autonomous" zone. Cleared out. Those proven to be destroying statues get 10 years. https://www.theepochtimes.com/dc-police-start-clearing-autonomous-zone-protesters-near-white-house_3397791.html?ref=brief_News&__sta=nzl.lmsmqsoxlpsuuocz|BJJ&__stm_medium=email&__stm_source=smartech
  4. Lefties sure are crazy. Committing suicide and needing to invent hate crimes today.
  5. What are you talking about? He ordered a closed door policy with China almost immediately. Nobody was ready to shut down in December when it "would have done the most good" because back then almost nobody knew about it. That is retarded logic at best. How many mass shutdowns has the U.S. ordered like this? Answer? None. Trump did something nobody else in history has done and you are faulting him for not moving sooner. As I recall, at the time when "closing down the country would have done the most good," you sh1theads were still stuck on complaining that it was racist to shut down travel and bar people from China. As to the test kits, you want to blame Trump for things that went wrong at the CDC. Sorry, but I didn't elect Trump because I thought he was going to do science. He can leave that to people like me. I blame the typical morons at the CDC who can't even handle selecting a good set of primers - a task anybody with undergraduate experience in a micro lab could do. Its pretty sad. Those people are like the FBI; a bunch of Demwits who get positions of power without having the talent to be worthy of their position. Oh well. We are still doing better than Europe. The U.S. has a 5% mortality rate and most of the EU ranks between 10-15%. Belgium: 15.97% mortality; France: 18.43%; Netherlands: 12.26%. Hooray for socialized medicine. I sure wish we had that here...
  6. All the deaths in blue states don't hurt him much. Red states may have a slightly higher incidence rate reported now because of testing, but no real fatalities there. As of today, Texas has over 120,000 confirmed cases, 2222 deaths (+4 from yesterday). New York has 412,000 cases with over 30,000 deaths (+33 deaths from yesterday). I am sure AXIOS or whatever sh1tbag you go to for news is talking about the massive upswing in the red states but that is just propaganda. Anybody who goes to RealClearPolitics.com can get up to date tallys and see for themselves where the real damage has been. Oh and someday it won't be racist to point out that SARS-CoV-2 has genetic markers like a funny 5' site and furin cleavage site (from Eukaryotes - not viruses) consistent with genetic engineering. No doubt our elites in Washington heard about it and freaked out about Chinese bioterrorism. That is probably why there was such a rush to shut down. Your masters know the Chinese engineered Kung Flu, but they also wanted to milk this crisis for as much as they could. The fact is, Trump did a great job and the U.S. (in spite of blue state incompetence) is beating the crap out of Europe. How anybody could want the socialized medicine of Europe where they are reporting mortality rates as high as 18% is beyond me. It is like they tried to kill those people there. Keep knocking over statues though. Maybe if you get rid of all the records of those who have achieved you can feel better about the fact that you are not an achiever.
  7. I am still trying to understand if the CHAZ/CHOP experiments have done anything useful for the lib cause. I am fairly certain getting Trump re-elected was not a primary goal. A bunch of angry malcontents who just can't achieve anything but petty vandalism I guess. Remember, stay on the plantation 2020 - Vote Biden! LOL. On the plus side, having walked through the war zones I can now confidently reiterate my belief that I could single handedly end CHAZ/CHOP with non-lethal technology and at no danger to myself. Libbies really don't know how to organize beyond Twitter anymore. Very amusing.
  8. True enough. I love how they believe their own nonsense. I bet they think the events of the last two weeks like burning down buildings is a real winner. Maybe if they keep up those same fake polls some RINO will defect. I am sure the Bernie Bros and Bush family friends were all in for Trump this second time lol.
  9. Yes, yes.... You must think Biden is a sure thing lol. Go loot another Target and burn down some churches/libraries/schools. The Biden 2020 slogan should be: Stay on the Plantation 2020 - VOTE BIDEN!
  10. Lefties are very excited this week. They really are going full ape. I don't know about you, but I am more excited to ever to vote Trump than last time. Why? Well, lefties are burning their cities and talking about bringing in more illegals and defunding the police. Big tech gets to censor anybody they don't agree with. I guess for a lefty, corporations are evil unless they suppress all dissenting thought. They must look forward to a world in which lives are ruined if you speak against those in power. If you have negative feelings about somebody's life choices, they should be able to jail you. Good luck doing that if you have no police but the tech police lol. I think the idiots in Washington believe that because those "white, male, uneducated votes" from "flyover country" don't go out looting target, we are oblivious to the world around us. I don't think we will be signing on with Biden any time soon. Now you might think that doesn't matter, but I can tell you that if it gets bad enough we won't be cuckoled by the shrill white twats rioting in Seattle. One thing about history is that things seem to look darkest before the golden periods. Its possible we have a horrible period, but I don't think scumbags like Bezos, Soros and the like can keep the world in slavery forever. Yeah, Roberts is a tool and a bunch of RINOS have shown their true colors. Pour on the heat libs, it has a way of burning away the trash and leaving the pure ingot behind. I think Trump wins again. Easily. Purple haired white chimpanzees starting fires on behalf of black people doesn't impress me. Spending trillions on "infrastructure" while not securing our border with a mere few billion does not impress me. Polls with 25% Republicans, 40% democrats telling me Biden has a 10 point lead does not impress me. Tell me lefties, if you dismantle your police do you think you can pay for enough security teams to guard yourselves? Hahaha.... Maybe we flip the house back as well. Get another justice and bring new challenges to the bullcrap we have seen. On the other hand, if Trump loses, I am still here. You won't silence me. As long as evil lefties want to make the world Venezuela, there will be people to fight you. Remember, making it to the top is not as hard as keeping it.
  11. Homo mobs don't scare me Moore. You sh1theads can't run anything. If white men are displaced as the leaders, the country will just become 3rd world and the Chinese/Russians will run over the rest of the world. Low intelligence people always brag about their intelligence. Kind of like small dogs barking the loudest.
  12. Economy in full recovery, unemployment dropping once again and DOW up over 27000, Nasdaq composite hits a record, S&P 3193. This in spite of leftists trying to trash America by starting riots and keeping the biggest states in perpetual lockdown. I am sure the leftist planners are like: BUT, BUT California is the 5th largest GDP! True, but it does that by being a trade hub with places like China and the fact that the state is HUGE. Per capita, California does not have the highest GDP in the country and it has the highest poverty rate in the whole country. Silicon Valley is famous, no doubt, but many of those jobs are easily outsourced to other places. Bottom line, America's economy can be quite strong without California. Most of the producers we still have are located in other states and there is plenty of coastal access elsewhere. If California and New York go full retard, the middlemen of those states can be circumvented. Hell, there are farmers in Nebraska who can grow oranges with geothermal heating. Anyway, please keep the lockdown in full for blue states. Don't let any of those people travel here. We don't need them. They call us "fly over country" - I call them no fly zones.
  13. www.realclearpolitics.com/ CNBC/Change Research (D) 5/29 - 5/31 LV -- 46 50 Trump +4

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