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  1. FACT: Liberals are low intelligence people and their opinions don't matter.
  2. Losing again implies he lost the first time. If he lost the first time then why should he worry about losing the second time?
  3. Lol. If it was one or two of you then you would get tackled. If it was several of you with weapons then you would get sniped before you made it half way across the yard because standing orders says so. If a mob of you with molotovs was charging in, one anti-personal cannon could kill everyone in the riot within about 30 seconds. Of course I can't see clearance for that being granted since your protest would fall apart soon after engaging people with fully automatic shotguns who have standing orders to defend their detail by lethal force. You should definitely try it though. Maybe lead
  4. I love the lefties threatening violence. Yes, I know they think they are tough while the police are told to stand down; we all know how they are terrifying the gamma male trannies living on the west coast. Still, when push comes to shove do you really think these examples of uber soldiers are up to task of defeating the MAGA majority? I don't think so lol.
  5. Mitt Romney, Collins and that Alaska nobody will vote against. You need one more defector or Pence breaks the tie.
  6. This may be a crucial win. I expect the RINOS to demand a big bribe from the Dems to block this one. Of course it might bring out a bunch of Trump supporters.
  7. Scout's title says that we "support a president who abhors sacrificing the military." and that this tells one "all that you need to know about us." So Scout, you do realize abhor means to hate something right? You are making fun of us because we support a president who is AGAINST sacrificing our military? Good example of your superior intelligence there Scout. I admit, I am glad that Trump is the first president in 39 years to avoid getting us into another protracted conflict. I am glad he was against going into Iraq the way Biden was in 1993. We don't need anymore
  8. I will take my chances without the blue states. The original computer was invented in Iowa and there are countless examples of great technological achievements coming from the midwest. The West Coast's claim to fame is that a bunch of tech companies make electronics there. Atheism is not the same as being a scientist. While there are many scientists who were agnostic and atheist, there are a fair share of religious scientists as well. You wouldn't have modern physics without people like Maxwell and his work on electromagnetism. Tesla was a spiritualist and was amazingly prod
  9. Add the qualifier - if the system is so good then when they show up to vote in person they shouldn't be able to vote. If they can then we know the system is dumb.
  10. I am still arguing that. Just like I did in 2016. I contend that the election is very similar to 2016. I didn't buy Hillary +15 then and I kept saying there were signs across the midwest that Trump would win. In the swing states that decide the election Trump is very popular. It doesn't matter if California goes 10 points more towards Biden if the Dems lose Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. I believe there is a concerted effort to try to ensure people believe that Trump is behind so Democrats can cheat massively. Democrats are the minority but they have a lot of the levers of po
  11. That would be a rational belief. Although these riots and the recent loss of support for Biden from the black community might switch a few places one way or the other.
  12. I can accept people don't like Trump. Yes, even people on the right can admit that he is braggadocious and unctuous. Say what you will about him though, he has characteristics of a leader. Yes I know that the left views him as Hitler, but even Hitler was a leader and lets be realistic - his ambition has been limited to only a handful of economic and social issues. Trump does what he thinks will serve the interests of himself and America. He tries to persuade people to his way of thinking. Since he wants to be popular with Americans, he does things that will make America stronger relativ
  13. Don't worry, these lefties are too stupid. They will carry their false sense of security right up to the end and then throw a tantrum when they lose. Let me scroll below your post and I bet I find some lefty who is still claiming something idiotic about Russia or Biden leading by 10 or something.... Ah here it is: I could attempt to explain to that imbecile why CNBC polls are a joke, but they are the type that only accepts "evidence" that reinforces their world view so it would be pointless. Consider, Trump defeated them in 2016; defeating them in former b
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